So, 5 days after the release of the debut issue of Calling Spots, I am delighted that half our stock is gone already. It’s amazing to me that after 7 weeks of me having a blast, making a fan magazine about something I love, people WANT to read it and see it. Having shipped copies to America and Canada, the ‘zine is already going global.

For anyone that has already made their purchase: Thanks you SO MUCH. I made this thing for you guys so I am glad you are enjoying it. To anyone thinking about it, here is what Twitter is saying about the Calling Spots Fanzine:


So what exactly is in the Calling Spots Fanzine?

  • The infamous debut of the “Mark Henry Sweating Scenarios” comic strip.
  • Fantastic exclusive wrestling illustrations of “Wrestling Dream Matches” in which YOU can be the booker! Yes we are the world’s most interactive fanzine
  • A collaboration with the UK’s freshest promotion – Progress Wrestling.
  • A sit down chat with the UK’s next big thing – Noam Dar.
  • Want to perfect “Classic Wrestling Holds” in the comfort of your own home? We have a centre page spread that will help you become the next Dean Malenko.
  • Wrestling poetry…..yes that’s right, poetry.
  • Cult films reviewed (as long as they have wrestlers in them) with the timeless “They Live” kicking us off. Articles looking at:
    • John Cena, is he the most important man in wrestling?
    • What killed Scott Hall?
    • Vampiro, a Canadian vampire in Mexico.
    • Top 10 most anticipated Wrestlemania matches part 1
  • On top of that we have top notch banter, grungy fanzine charm, YOUR twitter interactions and loads more!!

The ‘zine is only 2 pounds, which is about $3.10 in the States, plus postage. All money raised will go into making issue 2 exactly how you want it as well as getting loads of extra stuff to bung into your envelopes (some copies of issue 1 will come with random wrestling presents included FREE!!). So what are you waiting for? Get YOUR copy today at

Putting us over

To celebrate the launch of the Calling Spots Fanzine (and my birthday) we have hooked up with the UK’s hottest new Indy wrestling promotion – Progress Wrestling – to bring you GIFTS!!


On top of the coverage of Progress Wrestling inside the pages, we also have a free copy of their debut DVD to give away. Twitter has been buzzing about this strictly limited edition double disk DVD for the last month, now you have your chance to get your hands on a copy, before they are gone forever, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE.

To enter the competition, we are looking for the person who promotes the Calling Spots Fanzine and where to buy the Fanzine in the most innovative way. You can use twitter, put up a poster at a show, get a wrestler to pose with your copy of the ‘zine, make a cool flyer and hand it out at a local show…ANYTHING.


One lucky winner will be sent a free copy of the limited edition double disk Progress Wrestling, Chapter 1 DVD. We also have a few steel tin WWE DVDs, so any strong runners up over the next 4 weeks could also win one of those. To win, your innovative promotion must:

  • Promote us somewhere wrestling fans will see (Twitter, Facebook, Shows, Websites)
  • Explain the magazine is available for just £2 (around $3) at
  • Be creative
  • Tweet us @CallingSpots or email with your entry

We will pick one lucky winner at the end of June.

Good Luck and check out for more info on Wrestling Rambles sister project.