Welcome to yet another edition of A RAW Opinion, and once again we are live this week (no thanks to the TWO computers I went through in the past 4 days), tonight, the return of Chris Jericho has been promoted from last weeks show, also as we found out, Vickie Guerrero is in charge this week!  Hopefully this leads to Dolph Ziggler being in a big match tonight.  Check back in 30 minutes as A RAW Opinion goes live once again.  Also being promoted is John Cena is supposed to give a “huge” announcement tonight.

We start off this weeks WWE Raw with a video package hyping the whole AJ/Kane/Bryan/Punk thing storyline.

We go live with AJ backstage talking, she says she knows Daniel still has feelings for her, Kane makes her lose all of her inhibitions and makes her want to get wild, she says her and Punk are soul mates, but she thinks It’s best if they all go there separate ways, the camera turns around and shows her talking to a mirror.  I love crazy chicks lol.

They hype up some of tonights stuff, Big Show will take on Brodus Clay, and they also hype up John Cenas big announcement.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and says she’s tonights RAW GM.  She says the first match tonight is a three way elimination match, participant number 1 is Daniel Bryan, the second participant is Kane, and finally, the third participant is CM Punk.

CM Punk VS Kane VS Daniel Bryan was a very good match, Kane had the upper hand on Punk when AJ’s music hit, she came skipping down o the ring again this week, this time without a Kane mask on, Kane stared at her for a bit, Kane went for a choke slam on Punk but Punk turned it into a GTS, Punk was kicked in the head by Daniel Bryan and Bryan gets the pin winning this match.

Backstage Vickie is watching the monitor, Alberto Del Rio interrupted, Ricardo gave her roses, Alberto attempted to get a title match, but Dolph Ziggler interrupted, he wants another shot at the title, Vickie says to be fair, tonight Alberto and Dolph will go one on one tonight, a contract for a title match on SmackDown! will be hung from a pole, Ricardo came back and had roses in a vase, Ziggler threw them against the wall.

Up next Big Show will take on Brodus Clay.  I’m not sure  Brodus should be dancing and having fun just weeks after being dominated by his opponent here tonight a few weeks back.  Big Show attacking the “injured knee” of Brodus, Big Show dominated the match, Brodus went for a body slam but his knee gave out and Big Show got the pin, pretty terrible way to end the match.

Video highlight of what happened last week with Triple H and Paul Heyman, next week Brock Lesnar will answer Triple H’s SummerSlam challenge.

AJ is talking to Kane, Kane tells AJ she makes him feel things that he never thought possible, he says he’s not boyfriend material, he’s a monster, he wears a mask and his only source of pleasure is hurting people and even he finds AJ unstable, he says he thinks its best if they stay away from each other.  He walks away and AJ starts crying for a second and then starts laughing.

After commercial, Jack Swagger is in the ring, his opponent is Santino, this match is for the United States Championship.  Santino wins with the Cobra, yawn.

John Cena is up next, after commercial, I would assume for his “history making announcement”

We come back from commercial and John Cena comes out from the back, and goes to the ring, he talks about the Tweet he sent earlier about his historical announcement, he says that for the past month the WWE has been turned upside down, Cena was about to make his announcement and Jerichos music hit, the crowd went crazy, he asks Cena what he’s talking about, he tells Cena to make his announcement, shut the hell up and get out of his ring, Cena says Big Show put himself in the MITB match and that in order to stop Big Show from winning he’s putting himself in the MITB ladder match as well.  They go back and forth for a bit, Jericho puts himself in the ladder match as well.  Vickie comes out and says there will be 2 MITB matches, one for the WWE Championship contract, and one for the World Heavyweight Championship, she says nobody can place themselves in the match.  She says that the MITB ladder matches will now be exclusive only to former champions, she says Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho and John Cena will be in one of them.  Vickie then makes Cena VS Jericho as the main event tonight.

They hype up all the legends being on Raw until the 1,000th episode, up next, this person hasn’t been on WWE Raw in over 15 years.  I’m going out on a limb and calling Damien Demento 😉

Coming back from commercial break Heath Slater interrupts Lilian Garcia, he says he’s the one man band and he doesn’t care what Vader, Cindy Lauper and Roddy Piper thinks about him, he’s one of the top superstars on Raw, and he rules the world, out comes PSYCHO SID!  Sid gets the win with a Power Bomb.

Up next is Dolph Ziggler VS Alberto Del Rio in a contract on a pole match, the winner faces Sheamus this Friday on SmackDown!  The contract drops and both men can’t get control of it, Ricardo tried grabbing it and got kicked by Ziggler, the contract fell to the outside of the ring, Ziggler and Del Rio fell to the outside of the ring on the other side of the ring, Sheamus interrupts and announces Vickie said on Friday, Sheamus will defend the title in a triple threat match against both Ziggler and Del Rio.

CM Punk and AJ are in the back, AJ is dedicating her match tonight to Punk, CM Punk says that after the battle royal they need to sit down and have a very serious talk about whats going on with them.

Divas summer time beach battle royal is up next, Vickie comes out from the back and takes off her robe, she has a bathing suit on and all the divas attack her.  VERY quick battle royal, AJ, Vickie and Layla are the last three in the ring, AJ eliminates Layla, Vickie almost eliminates AJ, AJ eliminates Vickie and wins a very quick battle royal.  After the match, AJ just starts yelling “Yes”

Up next is Chris Jericho VS John Cena.  Cena had the upper hand, Big Shows music hit and Cena was distracted, Jericho had Cena in the Walls Of Jericho, Show leg dropped Cena and the ref DQ’ed Jericho, after the match Jericho walked off and Big Show hit Cena with a big choke slam, Big Show locked Cena in his horrible half assed version of the camel clutch as Cena passed out.

I thought this was a pretty solid show, I loved Ziggler/Del Rio and Vickies segment from early in the show, I was disappointed in how their match ended but the match was very good.

Zack Ryder sighting for about 5 seconds, that man needs a push.

Big Show really annoys me, I don’t find him entertaining at all.

I give this show a 3.5/5 solid show, I really love AJ she’s been very entertaining with her crazy gimmick.

Thank you for reading the column and those of you that followed live, thank you as well, I hope you enjoyed the column and the show, I’ll see you next week for another edition of A RAW Opinion.