TNA Impact Wrestling Review for the 2nd August 2012 episode.

Austin Aries and Kenny King vs Bobby Roode and Zema Ion

Show opens with these 4 guys brawling down the ramp, and around ringside. When they finally get in the ring, Aries and King take it in turns to beat down Ion. Weird moment, as Roode knee’d King in the back, Ion rushed at them, King was supposed to move so Ion would knock Roode off…but Earl Hebner got in the way and messed it up. Roode trips King, and momentum changes, as the bad guys take over. Roode and Ion make regular tags beating down King, while antagonising Aries. King traps Ion for a high cradle suplex and Aries gets the ta….Roode distracted Hebner so the tag didn’t count. King tries to pin Ion and Roode breaks it, Aries has had enough and hits his missile dropkick to Roode. Aries then hits a clothesline to Ion, dives past and hits a suicide dive on Roode, while King hits the Royal Flush to win!

Winners: Austin Aries and Kenny King

We’re shown what was supposed to be the opening video, it’s just basically a look back at the Aces and Eights segments from last week. Sting is then interviewed about this, he says he’s about to go to the ring to call someone out for answers…

So Sting comes down, and wants answers from 1 man right now: James Storm. The Cowboy comes down, and Sting says he didn’t believe Bobby Roode last week…but has footage which is compelling. We see the 2 segments from last week with Storm and the Aces. Sting wants convincing Storm isn’t involved. Storm mentions he never needs help to beat anyone, and all that footage showed was cowards running. Storm mentions how 9 months ago he was jumped by Kurt Angle, didn’t moan, dusted himself off and beat Angle numerous times. This brings out Kurt Angle, who understands Storm’s motives…as these attacks “benefit Storm” in the BFG Series. Angle begs the Aces to appear during his match, and Sting says he’ll be at ringside in case they are there.

We see that AJ Styles is in Australia on a promo tour. Then it’s a look back at Clare Lynch’s accusations. Daniels and Kazarian are backstage, saying how it’s a low move from AJ, fleeing the country. They’re going to do the right thing and throw a baby shower for Clare tonight. Oh boy.

It’s announced there will be 3 BFG Series matches at Hardcore Justice with 20pts for the winner. In a ladder match, it’s AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Daniels vs Samoa Joe. Falls Count Anywhere will see Mr Anderson vs Rob Van Dam vs The Pope vs Magnus. Finally a Tables match will be between Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Robbie E and James Storm.

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring, and gets on the mic, saying he never trusted James Storm, and will also be ringside for Storm vs Kurt Angle.

BFG Series Match: Bully Ray vs Robbie E (with Robbie T)

Robbie T attacks before the bell. Robbie E tries for a quick pin, then kicks at Bully. Bully replies with 2 slaps, and a Bully Cutter for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray (7 BFG points)

Earl Hebner has gifts for Madison Rayne. She tells Earl she kissed him as she cares, and doesn’t need gifts. Gail Kim interrupts, asking what is going on lately. As Earl leaves, Madison comments on last week, saying “Earl would never screw anyone in a match, he’s a professional”…ahem….then says may the best woman be #1 contender next!

Miss Tessmacher makes her way to join Taz and Mike Tenay.

#1 Contender’s Match for the TNA Knockouts Title: Tara vs Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim vs Mickie James

Despite Hebner trying to stop Mickie from punching Madison, Mickie still takes her down. Gail with a clothesline to Mickie, before she teams with Madison to double team Tara. Gail misses a crossbody dive in the corner, and Mickie’s back in, helping Tara by taking care of Madison. Tara drops Gail on the top rope before a slingshot legdrop for a 2 count. Tara tries for the moonsault, Madison drops her on the turnbuckle, Mickie pulls Madison away and Gail superplexes Tara. Gail tries to end it, but Madison is distracting Earl. Gail and Madison argue, Mickie knocks Gail outside, goes on the offence until Gail’s back in to push Mickie off the top rope. Tara hits the Widow’s Peak to Gail, and as Madison goes for her finisher, Tara rolls through, and pins Madison…

Winner: Madison Rayne….

Yeah, you read that right! Despite a clean win for Tara, Earl Hebner awards it to Madison!

Backstage to Bobby Roode, he gloats how he told the world James Storm is the leader of Aces and Eights, and now everyone believes him. Roode says he’ll be at ringside for the main event…as he walks off, Austin Aries appears to say he’ll be there too.

Sting is with Brooke Hogan. Sting mentions he’s spoke to Hulk, but wants to know her thoughts on his condition. Brooke mentions it’s the first time she’s never seen her Dad get up and fight back. Sting promises to find out who’s behind all this, and asks if she can cope with the Knockouts Division. Brooke replies she’s always been taught to be strong but is worried they’ll come for her next. Well worry no more, a TNA crew member appears with an envelope containing the calling card. Brooke runs out, leaving Sting wondering what to do.

ODB is with Eric Young, and tells him Brooke Hogan isn’t happy. The titles haven’t been defended for a while, and also half of the Knockouts Tag Champs is a man. Young decides if they each take a belt, the titles can’t be defended if not together. Ha! EY runs off, and ODB still hasn’t got her fried chicken!

