This week “Ringside Review” will be taking a sabbatical from the “review” part of this column to look at a milestone landmark in WWE history, the thousandth episode of Monday Night Raw. I’m just going to start writing and we’ll see what happens and what ends up being discussed. This may be guilty of rambling quite a bit at times, but I figure that’s not a problem!

I’m going to start with the Main Event. I can see this going down a number of ways. My biggest concern is that Super Cena takes the title off Punk cleanly. This would send Punk back to where he was a year ago effectively. Punk’s entire title run has played second fiddle to whatever Cena has done. It would set a very clear pecking order that Punk will never be one of the very, very top guys in WWE. However, I’m hoping for one of either two scenario’s.

One, which is a bit pie in the sky, is for Cena to capitalise on a weakened Punk turning him heel. Yes, he already is to people like myself I know: but to finalise it and make him heel would set up a mouth-watering Punk/Cena feud for the title that would grab the company by the throat for the next few months for what should be a sensational feud that could run till the Royal Rumble if it was done right.

The other would involve Punk being cost the title by a certain Texas Rattlesnake setting up their muted Mania match next year. Interestingly this would push Austin heel, and I can’t really see a legend playing the bad guy and therefore I doubt this would happen. After guys hit their 40s nobody really wants to boo them (bar Hulk Hogan), so I’m not sure how WWE would develop that. Still, leaving Raw 1000th with Austin/Punk having an issue would be an awesome point to go forward.

Failing either of these scenarios, I’d be delighted if Punk left 1000th Raw as champion. Raw 1000th is also a great opportunity to put over some of the current talent. I really, really hope that they don’t put all the legends over in one shot deals never to be seen again. One of the matches that I would love to see would be Kofi/Truth winning in a 3 team tag match. Love it to be TLC, but obviously that is not going to happen. Not only would it add a tag match people would care about, but it would also put over Kofi/Truth as a strong pair of tag team champions as opposed to beating a bunch of teams hastily put together that no-one cares about. As much I’d love to see teams who were the pinnacle of the tag division when it was really hot, it’s not going to happen. The Dudley’s are at TNA, Edge has retired which eliminates E&C, Jeff Hardy still somehow has a job at TNA while Matt Hardy is enjoying himself in the indies and seems to be a good place, which is good to see after his well-publicised issues last year. Teams that could happen? I’m not sure, but I think this would be a good thing to see happen, especially given the mess that the tag team division is currently in. I’d also like to see the current champs put over by legends, apart from Santino. They can bury him if they want against someone who wasn’t very good in their prime. Kevin Nash can do that I’m sure!

One of my concerns is that this show is going to be loaded there’s not going to be any time for people to shine. I think it might be just a quick wiz through yesteryear and the show will be over unfortunately. I mean seriously, given some of the names reportedly confirmed I really worry about how much focus there’s going to be on individuals, especially with the major storylines still rumbling on alongside the showing of legends. I’m also hoping for the IC and US championship’s to be given a prominent place on the show. Do SOMETHING with the titles! With both titles tied up for the last PPV, what better opportunity would there be to have title matches, with hopefully Santino dropping the US title and dropping it to someone more deserving. Speaking of which, what better way for there for Wade Barrett to make his return on the 1000th Raw taking the title from Santino? A man can dream I suppose!

We’ll be back to normal service next week, where we’ll be looking at possibly the worst wrestling game I’ve had the misfortune of playing (had to endure may be a better way of putting it). But that’s for next week…

Anyway, a slightly truncated edition of Ringside Review this week, with a little more rambling thrown in than usual. Yes I’m a cynic and I’m naturally suspicious about what they’re going to do creativity. Still, despite my pessimism I’m really looking forward to the 1000th Raw. Either way, it’s going to be an unmissable occasion and must-see viewing for all wrestling fans.

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