I’m not an insider nor am I anyway involved with WWE, but my god there is some serious amount of bullshit happening backstage. I know the majority of wrestlers are paid good, but to me WWE doesn’t sound like a good workplace. It seems to me as if half the guys there are unhappy in someway shape or form. Lets have a look at some publicly known problems behind the scenes at WWE. The Rock returned – there was problems. Lesnar returned – more problems. There’s guys getting suspended too often due to drugs and violations. The creative team most certainly are the ones most pissed off as they don’t have much freedom to be creative with Vince being so ‘tight’ on them. There was also backstage heat on Lillian Garcia for botching while announcing wrestlers’ names and where they’re billed from.

Firstly The Rock. There were reports that “more than a few” key people in WWE were disgruntled about The Rock having such a prominent spot at WrestleMania while not being scheduled for house shows, tours etc.. I have mixed feelings on this one. I understand why wrestler’s were upset but as a fan of pro wrestling, more specifically WWE, I wanted The Rock return, I wanted to see him. I marked out like crazy. When the lights went out, the feeling of electricity running down your spine anticipating the mystery person who would be hosting WrestleMania 26. His return was an incredible moment that I will never forget. At the end of the day, I am glad I paid for and watched both WrestleMania 26 and 27 live to see the peoples champion. From a fans perspective it worked out, from wrestler’s perspective it also worked out, they would of gotten a fatter paycheck, am I right? I’m really interested to read what you think of The Rock returning and your thoughts on that backstage heat that was on him.

Regarding Brock Lesnar. Not only was this ”backstage heat”, it was quoted as ”Nuclear Heat”. Lesnar showed up at the UFC 141 Pay-Per-View and reportedly met up with the owner of UFC, Dana White, without the knowing knowledge of Vince McMahon. Also there was rumors he was ”difficult to handle” backstage in WWE, even before attending UFC 141. I’m more against Lesnar being back rather than for. You see, the contract Brock has with WWE is for only 29 appearances. He is getting 5 million for it at that. Not only does this piss off the full time guys, it will piss off guys like The Rock, Stone Cold and any other former star who will be contacted by WWE for a run. I seriously doubt The Rock is getting that much from WWE. It’s clear The Rock didn’t come back for money, he clearly doesn’t need it and could have a film lined up almost straight away after finishing the last. Brock is back because he’s a business man. He’s not back because he loves wrestling, not for the fans, he’s back purely for the money. Brock has taken advantage of his immense UFC presence he knew WWE desperately wanted, especially to continue the buzz after WrestleMania and Rock leaving for a few months to make movies. I don’t dislike Brock for doing it, if you have power to do it, then do it. But I criticize WWE for bringing him back. Hopefully when money talks come up with the likes of Rock, Stone Cold (possible CM Punk feud) that Lesnar hasn’t damaged that due to the amount he’s getting. Aggregate Demand will never mean so much from now on. But my question is, what exactly will equilibrium be for future contracts?

Guys getting suspended. I also have mixed feelings about this too. I understand being on the road so much is stressful and it wares wrestlers out. However, that is NO excuse to do drugs. I’ll try my best to not be disrespectful here, and I don’t really care if people do drugs, it’s none of my business and I honestly feel sorry for them. Why? Simply because no matter how hard, stressful, unfair life can be, drugs is never and will never be the answer. Sure they may give you relief at first, but in the long run it damages you and causes harm.  You don’t have to be a bloody doctor to figure that one out. I see druggies as weak to be quite blunt with you. Although I don’t care if people do drugs or not as it isn’t any of my business, it is so infuriating to see guys like Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio take drugs and thus leading to suspension. I’m not going to judge Orton yet as it’s still unclear why he was suspended. But anyway, these guys have tons of money, have a high standard of living, great life etc.. so I ask, why do they take drugs and harm themselves? They are clearly smart enough to know WWE test for drugs every 3 months or so and that they will get suspended for having them in their system. Getting suspended for doing drugs is very idiotic on the wrestler’s part.

The heat on Lillian isn’t such a big deal really but it’s something that shouldn’t be there. With the creative team, well you know all about that. Vince has given more freedom compared to a few years back but still not enough. Perhaps CM Punk will be right in saying WWE will be better when Vince McMahon is dead. I respect Vince a lot but I agree with Punk on that. With great storyline ideas like the Nexus going down the drain quickly, if creative had more freedom and control to write it, I think the angle would of lasted a lot longer without getting stale.

There’s probably tones of more publicly known bullshit that goes on backstage in WWE but the ones I outlined are the ones I felt most interesting to write about. Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts! Follow me on twitter @RayTheRambler and of course @WrestlinRambles. ”Like” the NEW Wrestling Rambles Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/wrestlingramble

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