TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 14th June 2012 episode.

We see a video of James Storm, highlighting how he lost to Bobby Roode, walked away, his time away from wrestling, and his return at Slammiversary. From that, we see Zema Ion and Chris Sabin in the ring, and we’re ready for an Ultimate X match for the X-Division Title.

Ultimate X Match for the X-Division Title: Austin Aries (c) vs Chris Sabin vs Zema Ion

Ion sprays his hairspray, which distracts Aries and Sabin, before trying to get onto the cables, but with Aries and Sabin bring him down and attack him. Aries and Sabin then face off, quick attacks from both, Aries drops Sabin and hits his pendulum elbow. Ion is back in and hits Aries with a belly to back into a knee strike, before Ion goes to go up again, but Sabin stops him and delivers a Tornado DDT. Sabin and Aries fight on the top rope, Sabin knocks Aries off and goes across the cable, until Aries pulls him down, onto his shoulders, Aries rams him into the turnbuckles, then does an airplane spin. Aries drops Sabin on the ropes, leaps over the top rope and rolls on him, rolls through and Ion jumps through the ropes to try to DDT Aries, only for Aries to put him over the top rope, and then Aries knocks him off the apron. Sabin rushes at Aries and gets lifted over the ropes, elevated onto Ion (and also hurting his knee), both guys are up and Aries hits a suicide dive. Aries gets stopped from getting to the title by Ion, who tries to get up to the cable and is stopped by Aries. Sabin gets back in and tries to stop Aries attacking Ion, but can’t, Aries is up and as Ion goes to powerbomb him off the top rope, Aries hits a huricanrana, dropkicks Ion into the corner then hits a Brainbuster. Aries scales back up to the cable, and across to the centre to retain his title.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

Aries takes the mic, and says when he walked into TNA, he said no one could defeat him, and pound for pound, he’s the most complete package in wrestling. He isn’t just great, he’s The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, and whatever TNA puts his way, he proves himself. But he’s not just satisfied with the X-Division Title. Hulk Hogan makes his way out. Hogan says wherever Aries is going, Hogan’s already been there, and he thinks Aries is the greatest thing he’s ever seen in the ring. Aries tells him he wants to be the main event, and Hogan says he can at Destination X…but Hogan can’t have 1 man as Champion of both divisions, therefore if Aries wants a World Title shot, he must give up the X-Division Title. Hogan wants Aries to become greater, and gives A-Double 1 week to make his choice.

They show two Slammiversary clips, one of Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan talking over the top of Aries vs Samoa Joe, and also the ending of Bully Ray vs Joseph Park.

That brings us to Joseph Park in catering, talking to workers about his match. They suddenly disappear, because Bully Ray shows up. Bully asks where Abyss is, and Joseph says he doesn’t know, but last time he saw Abyss, he put Bully through a table. Bully says he won’t rest until he finds Abyss.

TV Title Match: Devon (c) vs Hernandez

Hernandez starts before Devon gets in the ring, leaping over the top rope at the TV Champ. They get in the ring and as Devon tries to fight back, Hernandez stops him, then SuperMex puts Devon in a bearhug. Devon gets out of it and manages to hit a spear, before building momentum. Hernandez lifts himself to the top rope, but keeps slipping before an awkward flying shoulder tackle. Devon then reverses an irish whip and hits the Thrust Spinebuster before picking up the win.

Winner and still TV Champion: Devon

They re-show part of Daniels and Dixie Carter in the opening segment last week, before we cut backstage to AJ Styles and Dixie. AJ says he can’t do this anymore, and Dixie says she tried to tell the truth last week. AJ says they can’t keep it a secret, it gives more for Daniels to use against them. Dixie says they need to get it out in the open, but AJ needs to get ready for his match, and they can talk later.

Bobby Roode is shown arriving earlier in the day.

Bound for Glory Series Gauntlet for 20 points!

TNA’s Bound for Glory Series is back again, and we start with an over the top Gauntlet match, which introduces 11 of the 12 entrants (the other one will be either Bobby Roode or Mr Anderson, whoever loses the World Title match).

AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy start out, and while they try to eliminate each other early on, Rob Van Dam joins the action. RVD knocks them both down, before hitting a monkey flip to AJ, and rolling thunder to Hardy. After a break, we see Magnus has joined the action, and Bully Ray is now on his way down. Bully attacks Hardy before even getting in, and tries to throw AJ out. Kurt Angle is the next entrant, he German Suplexes Magnus and Hardy before trading punches with Bully. A surprise entrant, as The Pope is back! He knocks down RVD, Magnus and RVD before turning into a shot from Bully. Bully throws Hardy over the top, Hardy lands on the apron, but Bully boots him off. JEFF HARDY ELIMINATED. Abyss appears from under the ring, and everyone stops. They tell Bully to turn around and he does, for Abyss to eliminate him! BULLY RAY ELIMINATED. Another short break, and we see Robbie E is in the ring. Pope sees AJ and RVD trying to eliminate each other, and he throws them both over, AJ holds on, RVD doesn’t. ROB VAN DAM ELIMINATED. Daniels joins and AJ attacks him straight away, before going for a Pele Kick, Daniels ducks and AJ strikes Angle. Daniels throws AJ out, then picks up Angle and puts him out too AJ STYLES AND KURT ANGLE ELIMINATED. Samoa Joe joins, and quickly throws Robbie E out by his hair, ROBBIE E ELIMINATED. Magnus helps his team mate out, before Samoa Joe turns against him and drops the rope, sending the Brit out! MAGNUS ELIMINATED. James Storm is the last entrant, as he enters, Pope rushes at him and is lifted out of the match. THE POPE ELIMINATED. Storm tries for the Last Call on Daniels, he blocks it, but then Storm clotheslines him out the ring. DANIELS ELIMINATED.

