TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 5th July 2012 episode

Bully Ray makes his way down. He has a big announcement…hell has frozen over because he now has twitter!! (@RealBully5150 is his username). He says Joseph Park finally grew a set of balls and challenged him, but no one tells him what to do, and calls Joseph out. Bully gives him his answer, saying “I’m bigger, badder and tougher than you, I accept the match!”. Joseph reminds Bully of who won at Slammiversary, and when Bully tries to speak, Joseph tells him to shut up. Joseph repeats how everyone is sick of Bully Ray bullying people and he’ll beat Bully again next week. This causes Bully to ask if it’s the same rules from the PPV, and when Joseph agrees, Bully pulls out a restraining order against Abyss. As Joseph looks over the paperwork, Bully goes to leave, only to turn and attack Joseph from behind, leaving him laying.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Austin Aries. Hogan says Aries is 3 days away from the biggest day of his career, and says Aries needs to hand the X-Division title in tonigh, before going to get the World Title this weekend. Aries says everyone should strap onto his back and get ready for the ride.

A look back at Daniels revealing “the bastard’s daddy is AJ Styles!!!”…that part does amuse me. We then see Dixie Carter with the GutCheck judges watching the new X-Division guys. An interviewer asks her about these stars, before asking about AJ and Claire Lynch. She hasn’t spoken to either person, and despite the interviewer pushing for more answers, the interview ends.

TNA TV Title: Devon (c) vs Crimson

Apparently the TV Title was put on the back burner lately, seeing as the Bound for Glory series started. Not sure why, but that’s the explanation given. Anyways onto the match and Crimson attacks before the bell, and tries to end the match quickly, but fails. Crimson strikes with a snapmare and clothesline, only for Devon to hit a spear and fights back. Crimson hits a clothesline, and tries to use the tights for a pinfall, but Devon rolls through, and then hits the Thrust Spinebuster to win.

Winner and still TV Champion: Devon

Madison Rayne comes down and climbs into the ring. She walks past Devon…and kisses Earl Hebner! Rayne leaves and Hebner is breathless and shocked. Usually she’s repulsed by Earl kissing her on the UK Tours…

Chris Sabin is shown making his way through backstage on crutches, and will be out to discuss his future.

After a break, Chris Sabin is now in the ring. He says since he was a kid, his dream has been to be a professional wrestler, but currently his dream is turning into a nightmare. Sabin says how his family and even the doctor thinks he should walk away from wrestling. Bobby Roode interrupts. He mentions how they’ve been in a lot of wars, but seeing Sabin with a knee brace and sunglasses to hide his tears is pathetic. Roode says the X-Division has broken down stars, who risk it all for no reward…like what will happen to Austin Aries at Destination X. Roode kicks a crutch away from Sabin, before kicking away at Sabin’s knee, only to have Austin Aries run down and make the save.

X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Dakota Darsow vs Flip Cassanova

Dakota is the son of Barry Darsow (Smash/Repo Man), Flip Cassanova is indy star Flip Kendrick.

Darsow strikes early and drops Cassanova onto the middle rope, only for his offence to be blocked by Cassanova dropkicking Darsow onto the middle rope, then leaping over the rope and dropping a leg on Darsow. Cassanova trips Darsow before hitting a moonsault that sees him land by sitting on Darsow. Darsow connects with a dropkick and grounds and pounds, then we see Cassanova do a few flip moves sending Darsow outside. Cassanova hits a corkscrew moonsault off the apron which went wrong, seeing Darsow end up with a potentially broken nose. Back inside, Darsow turns it his way, drops an elbow, knee then leg, but misses a moonsault. Cassanova flies off the top rope and takes Darsow down, before hitting a 450 splash into a leg drop, which say him land awkwardly on Darsow.

Winner: Flip Cassanova

(Quick note, I think Cassanova was supposed to be interviewed, as he seemed to hang about by the barrier. Instead we just saw him looking awkward, and Darsow looking legit pissed off).

Tara and Miss Tessmacher in their dressing room. Tessmacher thinks the legal case Gail Kim is doing against TNA is a joke, and she is hiding as she is scared. But now tonight she has a tag match with her best friend Tara beside her, and says she wouldn’t be Champion if it wasn’t for Tara.

