Welcome to the first, introductory edition of “The Bottom Line” with myself, Michael Brown. “The Bottom Line” is a column where we’ll be reviewing something every week and delivering an opinion on its quality. This first, introductory article of “The Bottom Line” is just to give you guys a flavour of what is going to be coming your way in the following weeks and months ahead along with a bite size introduction to myself. For a proper and full biography, I would direct you towards my staff page on creative!

I’m one of the people the WWE was probably attempting to win back from “The Summer Of Punk.” Since seeing “THAT” promo on youtube, I’ve started watching Raw again and I also started watching TNA just before “Bound For Glory” last year (I have continued to watch, and at the time of writing TNA is my company of choice).

My first exposure to wrestling was when both of the main companies ran hour long shows on terrestrial TV every week in the UK. WCW had a show on Friday nights, and on Sunday Afternoons the WWF ran “Heat” As I grew up however I moved away from wrestling and pretty much stopped paying any attention to it until I was brought back last year.

However, moving away from myself and onto more important matters: the column! The current plan, as mentioned previously, is to review a piece wrestling media every week. I’ve got a few ideas on what I’m looking to cover, but as the column grows and develops I’m going to be looking to take your feedback and mould it to what you guys want.

One thing I’m interested in knowing is if you would like a series of related articles and reviews. For example, a series of reviews featuring things related to the Hart dynasty for instance? Or, in contrast, would you prefer a more scattered approach with no main focus or set theme running through the reviews to keep things disjointed and a little more fresh? I would also be interested to note if you guys would prefer an alternation between reviewing books and DVDs or if you have no opposition to a series of book reviews with the odd game and DVD thrown in. Either way isn’t a problem, but anyone has a preference to what they would like to see please do not hesitate to let me know.

Anyway, please feel free to get in touch, any advice would be hugely appreciated. After all, it’s you guys I’m writing for, and if I’m not giving you guys something you’re interested in reading there’s little point in doing this. Here’s to People Power! (Rest In Peace)

I would also like to personally thank Ray and the guys here at Wrestling Rambles for giving me the opportunity to write for them. I really hope that you will enjoy forthcoming articles.

Now that all the necessary introductions have been made, I would invite you to check back next Thursday for when the column will kick off in earnest. What will be reviewed I hear you ask? You’ll just have to come back and see next week!

Ta Ta For Now!

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