Welcome to A RAW Opinion, I’m Joe and I will bring you through this weeks episode of WWE Raw, Raw is live from San Antonio, Texas tonight, the hometown of Shawn Michaels, and WWE has billed tonight “Shawn Michaels appreciation night”  Brock Lesnar and Triple H are also in the building.  Check back at the top of the hour when WWE Raw goes live!

We start tonights show recapping last Monday night with AJ making last weeks main event.  We have a new theme song and opening video package, very good stuff.

We go live and Justin Roberts introduces AJ.  She announces Big Show VS Randy Orton for tonight, she also books Daniel Bryan VS John Cena.  CM Punk interrupts her and comes out and says he can man up to when he makes a mistake, he did something last week that he wish he never did, he apologized to AJ and said he let emotions get the better of him when he yelled at her, he said the GM deserves to be respected, just like the WWE Champion does.  AJ accepts his apology.  He said people are bound to make big mistakes, like AJ did when she made a match where the champion doesn’t even have to be beaten to lose the title, he asks her to cancel the match.  AJ says he’s right and that she is new and will make mistakes, but the triple threat match is not one the mistakes and her match is going to stand.  Punk asks if this is her getting back at him for not marrying her.  John Cena comes out and goes to the ring, Cena said that Punk has turned into one of those guys that walks out every week and demands respect.  He says that if the title earns respect, Cena has 11 of them and still has to fight each and every week for respect.  Cena and Punk go back and forth until Big Show comes out and ruins a perfectly good segment.  AJ yells for everyone to stop it, she isn’t going to let anything get out of hand on her show, she tells Show and Cena to save their aggression for later, Punk is angry that she gave Cena and Show matches tonight and says the Champion deserves to be in the main event, Punk wants to know his opponent, AJ says she doesn’t know, and she’s going to let the fans choose Punks opponent.  The three choices are The Miz, Kane and Rey Mysterio.  Pretty sure we know who’s gonna win that vote.

Our opening match is CM Punk VS Rey Mysterio, what a shocker…  Very good match, I will say, Rey looks like he’s gained quite a bit of weight.  Rey looked like he was about to get the win after a 619, but Punk put his knees up when Rey went for the splash off the top, Punk hit the Go To Sleep for the win.

Alberto Del Rio goes into AJ’s office he says that he should not have to compete until SummerSlam, AJ says she doesn’t have him scheduled tonight, Alberto says he was worried AJ would do something crazy, AJ says Alberto WILL have a match tonight, and It’s next.

Alberto Del Rio VS Christian is up next.  Del Rio gets the win after a cross ambreaker submission, after taking off his boot and hitting Christian with it.  Sheamus gets on the big screen, Sheamus said he’s going to take Albertos advice and get more classy, starting with the car he drives, Sheamus leaves with Albertos car.

Randy Orton VS big Show is up next.  Really don’t care about either one of these guys.  Both men got counted out after the fight spilled to the outside.  After the match Big Show attacked Orton.  Orton ended up getting an RKO to end the brawl.

Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks taking on RyBerg in a 2 on 1 handicap match.  RyBerg wins, yawn.

Primetime Players VS Epico and Primo.  Funny how I don’t give a rats ass about Primo and Epico when Rosa isn’t around.  Primo and Epico get the win after Kofi and R Truth got involved when PTP tried to leave.

Brodus Clay VS Damien Sandow up next.  Sandow attacked Brodus as Brodus was making his entrance.  Sandow beat him down, picking apart Brodus’ knee.  AJ is in her office, Daniel Bryan is there, AJ says Daniel has definite anger management issues, Daniel says he agrees with her decision to put him in a match with John Cena that way when Daniel beats him, she’ll have to put him in the title match, AJ says Daniel already has a match, against Kane.  They both go back and forth with “no” and “yes”

Kelly Kelly is back, she takes on Eve Torres.  Kelly gets the win after what i thought was a pretty good divas match.

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is in the house!  He comes out next.  Shawn wants to thank the fans for allowing him to be part of history.  He talks about the DX Reunion on the 1’000th episode of Raw.  He said when he heard Raw was going to be in San Antonio, there was no way he was gonna miss this, so here he is.  Shawn gets interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.  Great segment until Brock took the microphone.  Brock was about to go after Shawn until HHH came out.

Alex Riley is in the ring, his opponent is Dolph Ziggler.  Chris Jericho is on commentary.  Alex Riley picks up the upset win after Dolph paid too much attention to Jericho at ringside.

Kane comes out next, his opponent is The Miz.  Kane gets the win after a choke slam, good match between the two.

John Cena VS Daniel Bryan is up next.  Pretty good match between the two, toward the end, Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Daniel turned it into a guillotine.  Cena got out of it by slamming Bryan into the turnbuckle, Bryan reversed the STF and kicked Cena in the head, Cena was able to lock in the STF and Daniel counters into the LaBell Lock, Cena counters and hits an Attitude Adjustment on Daniel for the win.  CM Punk came out from the back and walked to the ring, Cena threw Punk out of the way as Big Show came out from the back, Cena attacked Show, Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment, but Punk attacks him.  Punk tells Lawler that Raw will continue to end the same way, with him standing tall with the title, he gets in the ring, Big Show gets up and Punk goes to kick him, Big Show blocks it and hits the WMD.  Big Show then nails Cena with the WMD as well.  Big Show is the one who ends the show standing, which means next week Cena most likely will be.

Overall, I thought it was a great show, a lot of in ring action, the only bad parts I could tell were Sheamus and his stupid Tout videos with Del Rios car, and Brodus Clay, everything else was actually very good I thought.  I’m going to give this a 3.5/5.  I also enjoyed that they didn’t shove Tout down our throats like they did last week.


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