We’re reshown Taeler Hendrix winning a contract through GutCheck, as well as clips of her talking backstage. Taeler doesn’t like being told she isn’t tough enough, has had to fight to get here, and will prove it to everyone, judges included.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs Tara and Miss Tessmacher

While Tessmacher tries to get at Gail, Rayne attacks and knocks Tessmacher outside, and throws her into the barrier. Back inside, Gail gets tagged in, and controls the match, keeping down Tessmacher. Gail misses a splash in the corner, allowing Tessmacher to tag out, and Madison is back in too. Tara knocks Madison down, hits the fireman’s carry into a sidewalk slam, before going for the Widow’s Peak. Gail stops the first attempt, Tara throws Madison into Gail knocking her out the ring, allowing Tara to hit her finisher, and tag in Tessmacher to deliver her Pepsi Twist finisher to win.

Winners: Tara and Miss Tessmacher

AJ Styles is shown walking backstage, apparently next he’ll discuss the accusations. We see a video of James Storm, who says the BFG series is a chance to prove he belongs at the top. Storm thinks Jeff Hardy is hard to prepare for, and knows Hardy will bring it tonight, but so will the Cowboy!

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring and takes a microphone. He says “here we go again”, that Daniels and Kazarian accused him of an affair with Dixie Carter, which despite their “evidence”, was wrong. Now he’s being accused of being the father to Claire Lynch’s unborn child. He wonders how they’ll make it stick, well wonder no longer, as Daniels and Kazarian appear. Kazarian jokes that AJ doesn’t get it, but what he does get, is “junkie whores pregnant”. Daniels says the accusations with Dixie was covering up the truth with Claire Lynch. AJ thinks differently though, saying last year at Destination X, Daniels wanted a match between them, and proved what a jealous prick he is. But this time round, AJ wants the match, and he’ll shut Daniels up once and for all.

Hulk Hogan is filming for the PPV, when a guy comes in with a note for Hogan. He tells Hogan “we’re not cowards”, and they’re coming for him, before leaving the note and exiting. Hogan opens the note, it’s got a message on saying “See you next week!!” as well as playing cards showing a hand of “Aces and Eights”, otherwise known as Deadman’s Hand. Hogan says they need to stop that guy.

A video of Jeff Hardy is played, he says how he’s inspired by the BFG series. Hardy mentions he’s met James Storm before, but they’ve both upped their games lately. Hardy wants to win the series to please his “Creatures”, as well as be the one to end the Selfish Generation….he’s got confidence in Aries, I see!

X-Division Tournament Qualifier: Kenny King vs Lars Only

Yes, it is the (now former) ROH star Kenny King, while Lars Only is indy star, Johnny Yuma.

After an armdrag from both guys, Lars sends King to the outside, only for King to rush back in and catch Lars with a leaping kick. King sends Lars outside, and when Lars tries for a tornado DDT, King drops him onto the apron, before hitting a twisting senton off the apron onto Lars. King misses a springboard dropkick, and Lars knocks him outside once more. As Lars leaps over the top, King moves, Lars lands on the apron, then swings round the ringpost before hitting a huricanrana to King!! Lars tried for what looked like a russian leg sweep, but they messed the move up. Lars goes for a Tornado DDT off the top, King blocks it, Lars pushes him off the ropes, only to see King backflip, leap and kick Lars in the head, before bringing Lars down on his shoulders and swinging into a sidewinder slam to win!

Winner: Kenny King

Christy Hemme interviews Kenny King. King says he’s not here to play games, he’s here to stand out and be noticed. King has a lot riding on this (even more now ROH won’t take him back!), and if you thought this was special, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Video package on Austin Aries, in which he talks about how hard an athlete works outside the ring, as well as inside. He talks about how he’s always found a way to win against tough opponents, and mentions how he wants to use current accomplishemts as stepping stones to future ones.

