By Gerry Pee

One of the biggest topics of WWE lately is the emergence of a new video, most of you probably already know about this and have began to guess at what it might be. Without a doubt WWE have already tried to make us think about it, setting up many different scenarios of what this intriguing video might mean, even if you haven’t realised it yet WWE are putting thoughts into our heads just log on to the WWE website and on the main page you will notice there are articles about missing titles, ignorant wrestlers, surprising walkouts, an alumni page for Rob Van Dam and an article on Shawn Michaels. All of these push us towards superstars and championships which we have not linked to WWE in a long time, I mean you could guess that Batista, Edge, RVD or the heart break kid himself Shawn Michaels could make a shock return to WWE. There have also been rumours that “The Revolution” could be a formation of a new stable however if this was to occur no current wrestler could be involved, however I have heard a lot about Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman forming a stable. Another and perhaps one of my favourite rumours is the rebirth of ECW again. As we already know in 2006 ECW was reborn and became part of WWE but despite it being one of my favourite ideas I don’t think it would work a second time.

The video itself has a very intriguing message as it shows a red X and riots, then concludes with “A Revolution is coming” now many say that this X could represent Degeneration X, with the thought that Shawn Michaels could make a return and reform DX. I have heard much about the riots and war scenes perhaps making us think about the NWO and obviously the similarities of the videos are there. Kevin Nash is still on a legends contract with WWE at the moment therefore he could lead a new NWO to success. I think that these may symbolise the NWO or DX but I do not think that they indicate a reformation. Listen, I am not saying this is what I think will definitely happen but this video to me may seem like WWE returning some Attitude. I know it seems unlikely for the Attitude Era to return but it could happen to some extent. WWE do not need to fully relive the Attitude Era years just revive it a little.

There has been a lot of talk that it could all be for Dean Ambrose to make his debut, however I would find it difficult to believe that they have gone to all this hype just for a new superstar, especially one most people do not know much about. Even despite Ambrose’s abilities and his high profile feud with Mick Foley on Twitter. I still do not feel it would be the best option to bring him in with this much pressure on him. I would be a little disappointed if the end result of this Revolution was Ambrose’s debut.

Another speculation which has began to surface the web is the return of ex-WWE superstar and current TNA wrestler Matt Morgan. Although Morgan’s contract is not officially end until October he is believed to be a free agent as TNA has ran out of dates for him. The reason that Morgan is believed to be behind the Revolution is in WWE latest video Morgan was seen in it. This is a fairly justified reason but what I am very intrigued about is how they would use Morgan if indeed it is him. There is no doubt his first stint was unsuccessful however since joining up with TNA Morgan has made tremendous progress and has really became a well respected wrestler, I just can’t imagine him being a main event star in WWE therefore don’t really know why they would build him up so much. The video with a close-up on Morgan’s face does interest me but again I don’t think it is what “The Revolution” will be.

I think I have went through just about as many different scenarios as I can think of as the conclusion of The Revolution. We will just have to tune in on May 28th episode of Raw, hopefully something tremendous will occur. If you have any more ideas, opinions or just want to comment please do.