Last Monday was the 1000th episode of Raw. It definitely didn’t disappoint. So much occurred that it left us in awe and anticipating what will happen next week.  There have been so many great moments in Raw history. Whether it be Raw’s first episode, Stone Cold stunning Vince for the first time, John Cena getting drafted to Raw, Punk’s epic shoot promo, Edge and Lita’s live sex celebration, or countless others. It’s easy for any Wrestling fan to pick a moment the majority of the fans already remember and talk about it, but that’s not how we do things around here. This week I’m taking a moment that not many of you would possibly remember. It deals with Santino Marella and perhaps the greatest IC Champion of all the times.

Do you remember when Santino had the Honk-a-Meter?

It was WWE Raw 2008 and Santino was the current Intercontinental Champion. With the desire to overpass The Honky Tonk Man’s impressive IC Title reign, Santino created the Honk-a-Meter. This specific invention was used to indicate how far along Santino had to go as IC Champion in order to beat HTM’s record.

Each week before Marella’s match he would take the mic and update us on where he would be on the Meter. This would go on for a couple months, including a match with Santino and HTM himself. Then on November 2008 it would be the end for the Honk-a-Meter (by then he’d already changed it to the Honk-a-Perfect-Mountie-Meter) as Santino would be dethroned as IC Champ courtesy of William Regal.

Monday was a spectacular night for Wrestling fans. Time will to see where it takes us.

Here’s the debut of the Honk-a-Meter

Here’s Santino taking on the Honky Tonk Man at Cyber Sunder 2008

Here’s the end of the Honk-a-Meter