TNA Impact Wrestling review for the 19th July episode

Show opens with Taz and Mike Tenay discussing the attack by Aces and Eights last week, and discuss Hulk Hogan undergoing surgery.

James Storm makes his way out. He congratulates Austin Aries on his World Title win, while saying he’s still looking to get payback on Bobby Roode. He wishes Hulk Hogan well, before calling out Kurt Angle. Well, Angle doesn’t show up, as the Aces and Eights get him backstage!

Samoa Joe takes his turn for a call out, seeing as he knows no one will do it to him. So, Joe goes for a guy he’s always had problems with: The Pope

Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe vs The Pope

Back and forth opening between these two, before a stiff shot from Pope rocks Joe. Joe’s hurt and goes outside, but Pope follows and keeps onto him. Back inside, Pope with an STO and Rings of Saturn, which Joe rolls out of. Pope tries to ground and pound, only for Joe to trap his arm in and armbar, and Pope taps out!

Winner: Samoa Joe (10 BFG points)

Bobby Roode is questioned about what happened to Hulk Hogan, and he suggests he isn’t the only one who has a problem with Hogan. Roode says he has bigger things to worry about…like proving tonight that Aries’s win was a fluke.

Jeff Hardy is out to do a BFG Series call out…but Robbie E and Robbie T interrupt. Robbie E says everyone is ducking him, so he’ll call out Hardy right now!

Bound for Glory Series: Robbie E (with Robbie T) vs Jeff Hardy

Robbie T stands in Hardy’s way allowing Robbie E to blindside him. Hardy with the reverse mule kick, only to have Robbie T trip him. Everytime Hardy tries to build momentum, Robbie T stops him. Robbie E rolls outside, Hardy leaps over and lands on the apron as Robbie T moves Robbie E out the way. Hardy leaps at Robbie T and fights him up the ramp, allowing Robbie E a countout win!

Winner: Robbie E (5 BFG Points)

ODB is on the phone asking where the hell Eric Young is, as she sent him for beer and fried chicken 2 months ago. He approaches her as they chat, and surprises her. EY tells ODB he was away filming an animal show, they kiss and make up, then she sends him off for beer and fried chicken again (wise move after he disappeared for 2 months last time?!)

Recap of Clare Lynch revealing AJ Styles IS the daddy of her unborn child. Then we go backstage to Kazarian and Daniels, where Daniels says any proof Clare has will show AJ is a scumbag, and they think AJ will have no choice but to own up.

It’s GutCheck time. Jeremy Borash is in the ring, he runs through what GutCheck is, before introducing Sam Shaw. Shaw makes his way down and talks about finally getting his chance…only for Aces and Eights to attack him!

After a break, Mr Anderson enters the Impact Zone. He says a few weeks back, he called out the biggest douchebag in Daniels. Well tonight, he’ll call out a guy he respects: AJ Styles.

Bound for Glory Series: Mr Anderson vs AJ Styles

Both guys try for an early submission, before we go to a break. Back from the break, Anderson with a neckbreaker for 2, before trying a couple of times to win with a headlock. AJ fights back, but can’t hit the Styles Clash, and Anderson hits the Green Bay Plunge. After 2 Pele Kicks, AJ tries for the Styles Clash again, only for Anderson to roll out of it and pin AJ!

Winner: Mr Anderson (7 BFG Points)

Afterwards, they shake hands and Anderson leaves. Clare Lynch appears, and says she’s been calling AJ, if he won’t talk in private, she’ll talk in public. She shows him photos of them two in bed…seems weird as he was asleep throughout each one…

Backstage, AJ is now looking unsure as he looks at the photos. We then see a Bellator commentator has joined Taz and Tenay.

Rob Van Dam gets in the ring, and is “tickled pink” to be a part of Open Fight Night. He calls out the one guy he’d like to kick the crap out of, the “Fallen Scumbag”, Daniels.

