I got the following via email from THQ…

While supplies last, those who pre-order WWE ’13 at GameStop in the US can get an exclusive in-game CM Punk ice cream bar t-shirt, while in Canada, it comes with all pre-orders placed at EB Games. The t-shirt pays homage to nearly two decades of WWE’s popular dessert manufactured by Good Humor—ice cream bars that featured imprints of several WWE Superstars. Available for purchase in the 80s and 90s, the ice cream bar returned to popularity in 2011 as part of CM Punk’s on-air revolution, which players can now relive again through a digital version.

Ray’s Opinion
I guess getting this t-shirt means more to a gamer than to someone like me who isn’t the biggest gamer. Although I am all for bringing the ice-cream bars back, I just don’t see the big deal of getting an in-game digital t-shirt version of one. I understand what THQ are doing here, it’s a smart way of selling their product. I’m more interesting in reading your thoughts if you’re a gamer. I will be buying WWE’ 13 by the way, it’ll be the first wrestling game since SvR 2011. So please let me know your thoughts!


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