Welcome to another live edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I bring you through WWE Raw, we are two weeks away from the big 1,000th episode of Raw.

We start the show with a video package highlighting what happened last week with AJ, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan when Punk and Bryan went through the table, and then showing video of what happened the next night on SmackDown! between the three.

We go live on Raw and AJ comes skipping out from the back.  She talks about being the special guest referee Sunday in the WWE Title match, and she realizes that her actions can effect the outcome of the match, and the thought of that is overwhelming and emotional, she then smiles and says she wants the fans to welcome CM Punk to the ring.  There’s no music for a minute and AJ looks upset, until his music hits and she smiles, she says that Punk showed her how much he cared when he told her she needs professional help, she says she’s in full control of her mental facilities at all times, but said nobody has ever cared about her or showed compassion or concern like Punk, she said when she kissed Punk, she “knew what she had to do” AJ gets down on one knee and smiles, she asks Punk to marry her.  After a minute Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring yelling “No” and tells AJ she’s about to make the biggest mistake of her life.  Daniel said he never lost feelings for her, and Punk only cares about himself.  Daniel tells Punk to go ahead and say yes, Punk doesn’t say anything, Daniel then gets on one knee and asks AJ to marry him.  Punk interrupts and tells Bryan if he thought of this in the morning he would have a ring on him.  All of a sudden the stupid Anonymous Raw General Manager is back for the week.  CM Punk and AJ will take on Eve and Daniel Bryan in a mixed tag match, Daniel Bryan yells “No” because It’s not fair.  AJ says she’s glad this match is happening, she said she knows she’ll be walking out of the arena with her future husband.  Punk and Bryan both stand in the ring looking confused.

Tonight Chris Jericho and Big Show take on Kane and John Cena, so apparently Kane is face again?

Sheamus squashes Jack Swagger.  Del Rio is shown on the big screen after the match and congratulates Sheamus, but says Swagger is no Alberto Del Rio, he says he’s going to take the World Heavyweight Championship.

Santino is backstage, he congratulates Zack on winning the battle royal and being SmackDown! General Manager this week, Santino is looking for where the Anonymous Raw GM is.

After commercial a tag team match is already underway…  Thanks for the entrances.  Dolph Ziggler and Tensai going against Tyson Kidd and Christian.  Tensai and Ziggler get a quick win.

Cole and Lawler arguing again, the computer goes on, Cole refuses to read it, Lawler goes to the podium, the Anonymous GM says that tonight Lawler will go against Cole.  Yawn.

Brodus Clay coming up next.  His opponent is Drew McIntyre, what a waste of such a great talent.  Brodus wins, yawn.

Santino walks up to Jericho and accuses him of being the GM, Jericho accuses Santino, Santino walks off and Big Show walks up to Jericho and they go back and forth a bit, Show tells Jericho to stay out of his way.

John Cena out to talk about the MITB PPV.  He talks about the risks and the rewards of the MITB ladder match.  Cena says he’s going to win MITB, Kane comes out, I guess the tag match is next, are we giving every one of them mic time before the match…  No, looks like only Cena gets mic time, of course.  Match got some pretty good time in, Jericho and Show had the match under control for most of it, Cena and Kane got the upper hand and then Big Show got him and Jericho DQ’ed after pulling Cena out of the ring during a pin attempt.  (Very confusing DQ at that…)  Afterward Big Show got a ladder and beat down on everyone until Cena comes back from outside of the ring and beats Big Show off with a ladder.  Pretty damn good match ruined with a terrible, confusing ending.

Eve walks up to CM Punk and wishes him luck with AJ, because she’s a very emotional girl.  Eve says it must be hard for him to be oveshadowed by Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, but being overshadowed by AJ must be emasculating.

Santino finds a phone and says It’s the Anonymous Raw GM’s, Great Khali walks over, he says he’s the GM, then he isn’t, alright then…

Up next, a MITB qualifying match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Sin Cara in the ring waiting for his opponent.  We come back from commercial, Sin Cara’s opponent is Heath Slater, lol is this a joke?  Sin Cara qualifies.  After the match Slater gets on the microphone and says this isn’t fair, he’s a future champion and he’ll prove it, he wants any proven champion from the back, MR. BOB BACKLUND!  Crossface Chicken Wing!  Thanks for comin, Heath.

Sadly, we’re getting Jerry Lawler VS Michael Cole next, ugh.  Lawler wins with an airplane spin…  The computer goes off and the Anonymous Raw GM says that because Booker T put Cole back in the ring, Michael Cole is the winner by DQ, Santino comes out with a microphone, he said that is enough, he searched every square inch of the arena and says the Anonymous Raw GM is there tonight and there’s only one place the GM can be, under the ring, the GM says he is not, and to leave the ring now, Santino goes outside and almost gets pulled under, Lawler comes and saves him, Hornswoggle is pulled out as well.  Hornswoggle kicks Lawler and Cole in the shin and runs off.  Stupid.

CM Punk and AJ VS Daniel Bryan and Eve is next.  AJ and Eve in the ring for most of the match, AJ pulling off some very impressive moves.  Eve went fro a tag but Bryan hopped off the apron, AJ rolled Eve up for the pin.  Daniel got on the microphone afterward and said he just proved she meant more to him then any match.  He wants her to leave with him and get married, Punk says he isn’t going to blatantly use her and lie to her, he isn’t going to use her to keep his title, Punk says he doesn’t care if what he’s going to say costs him the match or the title on Sunday, but he said he isn’t marrying AJ, AJ looks upset, Punk apologizes if it hurts her, but at least he cares about her enough to tell her the truth.  AJ slaps Punk, Daniel tells her to “come home” AJ goes over to Daniel and slaps him hard across the face as well, AJ laughs and says “Yes” as she leaves the ring, both Punk and Bryan are in the ring not sure whats going on.

I’m not even going to give any detailed opinions, terrible show and really did nothing for the MITB PPV.  The Raw MITB ladder match is a joke and SD’s ladder match only has two people with any real shot to win.  1/5.  Horrible.