Hello everybody, it’s Ryan back on WrestlingRambles after a short hiatus. I have been dealing with exams and other bullshit and unfortunately had no time to write for the website. But I’m finding life a little more relaxed and a whole lot more boring as my next exam isn’t until the 21st! Woohoo!

Anyways, I return from my hiatus to write about something that usually gets discussion going amongst the WWE fans that are also gamers – WWE 13! Two weeks ago on Raw, CM Punk revealed the cover of this year’s WWE game, turning Laurinitius’ hopes and dreams back down the shitter. The cover, in my opinion, is the best one in years, possibly ever but that’s only because Punk is one of my favourites. People like John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker so on and so forth have been snubbed for what seems to be the hottest property in the wrestling industry today. However, whilst we’re on the topic of the cover, remember last year when there was a vote off between John Cena and The Rock? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a vote off between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan? Just a thought considering both wrestlers’ are loved dearly in the IWC it’d be interesting to see what way the tide turns in terms of popularity. It could also potentially be used as a tool to keep the fire in their rivalry alive.

I haven’t heard about any new features or remaining features that have been announced, if anyone does have links to such details please comment them below, I’d love to see what things have been put in or taken out. BUT, onto what I would love to see in WWE 13:

  • Storylines: remember those good old days when you took control of a wrestler (think they only ever allowed for male storylines) and guide them through various feuds. Nowadays all we get is the WWE universe mode where you cycle through week by week by week with boring “storylines” and decide who rises through the ranks. 9 times out of 10 I found Goldust challenging for the WWE championship and lost every time to… You guessed it Juan Seena!! BORING! This time round I’d love to see the old story/career mode reinstalled but with the option of taking any wrestler; male or female through their career. It’d be pretty interesting to have other things thrown in to the career path like personal relationships, allies and enemies, money making schemes etc.
  • NXT/FCW: remember in WWE 12 you had the WrestleMania thang?! You had the option of having a rookie, your own CAW making his sort of way up. Awkward. Anyhow, I’d scrap them all completely and install an NXT/FCW platform whereby you take your CAW and rise through FCW then up through NXT then Smackdown before finally jumping ship to Raw! This would probably be my number one wish. It’d finally make the WWE franchise have something of real value in it. How satisfying would it be to have your CAW rise through the ranks from FCW to Raw? Very. I wouldn’t make this mode entirely easy, it’d be cool to have to cut promos in the ring with three options given on the bottom of the screen and you choose the one that seems the most impressive. A bit like Sims. You would also have to impress through your matches and with enough experience and enough impressive points you’d be allowed to move on to NXT and so on. But one wrong move and your either future endeavored or else your put back to development. I’d definitely get the most fun out of a mode like this.
  • Create an arena furthered: this was one of the more impressive features of WWE 12 but I feel that it could go on even further. Being able to chop and change the stage set. Make it elaborate as WrestleMania sets or make it as simple as the old WWF “stages”. If I could change the stage I’d make an old Backlash stage or SummerSlam stage.

 Now onto WHO I’d like to be in WWE 13:

  • Lita: for a while now we haven’t seen Lita in a WWE game. Wouldn’t it be great to see one of the best, if not thee best female wrestler in WWE history back on the tip of our fingertips? Sure would! Taking her to the top rope to hit her famous moonsault on some motha fucka like Kelly Kelly! Hahaha oh the evilness!
  • Edge: You think you know me? Well then you should know that any WWE game without Edge just isn’t worth buying. Why? Because how could you play a WWE game without spearing a bastard a few hundred times?
  • Ryback: I’m beginning to love Ryback and everything he’s about. He’s the modern day Goldberg and I definitely enjoy watching him beat a few nobodies about. Plus how awesome would it be to scoop one or two wrestlers on yer back and dumping them like a bad habit?!
  • Shane McMahon: I was always a Shane O’Mac fan growing up throwing the attitude days. So it would be a treat to have the dollar dollar, dollar dollar McMahon in the game. In fact, and I know for a fact that if he was in the game I’d play him just to hear his theme song and entrance. It’d also be great to be able to jump from the Titan Tron like good ole Shane used to do.
  • Stephanie McMahon: What a frickin’ jezebel this woman is. But what a fine piece of ass she was. Remember when Stephanie and Vince had the Father versus Daughter match in WWE? Would you not be tempted to recreate that moment and slap Vince silly because of all the gripes you have about the booking in WWE at the moment? I would.

That’s all the time I have for this week folks. Give me your feedback on my opinions, wants and needs to make it through what seems to be the same shit repackaged every year. But, please be warned if you tell me that something on my list didn’t make it then be prepared to have a death on your hands. Oh, and the bombing of the THQ Headquarters.

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Laters Losers,