Bound for Glory Series: Rob Van Dam vs Daniels

RVD catches Daniels with a northern lights suplex and tries an abdominal stretch, which Daniels gets out of, and out of the ring too. RVD follows him, Daniels rushes him against the apron, and they battle round the ring. Back inside, RVD catches Daniels with a couple of kicks, tries for the 5 Star which Daniels dodges. RVD knocks Daniels down, tries for Rolling Thunder, only to have Daniels dodge that, roll RVD up and use the ropes for a win.

Winner: Daniels (7 BFG Points)

We see Austin Aries preparing for his match later on, and he says he’ll prove to Bobby Roode that it wasn’t a fluke. He tells Roode everything he does and has is better than Roode’s, including his cape. As he picks the cape up, playing cards fall out, showing…yep, you guessed it, Aces and Eights!

Brooke Hogan is on the phone to Tenay and Taz, she says Hulkster has had mutliple surgeries, and is in a horrible condition. Taz passes on their prayers and thoughts.

Joseph Park is backstage with Garrett Bischoff, and suggests Garrett needs good representation due to being a Bischoff. Garrett asks about last week, especially the look in his eyes and the Blackhole Slam. Joseph says it was all him, and that maybe Garrett has took too many shots to the head.

Bound for Glory Series: Magnus vs Bully Ray

Bully attacks from behind on the ramp, and they fight around ringside. In the ring, Magnus catches Bully with a clothesline, only to run into a big Bully boot. They trade blows, Magnus hits a backdrop and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Bully gets out of it, only to get knocked down. Magnus tries for an elbow dropped, misses, and Bully hits a Bully Cutter to win!

Winner: Bully Ray (7 BFG Points)

Bound for Glory Series Leaderboard: 1. Samoa Joe – 47pts, 2. James Storm – 43pts, 3. Kurt Angle – 27pts, 4. Mr Anderson – 23pts, 5. Jeff Hardy – 21pts, 6. Daniels – 19pts, 7= Rob Van Dam & Magnus – 14pts, 9= Bully Ray, The Pope & AJ Styles – 7pts, 12. Robbie E – 5pts

Promo video shown announcing that Chavo Guerrero will be making his TNA debut next week.

Bobby Roode makes his way down, and says “One word….FLUKE”. After a break, he says he’s not waiting any longer, and calls out Austin Aries.

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Aries tries to end the match quickly, but can’t lock in the Last Chancery, Roode also tries for a Crossface but Aries blocks it. After a break, Roode hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, and spinebuster. Roode goes for the Crossface again, only for Aries to counter with a russian leg sweep and lock in the Last Chancery. Roode breaks out of it and hits a spear for 2. Roode tries to superplex Aries, Aries pushes him off the ropes, hits his missile dropkick and dropkick in the corner, but as he goes for the Brainbuster, Roode turns it into a Crossface. Aries breaks the hold, and throws Roode out, before following with the suicide dive. Suddenly Aces and Eights attack Aries!

Match ends in a No Contest

Aces and Eights attack Aries in the ring and beat him down. Roode sits in the corner smiling, and applauds. The group stop and turn, Roode offers a hand, and they beat him down too!! The show goes off the air as it all goes off!!

Once again, could only see 1 negative throughout this show, and once again, it was the AJ Styles storyline. It’s getting strange, he’s the father, he isn’t the father, now he is….take him on Jerry Springer away from this show!!! Admittedly, I do think there was something dodgy about those photos, and we’ll see another twist, like he was drugged up or something like that. The Bound for Glory series was fine, nice to see a few surprise results thrown in again this year. Also, I’ve seen people saying on TNA’s Facebook, the Aces and Eights storyline is “boring”, and dragging on too long….it’s only the 3rd actual week they’ve been on, and for me, it’s far from boring!! The “anarchy” (as TNA’s site calls it) was good, and what was needed. Makes sense to see them taking out whoever they feel, throws a spanner in the works for those with theories on who it is, or who’s behind it, and keeps us intrigued in the storyline. Same with the rumour that they’re changing who is doing the attacks. I can’t wait for the next installment of this storyline.

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