Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and I take you through WWE Raw once again, tonight we were told that Brock Lesnar will answer HHH’s challenge tonight.

Teddy Long is the GM this week, and tonight CM Punk and John Cena take on Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho.  John Cena comes out from the back first.  He talks about having to prepare for the MITB match since he’s never been in one before.  He talks about having to deal with Jericho and Big Show.  Daniel Bryan comes out yelling “Yes” all the way down to the ring.  Daniel Bryan says Cena isn’t relevant to him, then says actually, he is because he will defeat CM Punk and become WWE Champion, crowd starts chanting “No” loudly.  Bryan says if Cena wins and cashes in on him, he’ll go down in history as the first man to cash in and lose.  CM Punk comes out from the back, CM Punk asks everyone if they disagree with Bryan, everyone yells “Yes” as Bryan gets angry.  Bryan wants people to have an original thought and stop stealing his catchphrase.  Punk says he’ll walk out of MITB still champion and then It’ll come down to him and Cena, again.  Jericho comes out and calls Punk a wannabe, Jericho says Daniel shouldn’t be upset people steal his phrase, it happens to him all the time and calls Punk “Mr. Best In The World” Punk calls Jericho Mr. Bon Jovi.  Jericho then goes on to spout all of his catchphrases, he says he will win MITB.  Kane comes out from the back, Big Show comes out next, getting a little out of hand now, a brawl ensues and Big Show is the last one standing.

8 Man tag match, wannabe Cryme Tyme (Primetime Players), David Otunga and Cody Rhodes going up against Kofi Kingston, R Truth, Christian and Santino.  Not a crap was given about this match lol.  But one thing I don’t get, it doesn’t make much sense for Primo and Epico not to be involved in this since Abe dropped them to join with wannabe Cryme Tyme.  Abe took his team and left the ringside area, David Otunga went to tag Cody but Cody left him as well. Brodus Clay came out from the back as Otunga went to get himself counted out, he threw him back inside and Santino delivered a Cobra.  Terrible…

Teddy Long is backstage, Del Rio goes up to him and says he earned a title shot for the World Heavyweight Title and he never got his one on one match, Teddy says that per the Board of Directors, Alberto is the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title, but Del Rio is in action next against a surprise.  I’m calling Rey Mysterio.

Alberto Del Rios surprise opponent is Sin Cara.  Del Rio goes right to work on Sin Cara and the match hasn’t even gotten under way yet, Del Rio decimates Sin Cara and locks on the cross arm breaker on the outside, Del Rio doesn’t let the hold go for a little bit.

AJ is backstage wearing CM Punk wrist and hand tape, Daniel Bryan apologizes to her for how he acted and gives her a rose.  AJ says she knows this has nothing to do with the fact that she was named special referee, she says she knows Daniel never cared about her, she said she can’t wait to win her match and run to the arms of the man that the WWE Universe said was her soul mate.

Video package of what happened between HHH and Paul Heyman.  Paul Heyman is in WWE Studios, Brock Lesnar has made a decision on whether or not to fight HHH at SummerSlam and that Lesnar will tell HHH himself to his face in 3 weeks at the 1,000th episode of Raw.  Heyman says that if Lesnar accepts the challenge, Triple H will never wrestle again.

After what happened tonight, It’s announced that Kane will face Big Show in a No DQ match, and also Sheamus and AJ will take on Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

Sheamus and AJ VS Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero up next.  Dolph was taking a beating and he tagged Vickie in, Vickie was yelling at Dolph, AJ hit a shining wizard and got the win on Vickie.  AJ grabbed the microphone and yelled “Yes” all the way up the ramp.

CM Punk is on the phone backstage, AJ runs up to him and AJ looks jealous, Punk says he was on the phone with his sister, AJ asks how he liked her match, Punk didn’t even know she had one cause he was on the phone, AJ walked off sad because Punk wasn’t paying attention to her.

Heath Slater in the ring for his weekly burial to WWE Legends.  Slaters opponent this week is DOINK!  Heath Slater wins!!  Wow!  DDP COMES OUT!  DDP shakes Slaters hand DIAMOND CUTTER!  DDP leaves Heath Slater in the ring.

Big Show VS Kane up next, I only care about this match because It’s No DQ.  Big Show delivered a spear but Kane was able to get a chair in the way, Big Show no sells the chair shot and delivers a choke slam for the win, lackluster match I thought.

Teddy is walking down the hall and stops, he tells someone he heard they were coming back tonight, Eve tells him how great it is to see him, Teddy gives Eve a big sign, like the one Teddy had to wear when Laurinaitis was GM.  Eve goes up to Eve and talks trash, AJ asks Eve who she’s going to brown nose next since Laurinaitis is gone, AJ says she’ll show Eve, she’ll show everyone.   Nice to see them trying to possibly start a program with these two.

Tyson Kidd is in the ring, his opponent is Tensai.  Tyson Kidd with a QUICK upset win with a roll up!  After the match, Tensai is PISSED and takes it out on Sakamoto again.

After commercial, Tyson Kidd is being interviewed about his win when Tensai comes in and demolishes him.

Up next, Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan VS CM Punk and John Cena.  Match got some good time, Cena took most of the punishment throughout the match, looked like a Jericho/Cena botch, but they covered it up well, Cena is able to make the tag, as does Jericho, Punk locks in the Anaconda Vise on Bryan, Jericho makes the save, Cena takes out Jericho and they fight up the ramp, AJ comes out and skips around the ring, she stops when she realizes neither Punk or Bryan are paying attention to her, she gets on the apron and then drops down, she goes under the ring and looks for something, she pulls out a table and sets it up outside the ring, she climbs the steps and goes to the top rope, and looks down at the table, Bryan gets in the way and tells her not to jump, Punk then tells her not to as well, AJ kisses Punk and then pushes him off the apron, Punk collides with Bryan and both men go crashing through the table, AJ is on the turnbuckle yelling “Yes” as the show goes off the air.

My thoughts overall, very lackluster show this week, with a few parts here and there that I enjoyed, WWE better pick it up, especially if they want people to last three hours watching, I give this weeks show a 2/5.  AJ, Punk, Bryan and Jericho were the only bright spots of this weeks show I thought.  I thought about giving 1/2 point for WWE swerving everyone and having Heath Slater actually winning a match against Doink.

Thank you for reading this weeks RAW Opinion, join me next week as I once again bring you A RAW Opinion.