Welcome to A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and ya know what?  We’re still 6 hours our from WWE Raw, but we’re at a HUGE milestone this week, episode #1,000 so why the hell not get the party started early?  I could go on and on talking about all the things the WWE has lined up for tonight, and I will!

First off, our huge main event, John Cena cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase tonight against CM Punk, a huge match for a huge show, I’m putting my money on CM Punk to walk out STILL the WWE Champion, I do think there will be some interference.

Legends, legends and more legends, rumor is there are a TON of people backstage for Raw tonight, Vader is apparently in the house, as is Sycho Sid, The Rock (I’ll be nice since It’s a milestone show) is in the house tonight live!  And tonight we find out who the new General Manager will be.  (My money is still on Flair)

Also, there’s a picture floating around about a new Raw logo, here it is…

And we are LIVE!  Raws 1’000th episode is on the air!  New opening screen, pretty cool.  Great video package highlighting the past 999 episodes.  WWE as always going an AMAZING job on the video.  Nobody does a better video package then the WWE production staff.

We have a new theme song AND set for WWE Raw.  First out Vince McMahon is out there to a HUGE ovation.  Huge “Thank you Vince chant”  Vince introduces D-Generation X!  Shawn Michaels & Triple H come out from the back to a huge ovation, Shawn gets on the microphone and says he’s digging all this but he’s “missing something” HHH asks if there used to be “more of them” the fans go insane!  The music hits and out comes X Pac. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg!  GREAT opening segment!  Damien Sandow came out from the back to interrupt DX, not a smart idea.  Sandow tried to get smart with DX and ended up being left on his back in the middle of the ring.

Our first match of the evening is a 6 man tag team match.  Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus against Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.  Pretty interesting to see if Ziggler and Jericho can coexist.  Ziggler took a cheap shot on his own teammate Jericho and Sheamus takes out Ziggler before Jericho gets his head kicked off.  Sheamus, Rey and Sin Cara win.

I am VERY pissed that Jim Ross was only out there for that one match, he deserves better.

Up next, Charlie Sheen is on Skype with Lawler and Cole.  I really could do without seeing him.

We see a video of AJ and Daniel Bryan getting engaged last week on Raw.  AJ says that tonights ceremony is gonna be great, AJ wants to know why everyone calls her crazy, she opens the locker room door and Jim Duggan is outside, then R Truth and Piper are playing jump rope with Lil Jimmy, and finally Mae Young and her son (the hand) are outside.  GREAT stuff, especially the hand being all grown up.

Jack Swagger is in the ring his opponent is Brodus Clay, we all know what’s gonna happen, thanks for coming Swagger.  Brodus clay brings out DUDE LOVE!!!

Backstage Trish and HHH are talking, Trish is trying to get HHH to do yoga when DX walks in and pretty much laughs at him.  I thought they were gonna repeat it and Steph would walk in and this time Trish would be behind him.

The wedding is up next.  SLICK is the reverend for this ceremony!!  Slick gets to the part where he asks someone to speak out if they oppose…  We don’t get a wedding, instead Vince comes out and says the new GM is AJ!

Daniel Bryan is still in the ring seething mad when CM Punk comes out from the back with a microphone, Punk says he didn’t come out there to laugh at his face, even though he was left at the alter, Punk then said it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, Bryan starts screaming about how he’s the greatest superstar of all time, this brings out The Rock.  Rock says Bryan doesn’t get to say who the greatest of all time is, the fans do.  Rock and Bryan go back and forth after Bryan cuts him off.  Rock says he’s out there to talk about the WWE Championship.  He says that whoever the champion is at Royal Rumble will defend the title against The Rock.  Not going to lie, if The rock wins the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble, I might be done with WWE.

Bret Hart coming out to be special guest ring announcer, this is for the Intercontinental Championship, Christian going against The Miz.  In a very surprising decision, The Miz wins the Intercontinental Championship, I am very surprised!

Another Charlie Sheen segment, eh, I don’t really care about him lol.

Triple H is out next, thankfully they’re getting the Lesnar thing over with early.  HHH says he called Lesnar out and he wants an answer now.  Paul Heyman comes out first, Heyman says that Lesnar gave him the authority to answer for him, Heyman says Lesnars answer is no.  HHH says if Lesnar is there and won’t come out there like a man how about HHH goes back there and finds him, Heyman says there are already 2 lawsuits against WWE, does he really wanna go for a 3rd, HHH said he doesn’t care at this point.  Paul Heyman talks about HHH’s kids, Stephanie is here and she looks pissed!  Stephanie slaps Heyman across the face, Heyman then accepts the match with HHH on behalf of Lesnar.  Stephanie attacked Heyman and Brocks music hit again, Lesnar comes out and gets in the ring, Lesnar and HHH fight a bit until HHH throws him from the ring.

I have a feeling I’m going to hate Tout more and more every week lol.

Howard Finkel!!!!  Heath Slater out next.  He says everything that happened on Raw in the past doesn’t matter, the only thing people will remember will be his victory tonight, he challenges any of the Raw legends to a No DQ, No Count out match.  Out comes LITA!  Lita says she has something to say to Slater, she hired some protection, THE APA!!!!  Slater books ass out of the ring and heads up the ramp, LOD music hits!  Animal, Vader, Sid, Doink, Rikishi, Backlund, Slaughter, DDP all come out and throw Slater back in the ring, Lita hits a Twist of Fate, Bradshaw hits a Clothesline from hell, Lita hits the moonsault, uno, dos, adios.  Ron Simmons has a mic, he looks around…  “DAMN!!!”  GREAT STUFF!!

Shawn Mooney is interviewing Daniel Bryan!!  Bryan talks about how tonights show has been tarnished by what happened with Rock and Charlie Sheen talking about him.

Up next, Kane walks to the ring, he comes out and before his opponent can be announced Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkins, Hunico and Camacho come out and get ready to attack him when, THE UNDERTAKER IS BACK!  They both clean house.  GREAT STUFF!

Charlie Sheen again, yawn.

Up next is the WWE Championship match between CM Punk and John Cena.  The referee got taken out and Big Show came out, he took Cena out with the WMD, CM Punk looked conflicted, he eventually went on to pin Cena but Cena kicked out at 2, Punk went for the GTS and Cena countered into the STF, Big Show came back and attacked Cena while CM Punk watched on, The Rock comes running out from the back and goes after Big Show.  Rock went for the peoples elbow but CM Punk attacked him.  CM Punk delivered a GTS on The Rock!!  CM Punk turning heel!?  I HOPE SO!!  WHAT AN ENDING TO RAW!!

My final thoughts, GREAT SHOW!!!  I wish they didn’t have so many commercials but you can’t do much about that.  I’m kind of bummed about no Stone Cold, but all in all, AMAZING show!  I’m giving it a 5/5!  Loved it!  I cannot wait until next week!