Hello everybody I am Ray and glad to be back home from my holidays, I hope ya’ll missed me. I returned home yesterday and now have access to my laptop thus leading me to writing this ramble. I missed writing for the past 8 days but at the same time enjoyed the glorious sun and site seeing of Rome. I’m back now and writing the first ever edition of Ray’s Way. Basically this column will focus on topics that occurred over the past week of wrestling. Depending on my mood I’ll write more some weeks than usual. Let’s get started.

John Laurantitis…YOU’RE FIRED This past Sunday at WWE’s No Way out Pay-Per-View, John Cena defeated the over seven foot tall giant, Big Show, which meant Vince McMahon’s most famous two words You’re Fired was roared at the now former general manager of Raw and Smackdown! John Lauranitis. I doubt Cena would fall short against Big Show therefore not surprised he won. I loved how it came across to us it took 6 guys for Big Show to be defeated. Made him look like, well, a giant. I don’t think it will be the last time we’ll see Mr. People Power in power of Raw and Smackdown! though. It would be cool if he stayed away from WWE TV until after Survivor Series time perhaps, let him creep back in as an assistant to who will ever be GM then, work his way up over the course of a few months and regain power. This time, he’ll be super power hungry and will be a badass heel. WWE should do this because he gets tremendous heat. The question is though who should be the next permanent GM of the two brands? Let’s see what you’re tweeting.

DUSTY RHODES BABY! We’re going to the pay winda on the mothership, if you will, pulling double duty on NXT and ‪#Raw‬ – @nacgator
ric flair wooooo – @Bully_4_life
Edge – @Pencil_Tree
Someone new Edge, Arn Anderson or JBL – @Rookie_Year
Edge… And here’s the start of a pic in honour of the man himself – @Nik_Towers
Other than my glorious self? Ummmm… Stephanie McMahon or Shane McMahon. They need to return! – @Razor_WWE94
i think it should be teddy long for permanent manager of #Raw and #Smackdown #iLoveWrestling – @Bully_4_Life (The other tweet was in response to another tweet)
Bring the computer back for gm – @RealKevBradshaw
Shane O’Mac #Raw #Smackdown #iLoveWrestling – @PipFromWichita
Shane McMahon – @Asifusaf
GM: Paul Heyman. A newer, more vengeful parody of the IWC version incarnate. – @LaCorte6

Bobby Roode has a new challenger 

I guess you can officially call me a fan of Impact Wrestling now. I have watched I think all of the episodes and Pay-Per-Views these past two months. The biggest reason for that is Bobby Roode. I think he is a badass world champion. He has been booked extremely well. When his music hits, you know you’re in for something interesting. Another wrestler who is just as interesting is Austin Aires. It was announced on Thursday’s live episode on Impact that the two will face each other at Destination X. ”Gods gift to profession wrestling” vs ”The greatest man on the planet” is going to be one helluva interesting feud leading to the Pay-Per-View and more importantly, they’re going to have an insane match to settle the score. I cannot wait for this to unfold more, TNA did everything right to garnish my attention on this one and my attention will continue leading into the next Impact live on Thursday.

This weeks ratings

Obviously Raw had the highest rating this week, it drew a complete rating of 3.4 with 4,963,000 viewers. Impact drew a rating of 0.97 with 1.24 million viewers. The reason for the fall in numbers for TNA compared to last week was because they had strong competition with the NBA. The reason for Raw’s increased number was because they have been against the NBA except not this week thus leading a much higher rating than previous weeks, despite the show not being as good. This tells us a lot about ratings. Mainstream Wrestling isn’t the top of everybody’s must-watch-now list. For example, if Raw was on live 8PM UK time and Football was on at the same time, and if the product was the same as now, I doubt very much I’d watch Raw live. I would wait until after the Football to watch it. I love watching wrestling, even if it’s lackluster at times, I will probably always watch it like. But as for now, it’s not like you’re missing much if you stopped watching it for a few weeks. People say (Yes I have said it myself) it’s easy to read up about the shows online or even watch it online, but you can do that with EVERY sport. I guess what I’m saying is if people love what they’re watching, they will want to watch it as soon as it airs.

That’s it for this week, this is a short edition compared to future ones. I just got back from holiday and still pretty much wrecked from it. By the way I just want to add that everyone did a fantastic job with their columns and J did a superb job of organizing everything. I have exciting news that WR’s Ryan has gotten Derek BATEMAN to do an email interview with us. If all goes to plan it will be up on WrestlingRambles.com this Wednesday. Our Adam Cole interview has not been scrapped, he had phone in issues but has been resolved and we are negotiating a date to reschedule it. We promise it will be worth the wait.