Shaun is relatively new to the business of Pro wrestling, at 37 years young he started his professional wrestling career slightly later than most.  He is in his second year of pro wrestling and has already achieved some great things.  He is a well known name within the Indy wrestling circuit and has fought for many different promotions in his career to date.

The Hammer stands at a massive 6ft 6 and weighs in at over 18 stone, much bigger than most on the circuit currently.  Despite his massive stature, Shaun is a great technical wrestler and his spears more often than not will be sure to leave a dent!

I caught up with Shaun the week before I go and watch him wrestle at Preston City Wrestling…

  • As a late bloomer to the industry, when did you decide you wanted to wrestle on a professional level?

“I always wanted to be a pro wrestler, but never really knew how to go about it.  I met a wrestler that trained at my gym and we started talking and training together.  Eventually he introduced me to BWA training school, and hey presto – here I am!”

  • I believe you are friends with CJ Banks?  Has he helped you out along the way with training etc?

“CJ Banks is a friend of mine, but we don’t train together.  I respect him so much within the industry.  I see him as one of the best in the UK at the moment.  We became travelling buddies, so we get plenty of time to talk and I take in all the advice he gives me.”

  • What promotions have you wrestled for, and what events do you have coming up next?

“I’ve wrestled for BWA, BWP (Britannia Wrestling Promotions), FSE (Fight Star Entertainment), NPWA (Nitro Pro Wrestling Alliance), All Star Promotions,  Infinite Promotions and PCW (Preston City Wrestling).  I’ve got an event coming up this Friday for BWP and 17th in Preston for PCW.  There are many more over the coming months, I seem to be a busy man these days!”

  • What is your greatest achievement in your wrestling career to date?

“I was crowned the BWA Heavy Weight Champion and BWP Rookie Champion last year.  Both great achievements that I’m very proud of.”

  • How do you deal with such cut throat competition?

“I’m The Hammer, I deal with anything!”

  • Who would be your dream opponent?

“Hmmmm, I’d love to wrestle CJ Banks but would also love to go up against El Ligero, as he’s rated one of the best in the country.  Would be good to see how I fare against him.”

  • Give us some insight into what your typical day of training consists of?

“It’s all about eating well and training heavy.  I’ll do 2 hours hard sets with heavy weights, but always make sure I’m fuelled up with protein.”

  • Any special signature moves?

“No one gets up from my spear!”

  • What do you have that makes you stand out from the rest?

“I’m 6ft 6, 18 stone but still very agile.”

  • Have you always been a wrestling fan?

“Loved wrestling since I was a kid.  Big Daddy era!”

  • Do you now have to do the unmanly thing and wax?

“Waxed once, never ever again.  I’ll stick with the bic!”

  • Who in the wrestling business do you look to for your inspiration?

“I look up to most wrestlers in the business because I know the hard work and determination it takes to perform and look good in the ring.  I am always looking to better myself so I take advice from anyone willing to give it.  It’s what you chose to do with the advice that’s the key to success.”

  • Is it hard being away from home when off doing shows?

“Yes it’s hard leaving loved ones behind, sometimes they come and watch the shows which is always good, and we all have smart phones to keep in touch.”

  • What plans do you have for your future wrestling career?

“I hope to dominate the UK and be recognised as one of the top UK wrestlers here, and if I’m lucky have a chance at cracking the US as well.”

I am looking forward to meeting Shaun ‘The Hammer’ next week at PCW’s One But Not Forgotten event.  Any fellow Ramblers attending feel free to come and find me and say hi.

You can find listings of all up and coming UK Indy events on either the promotions website or @TheIndyCorner on Twitter regularly post updates regarding forthcoming shows.  As I often say, with the big guns coming in from the US we often forget how much great talent we have on our doorstep.  Indy events are really taking off recently and it’s good to see so many people heading out to support the wrestling industry in the UK.

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