WrestlingRambles.com will be expanding in the near future. Although it will be a few months, we want to plan ahead so we can make WR into a multi-column featured website displaying the awesome work of our writers. Currently only one or two columns can be featured properly, that will change in the near future with the hope of having up-to five new columns a day for your reading pleasure. Furthermore, we’re looking for more writers to fulfill that task. We have had about five writers contact our email address wanting to put their work on WR. The reason you have not seen some of them is due to our policy and not following it. When new writers want to write for WR, we try our best to get them to comment on current writer’s work. It shows respect to veteran writers and boost discussion on our website. If you were one of those writers reading this, please re-contact us about it and we’ll set you up for the future. The policy also shows that you’re not using WR to promote your stuff 🙂 Our writers work hard here and deserve feedback. For the active commenters here on WR you are MORE than welcome to send in work and if you want to write weekly/monthly for WR we’ll give you an account. Anybody who writes, comments and reads on WR is considered part of our community.

WrestlingRambles.com is looking for even more Graphic Artists. We’re looking for two or three more Graphic Artists who will volunteer to take on the responsibilty of providing WrestlingRambles.com with daily artwork. We want artists who are familar with the likes of Photoshop who can provide our writers with images for their columns. It’s a great opportunity if you are currently learning PS or taking a college course on it. Being a Graphic Artists for WR will gain you experience as you’ll be getting specific tasks to complete. When I was learning  to use PS, I always found the best way to improve was to be assigned on a task and it really helped me. It can and will help you too!

As you know already, we feature two podcasts (The Top Rope and Ring Rust Radio) and of course, the soon to be sensational ”Rambling Personalities ” podcast. However, we want to feature more! If you got a small or big, new or old, wrestling podcast, and interested in attracting new listeners then WrestlingRambles.com is the perfect website to do so. We give you your very own page, as the others are featured on the top menu-bar. We will promote your podcast via our 3000 followers and to our fans on Facebook There will also be a promotional image on our sidebar encouraging and directing readers to click the image and visit your podcast page on WR.

Some people are shy to comment and I felt this way for about three years before I joined ANY wrestling site. Don’t be shy if you want to comment, here’s a how-to guide on commenting, with no email address required… CLICK HERE