Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and as always I take you through WWE Raw, we are one day removed from WWE Money In The Bank, and one week away from the big 1’000th episode.  WWE is teasing a big announcement by John Cena, my guess is he’ll announce when he’s cashing in his briefcase.  It’s announced that tonights main event is CM Punk VS Big Show.

CM Punk comes out from the back to start off the show, he says that one year ago in the same arena, he sat on the ramp and dropped a huge pipe bomb, he has beaten everyone that has been put in front of him, he talks about Raws 1’000th episode next week, saying that when the show started, someone that looks, talks and acts like him, wouldn’t have even been on the show.  Big Show interrupts him, he says that they both know Big Show was inches from winning that MITB match, Big Show says if he would have won, he would cash in tonight and walk out WWE Champion, CM Punk interrupts him and says he comes out, beats everyone up, breaks everything and then loses.  Big Show says nobody respects Punk and that if he left the WWE tomorrow the fans would give it a week before moving on.  Big Show then says that after Punk is knocked out by him and loses against Big Show, he might just lose his WWE Title afterward if and/or when Cena cashes in tonight, Big Show then dropped the microphone in a pipe bomb motion and left.

Up next, R Truth and Kofi Kingston defend the WWE Tag Team Championships against the Cryme Tyme wannabes (Prime Time Players)  AW is the ONLY entertaining thing about this horrible team, and I’m not a big fan of AW either.  Kofi and Truth got the win in a decent match, AW blasted the referee afterward.

AJ is backstage texting when Daniel Bryan walked up, they go back and forth, Eve walks up and says that after Daniel left her last week she protested to the Board of Directors and tonight Eve gets to pick her own partner, and they’ll be up against AJ and Daniel Bryan.

ZACK RYDER IS ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!  Sadly this won’t last long, his opponent is Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio squashes Ryder.  Ryder deserves so much better then this crap.

After the match Del Rio keeps the attack going and REY MYSTERIOS MUSIC HITS!  Rey runs into the ring and Alberto attacks him, Rey gets the upper hand and delivers the 619.

Up next, Heath Slater jobs out to another WWE legend.  Tonights legend is RIKSHI!!!!  Rikishi squashes (no pun intended) Heath Slater.

After the match Riksihi was about to dance, the lights came on and The Usos were next to him, they all danced.  Very entertaining.

Up next is the mixed tag team match.  Daniel Bryan and AJ VS Eve and her partner, The Miz.  I will say, I do like his new look, getting rid of that terrible faux mohawk was LONG overdue.  AJ and Daniel get the win, Miz was drop kicked off the apron by AJ, Miz tried to get inside, Eve rolled AJ up in a small package and Bryan turned it so AJ got the pin.  After the match Daniel got on the microphone and said that there was something that AJ always said to him that he was too stupid and scared to say back, he tells AJ that he loves her.  AJ looks confused, Daniel gets something from someone at ringside, Daniel gets on one knee and asks AJ to marry him, he has a ring this week.  AJ cries and says yes.

Jack Swagger comes out for job duty against RyBerg.  That was stupid, the referee never rang the bell, but he let RyBerg destroy Swagger.

Dolph Ziggler is out next.  He says that everyone who has held that briefcase has cashed in successfully, so we’re all looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph says that when he does win, he’ll be the best world champion ever.  Chris Jericho comes out next Ziggler interrupts and says not tonight, for once this isn’t about him, It’s his time, so he better not try and steal his spotlight, he said he won his MITB match and Jericho didn’t.  Dolph asks when the last time Jericho won anything.  Dolph Ziggler is OWNING Jericho.  Jericho gives Ziggler a Codebreaker out of nowhere and leaves.  Great segment.

Brodus Clay is next, his opponent is JTG.  Yeah, we all know who won this one lol.  Next.  On a side note, I’m surprised JTG got as much offense in that he did.

Up next is our main event, CM Punk VS The Big Show.  Pretty good match, Big Show got DQ’ed after shoving the referee, Show continued the beating and Cena comes running from the back, he chases Show off, he says that he has a big announcement regarding the briefcase, Show says he’s not stupid, he says he knows Cena is going to cash in now.  Show tries to talk Cena into cashing in now, Cena says next week Cena is cashing in.

GREAT show this week!  I loved it for the most part, I cannot wait until next week.  I’m giving it a 4/5.  Great show all around with only 1 or 2 parts I could have done without.