TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 7th June 2012 episode.

The show opens with unseen footage from last week, as the show went off air. It shows Dixie Carter screaming at Daniels in the ring, then she leaves the building, heading to the TV truck. She yells at David Sahadi (TNA TV Producer), and threatens to fire him if he doesn’t find out who aired the audio clip.

It then cuts to Dixie Carter in the ring, she finds the whole situation unimaginable, and knows whatever she says, people will be hurt. She feels sorry for Kaz and Daniels, as they are filled with hate to do what they have, and has nothing left to do, but tell the truth. Kazarian and Daniels appear, and Daniels offers to help her tell the truth. He says Dixie had a hole in her heart her husband couldn’t fill, so she went to AJ to fill it. Dixie slaps Daniels, and he pushes her into the corner. AJ Styles rushes down, causing Daniels and Kazarian to flee. Dixie’s husband Serg comes down, strikes out at AJ, then leaves. AJ gets up, whispers something to Dixie, and they leave too.

Samoa Joe asks Austin Aries if he disrespected him last week, by spraying water in his face. Aries says they’ve know each other a long time, and if he wanted to disrespect Joe, he’d know about it.

Crimson vs Austin Aries

Crimson stops any attacks from Aries early on, until Aries manages to drop off Crimson’s shoulders, and attacks the left leg. Aries rushes at Crimson, and gets lifted over the ropes, but A-Double trips him, and hits a corkscrew back into the ring for a 2 count. Aries tries for a springboard moonsault which Crimson blocks, but then Aries turns a Red Sky attempt into a huricanrana. Crimson throws Aries outside, but as he follows, Aries pops in, hits the ropes and his suicide dive. Both guys come back in, and as the ref checks on Crimson, Aries goes to the apron, Samoa Joe rushes down, clips Aries legs tripping him onto the apron. Joe throws Aries back in, and Crimson picks the pieces for the win.

Winner: Crimson

Crimson is interviewed after the match, and says no one can beat him, and he’s our undefeated hero. He gloats he’s lasted longer than “that Goldberg guy”, and throws out an open challenge for Slammiversary.

Hulk Hogan walking through backstage, he talks about all the goings on in TNA. He also mentions Brooke should be careful what she accepts, and hopes she is ready to do her job.

Speaking of Brooke Hogan, she goes into the Knockouts dressing room to introduce herself to Tara, Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacher and Mickie James. Brooke says she is honoured to work with them, and puts them in a 4-way match tonight, with the winner facing Gail Kim at Slammiversary. Brooke also says she wants to get them media opportunities outside TNA, and has got Velvet a spot in Montgomery Gentry’s next video….Mickie James does not look happy at this! (Cue a Mickie heel turn?).

Hulk Hogan makes his way out. He says it’s the 10 year anniversary of Impact Wrestling, and the party starts now, and will continue till next week’s Impact. He suggests no matter who wins at Slammiversary, there will be a World Title match next week. Obviously this doesn’t sit well with Bobby Roode, as he appears, and suggests Hogan shows him some respect. Roode says how unfair Hogan has been, and thinks Hogan is jealous. Roode tells Hogan to get out of his ring, and grabs him by the shirt. Sting comes down, and brawls with Roode, before knocking the Champ out the ring.

Joseph Park is backstage, saying how he went from a concerned family member, to a fan, and now he’s talking to cameras. At the PPV, he may finally get a bit of truth and justice from Bully Ray.

Mickie James vs Brooke Tessmacher vs Velvet Sky vs Tara

All four brawl, before Mickie and Velvet clear the ring. They both try for a pinfall, and fail. We see Gail Kim join commentary as it goes for a break. Back from the break, Mickie dropkicks Tara while she has Velvet in the Tarantula. Brooke tries to roll up Mickie, and Tara tries for a pin, before we see a submission chain from the Knockouts (Tara with a Boston Crab on Velvet, Mickie with a dragon sleeper on Tara, Brooke with a headlock on Mickie). After it’s all broke up, Velvet knocks Tara out the ring, and fights with Mickie, till Tara comes back in and throws Mickie out. Brooke is back in, and exchanges blows with Tara, until Tara hits her fireman’s carry into a sidewalk slam. As Tara sets up for the standing moonsault, Velvet DDT’s her. Mickie hits the Thesz Press off the top rope, and Mick Kick to Velvet. Mickie yells at Velvet, allowing Brooke in, who hits her Tess Shocker on Mickie to win the match.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

We cut to Bully Ray who says he’s getting rid of the usual match contract, and has a new one for Joseph Park to sign tonight…

Hulk Hogan is on the phone to AJ Styles, tells him he doesn’t care about the personal shit, and to get back to the arena, as he’s booked in the main event.

