WWE Smackdown is in Indianapolis, Indiana this week. Mr. McMahon is introduced to the ring by Lillian Garcia. Mr. McMahon is in the ring to announce the new General Manager of Smackdown. Mr. McMahon says that Booker T is the new Smackdown General Manager. Booker T enters the ring and while he is talking, Alberto Del Rio’s music interrupts him. Del Rio and Booker T talk about Sheamus and guess who comes out to interrupt Del Rio? It’s Sheamus!

Sheamus asks Del Rio if he’s really not going to compete until SummerSlam. Last Monday on RAW, Del Rio announced to the crowd that he was not going to wrestle in any matches until his World Heavyweight Championship match against Sheamus. That makes sense. Del Rio is the #1 contender for the championship so why risk injury by competing in non-title matches? Booker T disagrees with that and says that both Sheamus and Del Rio will have individual matches tonight. Del Rio doesn’t care that Booker T is the GM and he says he won’t compete until SummerSlam. Booker T says he is the boss and Del Rio will compete in the ring tonight. Del Rio’s opponent will be Randy Orton! Booker T tells Sheamus that he has a match next. Sheamus will face Tensai.

Sheamus vs. Tensai

Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. This wasn’t a great match and looked like most of Sheamus’s matches, but it was an okay match. Tensai did well in this match and the match was back-and-forth until the end. I would say that this was the third Sheamus match in a row that will probably end up being more enjoyable than his SummerSlam match vs. Del Rio. I didn’t enjoy this match a lot, but it was probably one of the best Tensai matches this year. I might have enjoyed the match more if I liked Sheamus and Tensai.

Winner: Sheamus

Rating:  **1/4

Backstage, Eve offers her services to Booker T. Teddy Long walks in the room and Booker T offers Teddy a job. Teddy is now the Booker T’s senior advisor. Booker T tells Eve that all of the jobs on the staff are now filled.

Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro won with his finishing move. It was a clean win for Cesaro. Santino almost won the match after hitting the Cobra, but Cesaro’s leg was under the rope. Cesaro should definitely be the number one contender for the United States Championship now. I think he’d be a better champion than Santino. Short match, but it was enjoyable to watch.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

Rating: **

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Daniel Bryan. Striker shows a video of Daniel Bryan from last Monday’s RAW. After the video, Daniel Bryan says that he will say no more often. Daniel Bryan is wearing a No! No! No! shirt. Daniel Bryan doesn’t want people chanting yes anymore. Daniel ends his promo by chanting “no”. I’m interested to see what happens after this. I think smarky fans will start chanting “no” now.

Chris Jericho and Christian and Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan rolled up Jericho for a three count after Vickie Guerrero distracted the referee and Ziggler tried to hit Jericho with his Money in the Bank briefcase. Good match, but it wasn’t great.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Rating: ***

In the locker room, Randy Orton is interviewed by Matt Striker. Orton says he plans on hitting Del Rio with the RKO.

Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal

Ryback won by disqualification after Jinder hit him with a microphone. Quick match.

Winner: Ryback

Rating: No Rating (NR)

Backstage, The Primetime Players are wondering why Little Jimmy has a t-shirt and they don’t.

R-Truth vs. Darren Young

Darren Young won with a gutbuster after R-Truth attacked Titus O’Neil because O’Neil attacked Kofi Kingston. Another quick match.

Winner: Darren Young

Rating: No Rating (NR)

Smackdown shows RAW highlights featuring the CM Punk-Big Show-John Cena feud. Smackdown shows some Touts about CM Punk. The reactions about CM Punk were mixed. Two positive reactions and two negative reactions.

Backstage, Booker T tells Cody Rhodes that he will face Sin Cara next week.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton won by disqualification after Ricardo Rodriguez interfered in the match. The match wasn’t really enjoyable and the cheap finish didn’t help.

Winner: Randy Orton

Rating: *1/2

After the match, Sheamus threw Del Rio into the ring and Orton hit Del Rio with the RKO. Why should I believe Del Rio can defeat Sheamus at SummerSlam after seeing that he needed Ricardo interfere in the match and seeing the show end with Del Rio receiving the RKO? Del Rio looks like a weak number one contender. Maybe there’s enough time for Orton to get thrown into the SummerSlam match, but I think it’s unlikely there will be two triple threat World Championship matches at SummerSlam.

Matches to Watch: Sheamus vs. Tensai, Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro, Chris Jericho and Christian and Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Matches to Skip: Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal, R-Truth vs. Darren Young, Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

Best Superstar of Smackdown: Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan cut a good promo and got the winning pinfall during his six-man tag match, so it was a successful night for Daniel Bryan.

Best Moment of Smackdown: Booker T being named the General Manager of Smackdown

It’s too early to determine if Booker T will be a great General Manager or not. I’m looking forward to seeing Booker T as the GM because he was very entertaining as a Smackdown announcer. I don’t like that the WWE took the easy route and hired someone who already is a full-time talent instead of someone who is rarely on TV like Mick Foley or William Regal, but I think Booker T is an interesting choice for General Manager. This could end up being a great decision.

I didn’t like this Smackdown episode. The six-man tag match was good, but not great. The other two good matches were barely good and I came close to putting them on my “Matches to Skip” list. The main event was very disappointing. That match should have never happened because there was no way Orton was going to get a clean win over the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship and there was no way Del Rio was going to get a clean win over Randy Orton. The ending of the match didn’t hurt Del Rio a lot because Orton didn’t pin him, but it didn’t make him look better at all. Not a good way to push your number one contender weeks before the second biggest Pay-Per-View of the year. I wonder what Smackdown will do about the announcing team now that Booker T is the GM. They could bring in a new color commentator, but Smackdown once had an announcing team of Jim Ross and Todd Grisham so they have had two play-by-play men call Smackdown in the past.