From that, we see A-Double backstage with Kenny King. Aries tells King he looked good out there, and if he continues, will be a Champ soon. Aries is then ask about giving up the X-Division Title. He says he’ll hand it in by 10pm, and be ready to go become World Champion.

Bound for Glory series: James Storm vs Jeff Hardy

Both guys have the same thinking early on, armbar, push off and knock the other guy down, try for a pin, and try for your finisher…with neither guy hitting their finisher. Storm takes a slight breather, and once he’s back in, we go for a break. Back from the break, Hardy controls the match, and drops Storm with a headlock takedown, inverted atomic drop and dropkick. Storm rushes at Hardy and the Charismatic Enigma lifts the Cowboy outside, before a dropkick through the ropes, and Hardy then dives over the top. Back inside, Storm starts to fight back, but misses a splash. Hardy hits the inverted enzuigiri and Hardyac Arrest dropkick in the corner. Hardy then goes for the Swanton, only to miss, and allows Storm to hit an elbow drop off the top rope for 2. Storm attempts the Last Call, Hardy ducks and hits a Twist of Fate for the win!

Winner: Jeff Hardy (7 BFG Points)

Hardy offers his hand to Storm, and Storm shakes it.

BFG Series leaderboard: 1 – James Storm 36pts, 2 – Samoa Joe 27pts, 3= Magnus and Jeff Hardy 14pts, 5 – Kurt Angle 10pts, 6 – Mr Anderson 9pts, 7= The Pope and Rob Van Dam 7pts, 9 – Daniels 5pts, 10= Bully Ray, Robbie E and AJ Styles – 0pts.

It’s announced at Destination X, Samoa Joe will face Kurt Angle in a BFG Series match. Mike Tenay and Taz announce that Bound for Glory will be held in Phoenix, Arizona. Shame Dixie Carter had already put the location out on twitter, and spoilt their fanfare.

A segment with Kurt Angle saying how Mr Anderson is a great competitor who raises his game when needed, while Mr Anderson says how the BFG series is a case of “needing to win or go home”. We then see these two will face off next week on Impact in a BFG series match, as well as Joseph Park vs Bully Ray, and Miss Tessmacher defends the Knockouts Title against Gail Kim.

Hulk Hogan slowly makes his way down, and says he loves to hear the fans “this wide open”….ahem, pardon Hulkster?!?! He says he only hears them this loud for James Storm, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, before calling Aries down. Instead, Bobby Roode comes down. He repeats what he has said for weeks, he’s a REAL World Champion, and Aries only has this shot because of Hogan. This Sunday, Roode will end the career of Aries, and the failure of the X-Division will be on Hogan’s hands. Aries appears, and tells Roode he’ll let him bask in being Champ for 3 more days. For now, he can choose option A (let Roode dictate this segment and hand the title over later) or option B (hand the belt over now, and wait till the PPV to lay into Roode). But as we’ve seen, Aries isn’t a fan of Option A or B, so he wants option C: finish the fight they were going to start last week. They go to fight, and Roode decides to leave, only to turn and try to cheap shot Aries. Aries ducks the World Title shot, and lays Roode out with the X-Division title. Aries lifts the World Title high, as the show goes off….

Again, I don’t have much to complain about this week. I do feel the Madison Rayne storyline feels stupid, of all the people they have on the roster, they use a referee for this storyline? I mean, it was surprising, and no one saw it coming when this started, but I just don’t agree with it. I also didn’t enjoy Flip Cassanova vs Dakota Darsow, especially Cassanova. The match looked kinda sloppy, and Cassanova took too many bad risks, one which has broken Darsow’s nose. Not a good first impression to the TNA fans. Apart from this, I enjoyed the show. Bully Ray trying to get the upper hand over Joseph Park, Bobby Roode playing a big heel move by attacking an injured man, Kenny King causing a buzz by being a Champion elsewhere, yet still appearing on here (and taking a risk as big as Aries too). Also liked how they played out the guy interrupting Hogan to let him know, Sting’s attackers are still about, and will be here next week. Intrigued by this. Finally, Aries and Roode has been built really well for me. It’s looked good each week, and I’m pumped for the PPV match. As much as I want Aries as World Champion….I don’t see it yet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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