Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion.  I’m Joe and like always I’ll be taking you through another weekly episode of WWE Raw

We start the show off with the WWE celebrating Memorial Day with a video package.

Video of what happened last weekend at Over The Limit where Big Show helped John Laurinaitis beat Cena.  Then they show video of the next night on Raw with Big Show telling everyone why he did what he did and then ending with him connecting with the WMD on Cena.

Big Show starts things off tonight coming to the ring.  He talks about how last week he made a calculated business decision.  HUGE Cena chant breaks out in the arena as Big Show is talking.  Show talks about how just minutes after he was crying in the ring after being fired Brodus Clay was dancing, Truth and Kofi were having fun and the fans were cheering, Show apparently angry the show went on after he was fired.  Another giant Cena chant from the crowd.  They show video of John Cena doing his Ace Ventura impression on John Laurinaitis later in the show instead of confronting him about firing Big Show.  That dragged out too long, there are only a handful of people in the WWE that could or should cut a 15 minute promo and Big Show is not one of them, it was decent at best, then he started dragging toward the end.

Santino is in the back stretching, he’s going one on one with Alberto Del Rio next.

Santino Marella VS Alberto Del Rio is up next.  Alberto Del Rio gets a VERY quick win with a cross arm breaker in a non title match.

Backstage Eve Torres is talking to Alex Riley, Riley is trying to suck up to her and Big Show shows up and Eve tells Show that he can pick his own opponent for tonight, Show looks at Riley, who tries to get on Shows good side.

WWE Tag Team Title match up next.  Kofi Kingston & R Truth going up against Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.  Truth and Kingston retain the titles in a pretty decent match that had some good length.  After the match Ziggler is screaming at Swagger, Vickie tries to play peacemaker but Ziggler storms off.

Santino walks down the hall with a trainer, Big Show stops them and starts going at Santino, Brodus Clay saves Santino and gets in Shows face, Brodus tells Show to pick him so he can give him something else to cry about.  Looks like Brodus’s winning streak will be coming to an end tonight, unless Big Show gets DQ’ed.

John Laurinaitis comes out next with Eve and David Otunga, he’s still in his scooter.  He has a couple of announcements, his first announcement is Big Show VS Brodus Clay is official, his next announcement is Cena VS Big Show at No Way Out will take place in a steel cage, he says that since Over The Limit, he’s become the most popular WWE Superstar ever.  Laurinaitis unveiled a cover for WWE 13 with him on the cover, CM Punk interrupted him, Punk goes to the ring, microphone in hand.  He stares at the “cover” and laughs.  MASSIVE CM Punk chants.  Punk says that being on the cover of WWE 13 is a big deal, and that’s why the real person on the cover is a hell of a lot better then him, Punk unveils the real cover and CM Punk is on the cover.  CM Punk tells Laurinaitis his job is done here so he can take the hoeski and Carlton (Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and go away.  CM Punk takes the big cardboard Laurinaitis cover and puts it in the corner and stomps on it until it breaks.

CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan up next.  AJ comes out during the match wearing a CM Punk shirt, Punk looks like he’s unsure what she’s doing.  Great match but the ending was very anti climactic.  Daniel Bryan exposed the turnbuckle, AJ tried telling the referee about it, she got down from the apron and Punk went at Bryan in the corner, but Bryan sent him face first into the exposed buckle for the pin.  After the match Kane came out and attacked Bryan with a chair, afterward Kane turned to Punk, AJ slid a chair in the ring to Punk and Punk sent Kane packing with chair shots.

Christian comes out next, he’s going one on one with The Miz, Cody Rhodes is on commentary for this match.  Cody Rhodes distracts Christian, Miz can’t take advantage and Christian ends up getting the win after hitting the Killswitch followed by a frog splash.

The Miz is still in the ring with a microphone, he wants the match stricken with Christian stricken from the record.  Miz said he single handedly saved John Laurinaitis’s job, where is his iron clad contract, why isn’t his face on the cover of a video game?  Randy Orton interrupts him, Miz starts talking to Orton, Orton RKO’s him out of nowhere.  Pretty stupid, I guess they needed to find something to do with Orton since Jericho got suspended and their program has to be put on hold.

Backstage Dolph Ziggler is talking to Vickie, he wants her to get him out of that tag team, he needs to be out in the ring in singles competition.

Sheamus VS David Otunga coming up next.  Sheamus gets the win in a match where Otunga didn’t get too much offense in.

Brodus Clay VS Big Show coming up next.  Big Show comes out after Brodus with a microphone, Show says he’s actually a fan of his, Show says he thought he was a sellout, but Brodus is doing embarrassing things nightly.  Show says Brodus should paint his face and be the next Doink, but the difference between Brodus and Doink, is Doink had talent.  Show ran down the ramp and ran over Brodus, Big Show destroys Brodus outside the ring, the bell never rings and the match never really gets underway, Kofi and Truth run out but Show makes quick work of them, Show dismantles the announce table, he breaks I with his foot and takes a piece of the table, he started beating Brodus with it.  Big Show then went back to work on Truth and Kingston, destroying the both of them.  The show goes off the air with Big Show delivering one final WMD to Brodus and then looking at the carnage he caused before walking up the ramp, John Laurinaitis comes out and raises Big Shows hand.

I thought tonights show was pretty good, the opening segment with Big Show was pretty good until the last 5 minutes or so, then it started to drag a bit.

Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk delivered as usual, great match, but I wasn’t a big fan of the ending, I understand why it was done, so Punk doesn’t get beaten cleanly.  And I should add, I love AJ, even more then normal since she’s all “crazy” like CM Punk, I to, dig crazy chicks haha.

Looks like WWE is starting a possible Dolph Ziggler face turn with him wanting out of the tag team with Jack Swagger, I wouldn’t mind face Ziggler since fans are cheering him anyway.

I could have done without Del Rio VS Sheamus since it was a really short match.

Oh and another week without Zack Ryder, although he was trending on Twitter, I don’t understand what it is about WWE, I don’t know why they don’t see the possible gold mine they have in this kid and they don’t do anything with it, but he’s good enough to sell a ton of merchandise for the company, give me a break.

The end of Raw was pretty good, it preserves Brodus’s winning streak but also shows that he’s not unstoppable, it also makes Big Show somewhat of a credible heel again, even after so many heel turns, but we’ve seen this before, I just hope they stick with him as a heel for a while.

I’m going to rate this show a 3.5/5 I thought it was overall a very good show, obviously they’ll never satisfy everyone, I enjoyed the show tonight, I wasn’t expecting that much which also helped things a bit.

I hope you enjoyed reading the column and I hope you enjoyed Raw, thanks for reading.