I’m going to get straight down to it. I’m just going to ramble on what I want to see happen at the historic thousandth episode of Monday Night Raw. Let’s get right to it!

Stephanie McMahon to be announced GM
We have known for quite some time now that the WWE will announce a permanent General Manager at their historic 1000th show of Monday Night Raw. For the past number of weeks, WWE have assigned GM’s such as Vickie Guerrero, Teddy Long and Mick Foley all in contention to be permanent GM. However, I do not expect any of those to be announced as the new GM. Why? Well Raw 1000th is going to be an epic show, it almost has a WrestleMania fell-like to it. The WWE will want EVERY segment to draw ratings and they want big stars involved in every segment. Therefore, I expect the new GM to be unexpected and someone who will get a huge pop. Someone like… Stephanie McMahon. Think of that from our point of view, Justin Roberts or Vince McMahon (whoever will announce the GM) will announce… ”and the new permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw”…then this song plays…

Wouldn’t that be epic?

Two ex-legends I want to see most
Stone Cold Steve Austin. If WWE had to pick  just one legend to appear on Raw 1000th, it would undoubtedly be Stone Cold. I really do not need to write a long paragraph explaining why. Who knows, he could be the GM either!

Batista. Now I know if he came back it wouldn’t be a full time deal. But he could come out and cut a five minute program and set the roots for a feud to come even if it’s a few months time, it’s still something to keep us watching Raw. It’s something for us to look forward to. It would bring back that ”Anything Can Happen on MNR” feeling. Batista was an awesome heel before he left in 2010. I would love to see him at least appear at Raw 1000th.

What I want The Rock to announce
I know The Rock has plenty of movie projects going on throughout the summer and mostly through fall. I know that the Rock will very unlikely be wrestling this summer as he cannot get hurt, not even take that risk. I doubt he’ll be apart of SummerSlam, WWE have enough starpower with Lesnar and Cena for SummerSlam anyway. Therefore, his announcement has gotta be something to do with 2013 and I have a strong feeling he’ll announce he will be apart of the 2013 Royal Rumble. He could win it, lose it and feud with the person that eliminates him. There is so much that can come from him being in the Rumble, when he enters it, all the attention will be on him anyway. So much can come from him being in the Rumble!

Interruption Between DB and AJ wedding
These two aren’t going to come out and just get married. Someone will interrupt. But I ask, why only ONE person? You could have multiple people come out and make a really entertaining segment! You could have some say Bryan doesn’t deserve AJ and have someone like Eve say AJ doesn’t deserve Bryan. It would be a great way to feature multiple talent in a jam packed show. A feud can easily evolve from this as well. Whether it’s people from The Miz or Dean Ambrose, something new, this really has potential to be awesome! Oh, Billy and Chuck should come out too! haha.

Punk/Cena match
Ah, the part of the show I am most looking forward to. WWE Champion CM Punk vs. John Cena. This is going to be an epic match. Will John Cena become the new WWE champion? NO. I am 100% sure CM Punk will win. I also said The Rock would beat John Cena at WrestleMania 28 when 95% of people said Cena would win. Why would Cena lose? Firstly, everyone is expecting him to win. Secondly, it will more than likely be the very last match on the show, not everyone will be Cena fans, therefore will attract boos if Cena won. The last thing WWE will want is to end 1000 shows for the champion to get booed and not even be a heel. If Punk wins, EVERYONE will cheer. With the talent WWE have booked, I suspect the location it’s at will be a loud crowd and a lot very anti-Cena, with the crowd being mature. I don’t think Punk will win cleanly, though. I suspect someone will get involved whether it will be Orton as I’ve stated earlier or even The Rock. Not to cause confusion, what I said about The Rock earlier is what I want him to do at Raw 1000th, but now I’m just writing out possibilities for this match. That sets up a match for The Rock vs CM Punk for the WWE title, or vice versa as he interfered in the match. Hell, even the Undertaker could get involved. Have a feud or match at SummerSlam with either Punk or Cena. With any of these wrestler’s interfering, the match outcome could end with Cena winning, Punk winning or best of all just DQ and Punk still retains the title. WWE are pushing for longer title reigns. There is so much more WWE can do with Punk as WWE champion, I don’t see why the title should be taken away him now. And lastly and most importantly, it is a unique opportunity to embrace Punk as a ”big star”. I’m telling you guys, CM Punk is the one can gain from this, Cena has NOTHING to gain out of this. The winner — CM Punk. 100% sure.

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