Preston City Wrestling is one of the UK’s fastest growing live wrestling promotions.  Held at the Lava Ignite club in Preston, Lancashire it offers an affordable, indy wrestling event. Making excellent use of the best of British wrestling talent, as well as boasting some former WWE/TNA stars and other wrestling talent from around the world.  The shows combine wrestling with entertainment and I’ve been told the regular stars of the show are as entertaining as they are talented wrestlers.  We often forget that there is such great talent right on our doorstep. After one short year in business the list of talent is already impressive.  Former WWE Superstar John Morrison is due to appear later in the year (which I will not be missing) and PCW can already boast the likes of Colt Cabana, TNA’s LionHeart and Mark Haskins, not to mention Nigel McGuiness, CJ Banks, T Bone, Davey Richards and The MOB. The whole promotion is the brainchild of Steven Fludder.  Steven organises and runs every aspect of each live event and aims to get the best talent possible for each show put on by PCW.  He is a very busy man but I’m hoping to catch up with him and get a peek into his busy lifestyle and an idea of what it takes to organise such successful events. I am also hoping to have a chat with former British and Tag Team Champion CJ Banks (he’s my favourite) but have been informed he’s a busy fella so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed for that one! I will be attending my first live event on August 17th.  The one year anniversary show – One But Not Forgotten (featuring Davey Richards).  I will be giving a review and sharing my experience of this new to me event.  Tickets are still available for this event and all the upcoming events listed on the PCW Facebook page.  Any fellow Ramblers attending the show please come find me and say hello. Indy wrestling events are a great and cheap alternative night out for us wrestling fans.  Often daring to cross lines that the likes of WWE and TNA won’t risk anymore.  And let’s face it, we all love a bit of good old fashioned rough and tumble! You can follow me on Twitter @helenrobinson82 and also give Steven Fludder a follow @PCW_UK.