It’s down to Samoa Joe and James Storm, Joe throws out Storm, but the Cowboy “skins the cat” and is back in. Joe rushes at Storm, and is put over the top, but Joe lands on the apron. Storm swings at Joe, and Joe ducks, tries for the Coquina Clutch. Storm drops him on the top rope, then hits a Last Call, knocking Joe off the apron!

Winner: James Storm

Storm gets on the microphone. He discusses the last time he was in the ring, and how he went home to his family. He mentions how his daughter asked if he was going back to wrestling…says he knew what the business meant to him, but didn’t know what wrestling meant to her. He also didn’t know what he meant to us fans, until Slammiversary. He says he made a promise to win the World Title, and hopes Bobby Roode is still Champion after the Bound for Glory series, as it will be a bonus to win that, then whoop Roode’s ass.

Backstage, Bobby Roode is asked his reaction about James Storm. Roode isn’t scared, but thinks Storm is back because of jealousy. He has no problems facing Storm one day, but tonight has bigger fish to fry in the form of an asshole.

A clip is shown of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle winning the Tag Titles. It cuts to Angle asking AJ what is going on: tonight he kicked him in the head, Sunday he just wanted to beat Daniels and Kazarian up, and last week he no showed. Angle tells him to sort his head out, and AJ promises him, that he’ll get focused.

Another Slammiversary clip, this time of Miss Tessmacher winning the Knockouts Title.

Miss Tessmacher vs Madison Rayne

Tessmacher knocks Rayne down with two dropkicks, and tries to keep Rayne down with a headlock, but Rayne runs her into a corner. Rayne turns it her way, when she blocks a boot, and drops the Champ to the mat. Rayne telegraphs a backflip, Tessmacher clubs her then hits a neckbreaker. Tessmacher with a couple of clotheslines and a faceplant, as she goes for the Tess Shocker, Rayne blocks it, tries for her finisher, but Tessmacher gets out of it, and drops her elbow across Rayne’s throat before pinning her.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

Gail Kim is talking with Brooke Hogan. Brooke says next week’s Open Fight Night will see the Knockouts Title defended, and is thinking of 4 women to put up for it. Gail says as she’s the most dominant Champion, it should only be her up for it. Brooke says now she knows how Gail feels, Gail won’t be considered. Gail reminds her, that she has a rematch clause, but Brooke replies there is no date decided when Gail will get that, and seeing as she won’t be on Open Fight Night, Gail can enjoy her vacation.

We look back at Mr Anderson’s win at Slammiversary. It then shows him backstage after his match. He says he hasn’t forgotting the bottle shot from Bobby Roode, and he’ll pay him back. It won’t be a bottle shot, but more like Anderson will spin Roode around, introduce himself, then beat his ass.

Next is a Slammiversary clip of Bobby Roode successfully defending his title against Sting, and now it’s time for the main event.

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs Mr Anderson

Anderson with a couple of clothesline early on, Roode throws him out the ring, and tries to leap over the top, but Anderson moves out the way. Anderson then whips Roode into the stairs. A short break later, Roode is now in control with a headlock. Anderson breaks out and tries for a couple of pinfalls, and a neckbreaker. As Anderson goes for the Green Bay Plunge, Roode drops out of it, but Anderson catches him with the roundhouse enzuigiri. Anderson goes for the Mic Check, and Roode turns it into a Crossface, only to have Anderson turn it into a pin for 2. Roode goes for a breather, Anderson tries to bring him back in, and Roode drops his arm on the top rope, runs Anderson arm first into the corner, then locks in the Crossface, forcing Anderson to finally tap.

Winner and still TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

AJ Styles and Dixie Carter backstage. AJ tells her once more he can’t do this. Dixie says she saw what happened tonight, and needs a week to sort things out. She tells him they’ll get through this, and they hug. Awww.

Slammiversary clip once more, as they show the introduction of Sting into TNA’s Hall of Fame. Also we see Open Fight Night and GutCheck is back next week.

Jeremy Borash in the ring, he says in front of TNA’s largest US crowd, they announced the first induction in TNA’s Hall of Fame, before we see Sting’s video package from the PPV. The Icon is brought down. He says Slammiversary will go down as one of the greatest nights of his wrestling life. He wanted to take a chunk out of Bobby Roode, and he did. He can’t explain what it means to go into TNA’s Hall of Fame, but as he stood on the ramp on Sunday, he felt others deserve the chance too. He thanks Jerry and Jeff Jarrett for starting TNA, Dixie for…well, that’s as far as he gets, as 3 masked guys rush in and beat him down. They gang up on him and attack him, with no one coming to help Sting, as the show goes off air….

After what I felt was a pretty good Pay Per View, I was intrigued to see how they’d follow it up. For me, I felt this was an enjoyable Impact, with great in ring action, and some interesting storylines. Enjoyed the Ultimate X, although I really do feel sorry for Chris Sabin, who has tore the ACL in his knee. As for Aries decision…I think he’ll take the World Title shot, mainly because there’s nothing left for him to prove in the X-Division, and I want to see him against the likes of Roode, Storm and Styles. The Gauntlet was quite good, and a few interesting entrants for Bound for Glory series. Surprised Robbie E is in, and even more surprised to see The Pope back, although I am glad he’s back. I was shocked with the ending of Roode/Anderson, I expected a cheap win. With Roode retaining, I see Roode holding on until (at least) Bound for Glory, where he’ll face James Storm.

I’m really enjoying TNA’s product lately. Sure, there’s a few things I’m not keen on (Brooke/Hulk, Garrett Bischoff, Devon still being TV Champ), but I can overlook these slight issues, especially when there’s so much talent on this show that I enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to your thoughts on the show.

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