Normally I would ask y’all if you remembered a certain event that took place at a certain date. That, however, is not going to be the case this week because I’m sure all of you who are reading this knows about this particular event that I’m going to write about. This week (June 27th to be exact) marks the one year anniversary of CM Punk’s shoot promo on Raw that laid the foundation of the change we are currently seeing in the Wrestling World.

It was on the June 27th, 2011 edition of Raw. It was a Raw Roulette special and the main event that night was a Table Match between John Cena and R-Truth. Thanks to some interference by Punk, Truth walked away the victor. Before the show came to a close, Punk to the mic walked up stage, sat down, and proceeded to enlighten us with his thoughts before leaving the WWE.

He started out by saying that he liked Cena but he didn’t like the fact that people were calling him the best when in reality Punk is the best in the world. He went on call Cena, Hogan, and Rock ass kissers then waved to the camera because he was breaking the fourth wall. Punk went on the call himself and Brock Lesnar “Paul Heyman Guys”. He talks about grabbing Vince’s imaginary brass rings and how he is real in the ring, on the mic, and even in commentary. He mentions not being in all of these signatures, cups, programs, etc. Punk discusses the possible Wrestling promotions he can defend the WWE Title once he leaves like NJPW or ROH then he gave a shout out to Colt Cabana. He goes on to talk about Vince being surrounded by Douchebag Yes Men like John Laurinaitis who just tells Vince what he wants to hear. Punk also calls Stephanie McMahon and HHH an “Idiotic daughter and Doofus Son-In-Law”. Before Punk could continue on with his rant, his mic gets cut off.

This was a complete shock when I saw this. I’ve never expected NJPW and ROH to be mentioned on WWE TV. Nor did I expect such personal laundry to be aired about Vince and the goings on in a WWE show. Like I said, this promo laid the foundation for the changes we are seeing now in WWE. Are these changes a good thing? I don’t know, we are going to have to wait and see what happens.

Here’s the promo that shocked the Wrestling World one year ago this week.