Kid Kash (with Gunner) vs Chavo Guerrero (with Hernandez)

After a back and forth opening, Kash gets the upper hand with a clothesline, ground and pound and a high spinebuster. Kash tries for a moonsault, and Chavo gets his knees up. Chavo with a headscissors takedown and dropkick, causing both Gunner and then Hernandez to get up on the apron. Once the ref restores order, Kash tries for a suplex, but Chavo counters, hits the 3 Amigos, and a Frog Splash to win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Dixie Carter is backstage, and asked for her take on the latest Clare Lynch/AJ Styles development. Dixie says she’s been on the receiving end of blackmail before, and it’s now time for AJ to set up and set the record straight.

Kurt Angle in his dressing room with Wes Brisco (yep, son of WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry Brisco). Well, Wes says he’s been training and wants a shot with TNA, asking Angle to have a word with Hulk Hogan for him. Devon and Garrett Bischoff appear, saying they offered to help Hogan, only for him to refuse and get attacked. They’re offering to help Angle, and Kurt asks them to be at ringside for his match.

Kazarian and Daniels are in the ring. They say how AJ Styles is “down under and probably pregnating someone”. They’re here to pick up the ball AJ dropped, and invite Clare Lynch into the ring. They throw her a baby shower, which is mostly AJ related items, before she screams that AJ needs to do the right thing for their baby.

Hey look, Joseph Park is still about. (I dunno why I typed “hey look”, it’s a review and not like you can actually see him in this). Anyways, he discusses how a few TNA guys have hired him. He then spots Sting, and goes into fangirl mode. Park composes himself, and mentions he could represent Sting, the Icon declines. Sting asks about Joseph hitting the Blackhole Slam, only to have Joseph say he has no idea what Sting means, and asks for a picture. Sting obliges, then leaves.

Next week we’ll see 3 BFG Series matches: The Pope vs Rob Van Dam, James Storm vs Bully Ray, and AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle.

BFG Series Match: James Storm vs Kurt Angle

While the opening of the match is back and forth action, we see Sting, Devon and Garrett Bischoff come down. Storm “skins the cat”, and hits Thesz Press. Storm tries for Last Call, Angle blocks it, runs into a big boot, before hitting a belly to belly suplex. Bully Ray appears through the crowd. After a break, Storm drops Angle with a DDT off the middle rope, and we see both Bobby Roode and Austin Aries appear. Angle hits the trifecta of German Suplexes, and a poor version of Last Call. Angle tries for the Ankle Lock, and Storm counters with..yep, the Angle Slam! Storm then tries for Calling Time, but Angle blocks it and locks in the Ankle Lock. After a short while, Storm breaks out kicking Angle to the side of the head, before catching Angle with the Last Call to win!

Winner: James Storm (7 BFG points)

Storm and Angle hug, as the others keep a look out for the Aces and Eights. Storm gets a mic and calls for them to appear and fight. Bobby Roode also takes a mic. He says it’s odd….no Aces. That’s because Storm doesn’t need help, as he won. Roode thinks he is guilty as charged. Bully turns Storm round, they trade blows, Roode gets in, and him and Aries fight too, as the show ends….

Bound for Glory Leaderboard: 1. James Storm – 52pts, 2. Samoa Joe – 47pts, 3. Kurt Angle – 41pts, 4. Mr Anderson 40pts, 5= Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam – 28pts, 7. Daniels – 26pts, 8= Magnus and Bully Ray – 21pts, 10. AJ Styles – 16pts, 11. The Pope – 7pts, 12. Robbie E – 5pts.

Let’s get the negatives out the way first. Clare Lynch. Please TNA, PLEASE END THIS NOW! The matches between AJ and Daniels or AJ and Kaz, always good. But this storyline has now become so stupid, and the “acting” of Clare is pathetic. She should go back to being in porn (no kidding guys, heard this week, she’s a porn actress…dread to think how bad she is in that!). Surprised a few “big stars” were missing. I mean, I knew AJ Styles was missing, but no Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam, Mr Anderson or Crimson?! (Kidding on the last one…or am I?). Personally I’d have liked to see Hardy vs Bully Ray on this show, or RVD vs Magnus. Strange to see those guys missing.

Positives, I am loving the Aces and Eights stuff right now, and for the second week running, I do like this idea of pinning the blame on one guy. Sure, I still don’t think Storm is behind it, but at least it’s going in a direction rather than just weekly beatings. I also think Wes Brisco has a part in it, not the leader, but one of the gang. I kinda like the current Knockouts storyline. It’s something different, and I’m intrigued to see where it goes. Plus, the sadistic side of me wants to see Earl get his heart broke on TV at some point. I’m pleased to see Kenny King putting in good performances too. I think the guy’s got a good future ahead of him, and I’m glad TNA have signed him up. Would love to see him hold the X-Division title at some point (know it won’t be yet, Ion will most likely hold it till Jesse Sorensen returns). Matches were good, even if a bit short on action during the show. Agree with what Kurt Angle tweeted, I like how no one is unbeaten during the Bound for Glory series. Would be boring if we had another Crimson moment!

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this review.

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