Okay so the 1000th episode of the Raw is coming to us in about five weeks, the companies poster boy Cena is obviously going to have a big role on this pinnacle episode. What I think Cena is going to do over the next few weeks is once again become WWE champion. Yes I said he could be WWE champion again! Read Along and see what I think WWE can do 🙂

This is partly what I Wish Happens for the Main Story Line going into Summerslam 2012.

The thing is…WWE seem to be dragging on with the Punk and Daniel Bryan feud for just a bit too long now and seem to be running out of ideas segment wise, hell yeah were getting good matches but still at Money in the bank it will be the third PPV in the row these two face each other. That’s boring to see it again. I think WWE should use the MiTB once again to start a generic feud were one cashes in and somewhat an argument (what I would like to say) happens between the former champ(s) and the one who cashed in.

It needs to be done so then we get a new main storyline. We have Summerslam the second biggest PPV for WWE, well in my mind and sure it is. Anyways WWE need to figure out a big storyline for the pay per view then. Having Cena win this former champion’s money in the bank ladder match announced on 6/25/12 Raw, it could spark something big.

IF he does win it could make the atmosphere for Punk vs DB change instantly as well, making us think if Cena will cash in or not in the PPV. Preferably after an amazing match it would be nice if DB wins the title and gets cashed in on BUT this should be done properly, because he has lost it in 18 seconds before. Punk can be cashed in on as well since he has a great reign but DB would no longer be a contender and triple threat in my opinion looks cooler and better to watch, maybe it’s just me.

So then Cena becoming champion on July 15th does here is

  1. Create a new storyline, like I keep saying.
  2. Champions still face into 1000th Raw. So WWE can promote well for the show etc and sell their tickets.
  3. Potentially Twener vs Heel vs Face feud is created. Which can have so much flame in it, WWE really just need to pull a trigger and go with it.

An angry Punk who wants to reclaim worlds best and ‘his’ title which allows him to be so, DB screwing himself up again and then Cena happily being himself and defending his glory which is the WWE title. All this kicks on a week before the 1000th show and then WWE can be excellent with their promo’s and create something big.

Summerslam is a PPV which WWE needs to generate money with and it also part of the beginning of 3rd quarter if i’m right? So they would see Cena and Punk generating $$$$$$ from kids, along with adults who can cheer both DB and Punk. I won’t go into this so fully because it might not even happen. So I would love you to comment!

To be honest as well, when Cena says he’s going to do something- 90% of the time he does do it. And on Raw 6/25/12 he mentioned it’s been a year since he won the title and he’s craving for it. So I simply think he will cash in on MiTB and WWE need to work their magic.

Please comment and discuss your opinion on Cena possibly becoming WWE champion again.

Thanks for the read!

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