Welcome to A RAW Opinion, tonight is essentially the first look at the new Raw set up for the 3 hour show, I’m not really looking forward to it, I really hate this whole Tout thing and I wish the WWE would just scrap it and stick to using the 3 whole 3 hours to push their stars.  Tonight CM Punk should break his silence as to why he did what he did last week on Raw.

We go live and they talk about a pyro rehearsal went wrong and we saw video of a fire breaking out on the Raw set.  We take a video look at last weeks 1000th episode.

CM Punk comes out next, still getting quite a bit of cheers from the crowd.  The boos start when the music stops, Punk says that everyone wants their WrestleMania moment, he said last week he had a Raw moment, and it was a moment that is better then most peoples WrestleMania moments, he wants to bring everyones attention to the way Raw went off the air last week and it left a bad taste in his mouth, he says he didn’t like how Lawler said Punk turned his back on the WWE Universe.  Punk got out of the ring and walked up to the announce table, he sat in front of Lawler on the table, he said The Rock is not the WWE Universe, and he’s a delusional movie star, he also said he felt disrespect when Rock was talking to Daniel, and also hates that Rock was gift wrapped a WWE title match.  Punk said that Raw ended last week the same way it should win every week, with him, the WWE Champion and The Best in The World.  Big Show interrupted Punk and walked out back, Punk asked Big Show if he was out there to steal the spotlight from him too.  Show says that Raw ended last week with him as the focal point, he was the one who cost Cena the title.  Big Show says he vows to be the next WWE Champion.  Punk said he couldn’t beat Cena at No Way Out, he couldn’t win MITB, the only one who’s winning anything is him.  This brings out John Cena, Cena books it to the ring and goes right at Big Show as Punk watches on.  CM Punk doesn’t look happy as the spotlight was stolen from him again.  AJ comes out wearing a business suit.  She announces tonight Big Show will take on Cena, the winner will face CM Punk at SummerSlam for the WWE Title.

Santino comes out next, I’m so sick of him now.  His opponent is Alberto Del Rio, yeah…  Thanks for comin Santino.  I was pretty surprised at the offense Santino got in.  He bored us on the mic afterward.

Brodus Clay is in the ring,  Vickie Guerrero comes out and laughs at Naomi and Cameron dancing, Vickie starts dancing badly.  Damien Sandow comes out, he attacks Brodus Clay after a boring speech.

Daniel Bryan goes into AJ’s office, says that she put Daniel Bryan in a match with Sheamus tonight, Daniel asks if It’s for the title, AJ starts a “No” chant.  Apparently we’re going to be able to decide what kind of match they have on Twitter.  No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere or a Street Fight.

Way too many video packages, I’m not liking this at all.

Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus in a street fight.  Really good match I thought, Daniel looked vicious here in this match.  Sheamus gets the win after a Brogue Kick.  I call the ending to this match the prototypical John Cena ending, gets beat on for most of the match and still pulls it out.

After commercial Daniel Bryan is still in the ring screaming he isn’t leaving the ring until he gets a doctor.  While he’s screaming we get another video package.  This is getting worse and worse.

After the video, Daniel is still in the ring and Kofi comes out with Truth.  People dressed as orderlies come out as Truth is consoling Lil Jimmy, AJ comes out and says the orderlies aren’t there for Truth, AJ says Daniel needs to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Kofi VS Titus O’Neil up next.  Titus gets the win after distraction by AW by saying “Yo Mama” and throwing a shoe at Kofi.  Terrible.

Heath Slater is in the ring, wonderful…  Randy Orton returning from suspension to answer the challenge.  Thanks for comin Heath.

Dolph Ziggler teaming with The Miz to take on Chris Jericho and Christian.  Very good match between these two teams, Jericho and Christian pick up the win after Christian poked Miz in the eyes and Jericho hit the Codebreaker.

Up next, Tensai who gets the jobber entrance VS Tyson Kidd.  Thanks for comin, Tyson.  Yawn.  Tensai continues the beating afterward, the referee reversed the decision.  Tensai beat on Sakamoto after.

Main event time, CM Punk is out to do commentary.  The best part of the early going was CM Punk owning Jerry Lawler on commentary.  Decent match.  Cena was launched into the commentary table into CM Punk and barely made the 10 count, CM Punk attacked Cena and Big Show both, angry after being plowed over at commentary.  Punk says the winner of the match is nobody and that they’re both losers.  AJ comes out and says Punk is wrong and that they’re not losers, their both winners, Punk defends the title at SummerSlam against Big Show and John Cena in a triple threat match.  Punk comes out and yells at AJ to show him respect as WWE Champion.

This show wasn’t great at all…  I really hate this new set up, I’m sick of Tout already, I’m tired of the WWE giving fans the illusion that their vote actually means something.  1/5 and they can be happy about that.