As we all know, or should know, the 1000th episode of Raw is impending. The reason I said that you should know this is because there have been little snippets of action that have made Raw the longest running episodic tv show in all of history (I think). For there have been many glorious, funny, outrageous, pure banter bits that make you salivate and wobble at the knees for in today’s crazy programming. Which brings me to today’s article; my wishes for the 1000th episode of Raw!

What I want to see:

  • The return of Stephanie or/and Shane McMahon. I love these gruesome twosome that came straight to the world only to see their father put a beating on them. Father-son, father-daughter match anyone? No no no, I don’t want one of those for Raw. All I’m asking is for Shane or Stephanie (both if you’re feeling up for it) to return to WWE programming. I could well see Stephanie become GM of Raw, with the only things truly holding her back are her children. Same goes for Shane. Even a part time GM would work for me therefore they wouldn’t need to be there every night. Both could instantly get a crowd pop because they’re so loved, perhaps more so than their domestic violent-fill yer boots dad. Stephanie is so bad ass and could be used really well currently because it would almost be a huge fuck you to TNA who are relying on Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke for female star power. Now I actually liked Brooke back in the day but when you put the two side by side you can see the shovel from the shit.
  • Big Johnny fired. Many rumors about Big Ace have been flying about recently. He was taken off the corporate website therefore allowing some to believe he was becoming a main tv star but my thought is that he has been removed because WWE want to make it less predictable therefore by doing this they are twisting and turning the story. They are almost allowing us – the IWC – to think he’s becoming a main tv star when in fact he might not be. Fooling us so to speak. Big Johnny’s character has got so stale that I’ve resorted to fast forwarding the parts that he’s talking or just generally on screen. The character may work for some but not for me.
  • Big Show fired. Okay, so Big Show has been around for long many a year therefore with him being 40+ years old he may be seeking a retirement in the near future. Or so I hope. I just cannot stand this guy any longer. He’s a giant therefore his wrestling ability leaves a lot to be desired. We have Dolph Ziggler being misused and Big Show being overused. Where is the logic? Because it clearly isn’t in the creative’s heads. The Big Show has had a long prosperous run in both the WCW and WWE therefore it would be fair to say he’s being treated well despite his alarmingly shit wrestling. He’s boring, can’t wrestle, can’t sell merch (therefore he gives it all away to the front row kiddies) and brings absolutely nothing to the table anymore. That being said I’d like the guy to have a good send off, perhaps being fired by McMahon (any of them) would be the best way for him to go out. Either that or he could lose a retirement match to Mark Henry or something. Show is slow and needs to go.
  • Cena injured. For the record I don’t purposely want anyone injured ever. But Cena is doing a movie soon and I’d love to see the guy get some much much needed family time. Therefore I think it’d be great to have a shock return (someone like Batista) come back and destroy Cena. Maybe even Big Show could injure Cena so bad that Vince fires him? Thus ending the angle between Cena and Show and letting Show retire. I just think it’d be epic to have Cena wrote off for a while in a really shocking way.
 Now onto who I’d like to see:
  1. HBK – one of the guys that has made Raw so special for me over the years is good ole HBK! Remember the sweet chin music he gave to Shelton Benjamin? Epic. Remember HBK and The Undertaker building up to Mania? Great. Remember DX and their crazy antics? Amazing. HBK is and always will be a legend and is someone that I think WWE misses greatly. The 1000th episode of Raw needs to have star power and is there any bigger than HBK?
  2. Edge – some may think that Edge comes back too many times. WRONG. Edge can never return too many times. He, like Edge, has created so many epic Raw memories. Remember the live sex segment? History making. So bring Edge along and who knows… Maybe he and new girlfriend Beth could get it on!
  3. Stone Cold – OMG! This is probably the biggest star of Raw over the years. During the years where he and Vince were laying into each other Stone Cold would provide us with years full of laughter and gave us that bit of fantasy whereby we sat and watched someone kick their bosses ass! Something I’m sure you wished you could do and sorta get away with it like Stone Cold did. Not to mention, he drove a beer truck into the workplace and nearly drowned all present in the ring in beer! Awesome. Stone Cold done it all and he was probably the most stand out star of the attitude era which we all know was the boom period in WWE!

That’s all the time I have for this week folks, be sure to come back next week for more of my wishes and please tell me some of your own Raw 1000 wishes below in the comment box.

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