Contract signing time, with Jeremy Borash hosting. He says it’s a match no one expected, a 20 year veteran versus a lawyer who’s never been in a fight. JB then introduces both Bully Ray and Joseph Park. Bully rips up the contract, and produces a new one, which relieves Bully of any liability for whatever he does at the PPV. Bully signs it, but Joseph refuses to, as he isn’t crazy enough to do this. Bully offers a handshake, but also spits at Joseph. Joseph says his brother gave 10 years for the fans, and if Bully wants to fight, it’s on, before signing the contract. An explosion goes off, and Abyss appears on screen. He says he warned Joseph to step away, or he’ll get burnt, but it’s too late. Abyss also says Bully tried to leave him for dead, but failed…and at Slammiversary, he’ll show how alive he is. As Abyss disappears, Bully Ray attacks Joseph from behind and leaves.

Garrett Bischoff enters Devon’s locker room. He says that tonight Devon has Robbie E, and they both know Robbie T will be there too. Garrett offers to have Devon’s back. Devon says he likes Garrett, and thinks he is ready to learn and make an impact on this business, before accepting Garrett’s offer.

Mike Tenay and Taz discuss GutCheck last week. Tenay asks if Taz had any second thoughts. Taz says no, and that he felt Joey Ryan was disrespectful to the other judges, needs to amp up his intensity. They air a backstage video of Ryan backstage. He says the judges don’t care what the fans think, and are stuck in the past. Al Snow appears and tells Ryan to shut it, and don’t talk down to him. Ryan calls him pathetic, so Snow grabs him by the neck and leads him out the arena.

TNA TV Title Match: Devon (c) vs Robbie E

The match begins while we have a replay on. Robbie E controls the match early on, and we even see Madison Rayne appear. This certainly makes me think she is after Garrett. Anyways, Robbie E tries for the pin, but fails. Devon strikes with a spear, than builds momentum. Devon sets up for a splash in the corner, but Robbie T trips him. Garrett goes round to argue with Robbie T, and Devon rolls Robbie E up in a small package. While the ref argues with Garrett, Robbie T rolls in, and pushes the small package in Robbie E’s favour. The ref spots Robbie T leaving the ring, allowing Garrett to roll in and push the pinfall back in Devon’s favour to help him retain the TV Title.

Winner and still TV Champion: Devon

Robbie T gets in and attacks Devon, before Garrett helps him out, and as usual, Garrett and Devon clear the ring.

Hulk Hogan re-appears. He says he got rudely interrupted during his announcement earlier. Well Hulkster, you’re about to get interrupted again, as Mr Anderson comes down. Anderson says Hulk was about to give him a title shot. Hogan tells Anderson to cool his jets, and let him finish, before calling down both Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy. Hogan says all 3 have been trying for a title shot for months, and now they have a chance to earn one. Hogan announces Hardy vs Anderson vs RVD at Slammiversary, with the winner facing the World Champ next week on Impact.

Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Daniels

I guess AJ Styles didn’t get back in time, as the match starts without him. Daniels and Kazarian go after Sting and Angle, until the former World Champs turn the tables, Angle locking the Ankle Lock on Kazarian, Sting with the Scorpion Deathlock on Daniels. Roode doesn’t save them, they manage to get to the ropes. After a break, Daniels and Kazarian wear down Sting. Roode comes in, and Sting fights back, till he misses the Stinger Splash. Daniels rushes across and knocks Angle off the apron, before a 3 on 1 assault on Sting. AJ Styles finally arrives, going after Daniels. Roode breaks them up, and AJ hits him with a Pele Kick. AJ chases after Daniels, as Angle comes in and hits a belly to belly on Kaz, sending him outside. AJ and Daniels back inside, AJ hits another Pele, sending Daniels out, before doing a somersault dive over the top ropes onto Angle, Daniels and Kazarian. Roode brings in the title, tries to use it but Sting ducks, then drops Roode and locks in the Scorpion Deathlock, causing Roode to tap.

Winners: Sting, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle

After the match, Sting raises the World Title high, before tossing it to Roode, as the show ends…

Once more, things I liked, and things I didn’t like. Aries and Joe starting a feud is great, big fan of both guys and think they could put on some entertaining matches. It made sense to have Joe cost Aries the match, even though I would have liked Aries taking Crimson’s record. 😉 I also liked the fact of teasing a heel turn for Mickie James, something new and fresh for her in the Knockouts Division, and I think she can do quite a good job as a heel. Bully Ray and Joseph Park still has me hooked, and I’m interested to see how it will play out at Slammiversary….maybe Joseph Park attacked backstage and Abyss takes his place? I’m unsure on this whole Dixie Carter/AJ Styles affair. I just can’t see the reason for it personally, and don’t seem to be enjoying that side of the storyline. Also getting a bit tired of Robbie E/Devon now. Moved the Jersey Shore poser aside, and let somebody else go into a TV Title feud.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and look forward to your views on the show.

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