This past Monday on Raw, the main event was John Cena taking on Daniel Bryan. Seeing this match brought back memories of the WWE Velocity days. What do I mean, you might ask? Well, it just so happens that Cena and Bryan are the vocal points of today’s “Remember When”.

Do you remember when John Cena and Daniel Bryan faced each other on Velocity?

Velocity was a low midcard show for Smackdown back in 2002-2006. It mostly featured the underused talent. It was pretty much like what Superstars and NXT are today. Back in February 2003 John Cena was in the midst of his Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick. He had a match at Velocity against a local jobber named Bryan Danielson. On the show, Bryan was billed from Philadelphia even though he’s actually from Washington. I think it was because he was Wrestling for ROH at the time and I believe ROH held most of their shows in Philly.

Anyway The match itself was actually pretty good for a match that was under 4 minutes. John did OK and Bryan definitely held his own against the good doctor. After watching this match, I was surprised that DB wasn’t added to the WWE roster as part of the cruiserweight division. I think he would have added something to it, plus matches with him and Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Tajiri, etc. would’ve been great.

Does it compare to the match they had on Raw last Monday? I don’t think it does given that both guys are now main eventers, are former World Champions, and have a lot more experience. Both of them have definitely come a long way since 2003. I wonder if even they remember that match from Velocity.

2003- Dr. Thuganomics vs. The American  Dragon

2012- The Face of WWE vs. The Goat Face of WWE

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