Welcome to a very special article for me personally and Wrestling Rambles too. An Q&A with WWE funny guy and wrestler – Derrick Bateman. For those who don’t watch NXT you might not know of Derrick Bateman but for NXT regulars you will all know Derrick both outside the ring and inside. Even those who don’t watch NXT should know of Derrick Bateman seeing as he was on the very American, “Great American Bash” SmackDown special last night.

How ironic is it that today is the 4th of July and there is no other person on the WWE roster that represents America more than Derrick Bateman? For we have seen him strut around in American flag bottoms, American flag t-shirt, fanny pack and shares his all American tips in WWE Magazine. So for our July 4th exclusive I managed to bag ourselves a true American (forget, Jack Swagger) in Derrick Bateman for a Wrestling Rambles exclusive question and answer session! Before we start into the interview below is a small fact sheet on Derrick Bateman:

Name: Derrick Bateman
Nicknames: D-Bates, D-Bateman, Sweet Meat and most currently Kaitman as he partners our favourite chick Kaitlyn.
Originates: Cleveland, Ohio in USA!

Now you know a little more about Bateman let’s launch ourselves into the Q&A!

1) To open up; describe yourself in 5 words.

Professional entertainer amateur snake charmer

2) From what age did you start watching wrestling and then at what point or age did you decide that it would become your career?


3) Most people know you from WWE, but was there ever a wrestling life/career before WWE?

Yes and I maintain an exotic life outside.

4) You spent some time in FCW which many of us didn’t get to see other than YouTube clips. What was your time like there and was there anyone in particular that helped mould you into the superstar you are today?

Everyone I came in contact with molded me. A wonderful time filled with glee and highfives

5) You’re obviously on a very demanding schedule with the WWE. Where has been your favourite place outside of America to visit or wrestle?

Anywhere seeing as I got my start in a parking lot seems exotic.

6) Now I have personally loved you since you first debuted in NXT with Daniel Bryan as your pro. I remember the funny segments backstage, in particular the date segment with the Bellas. Out of all your segments which would you regard as your favourite one?

They were all magic but our date will stand the test of time. As long as time likes wacky shenanigans.

7) Two questions from one of our readers Helen Robinson: Who was your idol growing up and how many times a week do you wax?

1) My idol was Robert Downey Jr when he was insane
2) I don’t wax. Unless its my eyebrows bi-monthly.

8)Who in the current roster do you look up to and why? Also, who would you consider your closest friends in WWE?

Is Max Moon still around. I look up to him. I share a close bond with many.

9) Having seen the first episode of the new NXT, I have to say I love it. What’s your opinion on the new NXT and what things do you wish to happen for yourself there?

I’m glad you love it. I love everything. Including that.

10) Beyond NXT what are your main goals that you aim to achieve in WWE? Are there any particular championships you wish to hold?

All. At once.

11) A typical question but: any wrestler in the world. Who would be your dream opponent and what stipulation would the match be?

My dream opponent is my next opponent and I’d prefer it be a Bermuda Triangle Street Fight

12) Last but not least. You’ve made it into the prime business in professional wrestling so what advice would you give young wrestlers or trainees hoping to reach the same bright lights as yourself?

Go to college. Then pursue.

Again, I thank you so much for answering these questions. It really means a lot to me and I’m sure our readers will enjoy some insight into the crazy train of Derrick Bateman. Any departing words?

Rock and Roll. Deal with it.

On behalf of myself, and the rest of us at WrestlingRambles, I would like to extend a big thanks to Derrick Bateman for taking his time to do this for it. A short and sweet D-Bates interview to kick off your 4th of July in style. Below I have included the segment that he was in alongside Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins; a NXT classic, if you will!


I hope you have all enjoyed this 4th of July special. To follow Derrick on twitter go to @DerrickWWE. If you have any comments please share with us below in the comment box and if you ever want to follow me make sure to do that @Real_Ryback!

Enjoy your day,