We are just one day removed from WWE Over The Limit, which I thought was a very good PPV, aside from one or two things it was a very solid show, the main event sucked wrestling wise, but I thought it was VERY entertaining, I would hope nobody was expecting a good wrestling match between those two, I wasn’t and I enjoyed it until Big Show showed up, making things very predictable, I’m sure Big Show will be on Raw tonight so I’ll get into more detail on him a bit later on.

With that pretty long introduction allow me to say, welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, the column that takes you through WWE Raw and gives you my opinions on the show, I really hope Raw steps it up tonight, the past few weeks have been terrible.

We start with a video package highlighting what happened last night with Laurinaitis, Cena and Big Show.  Cena comes out and talks about he’s lost a bunch of these matches and usually he says congratulations and moves on, he paces around before yelling “what the hell happened?”  He then talks about how he was giving Laurinaitis a taste of his own medicine for being a bully, until Laurinaitis ran away, he talks about Big Show brought him back out only to knock Cena out cold with the WMD punch.  Eve comes out and introduces John Laurinaitis, Laurinaitis comes out and talks about all the “injured” he had to be treated for at the emergency room after the PPV.  Laurinaitis then brings out the man he “rehired” on Saturday before the PPV.  David Otunga comes out and we have an impromptu first match.  John Cena VS David Otunga.  Alright, first off, if Big Show was rehired on SATURDAY, wouldn’t that mean Big Show was technically a contracted WWE Superstar?  The stipulation said if ANY contracted superstar got involved they’d be fired, I give up, It’s giving me a headache now…

John Cena VS David Otunga on now, Cena gets the squash win with the STF, afterward Reks, Hawkins, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil came out and attacked Cena, Sheamus ran out and he and Cena cleaned house.  Laurinaitis announces a 2 on 3 lumberjack handicap match, Cena and Sheamus will team up.

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring, Santino comes out and says he never understands anything Ricardo says, he says his accent is terrible.  Santino hits Ricardo with the cobra after a back and forth exchange and does Alberto Del Rios introduction.

Alberto Del Rio VS Randy Orton up next.  Pretty decent match, Del Rio was disqualified after Chris Jericho interfered and delivered the Codebreaker on Orton.  Jericho got a microphone and started screaming he’s the best in the world, he gave Orton another Codebreaker and started yelling some more, he went back in the ring, picked Orton up and delivered a third Codebreaker.

During the match Michael Cole backtracked and said Laurinaitis re-signed Big Show early this morning, but he heard that Laurinaitis had a verbal deal with Show on Saturday, nice job covering up Laurinaitis’s giant screw up.

Daniel Bryan comes out next and talks about how he was screwed at Over The Limit, he shows the footage of Punk tapping out.  Bryan says he made Punk tap out and if they met again he’ll win, he demands a rematch, CM Punk comes out from the back, he says he wants to clear up the controversy, he says he pinned Daniel Bryan 1, 2 3.  He shows footage from SmackDown where he hit Kane with a steel chair so Kane would think it was Punk.  CM Punk introduces Daniel Bryans opponent, Kane.  CM Punk is on commentary.  Punk left the table and grabbed a chair, he went to hit Kane but Bryan grabs the chair, Kane turns around and sees Bryan with the chair, he beats him with the chair, he choke slams Bryan in the middle of the ring, he went to leave but went back and delivered a second choke slam.  Afterward Punk went in the ring to “check on Daniel Bryan” Punk locked Bryan in the Anaconda Vise, Bryan tapped out quickly, Punk let go got up and started yelling “YES”

CM Punk is walking backstage, AJ runs out and wants to thank Punk for beating up Daniel Bryan, Punk tells AJ she’s been acting like a fool lately, AJ cries, Punk tries to calm her down and AJ hugs him.

Up next Justin Roberts introduces the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Christian.  Christian goes one on one with Jinder Mahal.  Surprised the match lasted as long as it did, Christian gets the win but it was pretty back and forth.

Kelly Kelly VS Beth Phoenix up next.  Beth wins, decent match, and it got longer then 2 minutes, which for a Divas match on Raw is amazing.

Up next is the 3 on 2 handicap match.  Cena and Sheamus’s opponents are Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Lord Tensai, who was introduced as only Tensai.  The lumberjacks are basically every heel in the company.  Super Sheamus took out half of the lumberjacks during the match.  Big Show walks out on to the top of the ramp and watches on.  The ring fills up with the lumberjacks, all the faces run down on the ring and there’s a giant brawl in the ring, Cena leaves the ring and heads backstage, he gets in Laurinaitis’s face and asks him where Big Show is, Laurinaitis says he doesn’t know and leaves, Cena then gets punched in the face with the WMD as the show ends.

Much better show then last week, I thought tonights Raw was good.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Going back to last night, Cena brought it up tonight, why would Big Show help when the new GM would have hired him back anyway?  The way they did it still doesn’t sit right with me because it makes zero sense, yes Big Show was hired back anyway, but the guy who fired him would have been fired as GM and Show would have been back anyway.

Divas match was pretty enjoyable, I’m glad they gave it a bit of time, they really deserve to showcase their skills.  They are talented, they just need the chance to show it.

Good to see Hawkins and Reks on Raw, but again WHERE IS ZACK RYDER?

Not sure what they’re doing with Kane, don’t know if they’re trying to turn him face or if it was just for tonight, but heel VS heel doesn’t work well, even though the reasoning for it was because of what happened on SmackDown on Friday night.

CM Punk was great tonight, as always.

I give this show 4/5.  That’s all for this week, come back next week where I rant about WWE Raw in A RAW Opinion, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the column as well as the show.