Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Ray’s Way here on WrestlingRambles.comOn the last edition I talked about John Lauranitis being fired, Bobby Roode and Austin Aires’ new feud along with last weeks ratings. Basically this column is designed to write about anything that’s on my mind in the world of wrestling. This weeks edition will be similar with last weeks only different topics. I will be talking about AJ and how she has been playing her role incredibly on Raw past couple of weeks, Ring Of Honor Best In The World Pay-Per-View, and last and least, John Cena being an idiot. I hope you enjoy the read and let’s get right down to the rambling!

AJ’s Role on Raw

AJ first started dating then World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, in the upcoming weeks leading to WrestleMania 28. Their relationship came across to us as the man controlling the woman. Daniel Bryan had full control over AJ and with her obsession of him, she didn’t mind, she adored him. After costing Bryan his world title to Sheamus at Mania, Bryan ‘dumped’ her and left her running backstage crying the following Smackdown after the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year. In recent weeks, she has been the only diva in WWE to have a prime role. She’s now known to us as an emotionally-unstable ‘crazy chick’ at the center of a romance of hell storyline involving WWE Champion CM Punk, Kane and her ex, Daniel Bryan. AJ cost the big red monster two matches on Raw two weeks in a row. She has been telling Bryan she still has feelings for him. Punk is somewhat intrigued by AJ but does not trust her motives, would you? To have Kane think AJ is crazy is just hilarious. Whether you realize this or not, AJ’s character has shun a new light on each of the three guys, we’ve seen them beyond the squared circle and beyond their usual character. It has been fun to watch and I have high remarks on the great job AJ is doing. I’m glad she has a role unlike the other diva’s, well at least she has for now. Here is a funny video of AJ I found recently…

ROH Best In The World 2012

I’m not going to go into this too much. I will just give a brief couple of thoughts I have regarding the show. It was pretty solid in my opinion. When I watch ROH, I watch it differently from WWE or TNA. I watch ROH purely for the wrestling and quite frankly, don’t really follow their storylines. The match of the night undoubtedly was the ROH world champ Keven Steen vs. Davey Richards in a NoDQ anything goes match. It wasn’t as good as last years BITW Pay-Per-View but most of the matches were good to watch and enjoyable therefore that’s all that I wanted out of it. Adam Cole, whom we will be hopefully interviewing shortly, received an injury which will resolve him in getting dental work done. The blood was everywhere and it was crazy. I recommend watching the Pay-Per-View. Some have access to it from free on cable so depending on the area you’re in, you may or may not get a replay of it. Check out this awesome Kevin Steen promo that ended the show…

John Cena being an idiot

I’m sure over 99.9% of you reading this are over the age of 9. I was saving posting my opinion on this matter for Ray’s Way all week, cannot believe I lasted this long! Like come on John Cena,  “I’m going to win the whole fudging thing.” Are you for real? That has got to be the most absurd, daft and foolish thing to ever be said on Monday Night Raw. This was an act of disrespect to every 10 year old and up watching Raw. It’s a known fact the average age of Raw’s viewers is 30. If you are a Cena over the age of nine, he’s telling you that the WWE cater to nine year olds. How wrong is that? What I want to know is why did he say that? I really don’t understand it. I was close to turning Raw off since I was made felt like I am too old to watch Raw. Surely this pissed you off as well?

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