TNA Impact Wrestling review for the 9th August 2012 episode

“The King of Twittah”, Bully Ray is first out tonight. Mentions there’s a lot of evidence proving James Storm is behind the Aces and Eights, but before he proves why he’s guilty, he’ll claim a win tonight over Storm, and 20pts at the PPV too. Well, here comes Le Cowboy (“The Cowboy” in french for those who didn’t know :P). Says he’s so damn sick of being so damn sick….whoops, wrong guy. Says he’s sick of this, and repeats he isn’t behind the Aces, before suggesting he kicks Bully’s ass. Bully exits the ring, as the Aces appear on screen. They say Sting has invited them to the show, but they’ll do things on THEIR terms.

Backstage with the Pope. He says the BFG Series hasn’t gone his way, but once he wins 20pts at Hardcore Justice, he’ll be back in the game. Also says if he gets to the final 4, the Title shot belongs to the Pope and the Congregation. ~PHS.

Mr Anderson is out to scout his opponents for this weekend.

BFG Series: Rob Van Dam (28pts) vs Magnus (21pts)

RVD tries to knock Magnus off his feet, fails, and Magnus knocks him outside. Inside, RVD catches Magnus with a couple of kicks, hits the step-over kick and 5 Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (7 BFG points)

Bobby Roode backstage complaining about the contract he’s expected to sign for the World Title match, and says he may just shove the contract up Aries ass, and the match won’t happen. Kinkeh!

We see a look back at the pornstar screeching “DO THE RIGHT THING AJ!”.

TNA Tag Titles Match: Daniels and Kazarian (c) vs Devon and Garrett Bischoff

Devon and Bischoff with quick tags to keep Kazarian in, when he finally tags out though, the tag champs then take their turn to keep making quick changes to keep themselves fresh while beating down Garrett. Hot tag to Devon sees him take down both Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels tries to bring a tag title in, ref stops him. Daniels throws Garrett out, Devon with a spinebuster to Daniels, and Kazarian uses the title to knock Devon out and retain.

Winners and stil TNA Tag Champs: Kazarian and Daniels

We see a lookback at Brooke Hogan getting the Aces trademark. Sting mentions he promised the Hulkster he’d take care of Brooke, so she isn’t here for her own safety. Sting then says Aces pulled a no show last week, and is calling them out this week.

Video hyping the Bound for Glory series seeing those involved in it, talking about ther series and wanting to win.

Robbie E.T. are in the ring. Robbie E brags about having 5 points, Bro! Mentions how he’ll put Jeff Hardy through the table at Hardcore Justice to win 20 more points. Hardy doesn’t put up with this, and comes down. Hardy knocks down Robbie T, and goes after Robbie E. As Hardy goes to suplex Robbie E through the table, Robbie T stops it, and powerbombs Hardy through the table.

AJ Styles is questioned about Clare Lynch. He says a person must be bad at sex if the other person doesn’t remember it, and says he doesn’t drink alcohol. Mentions he’s jetlagged and needs to get focused for his match.

Mike Tenay and Taz run through matches for Hardcore Justice, but are interrupted by Samoa Joe. He says there’s bias in the company and he doesn’t get a chance to speak (despite being in the BFG Series video about 5 mins ago!). Says he’ll be coming for the 20pts this weekend.

BFG Series: AJ Styles (16pts) vs Kurt Angle (41pts)

Pornstar is ringside for this. We barely get any action before a break. From this break, Angle tried to keep Styles grounded, and stops him everytime Styles tries to fight back. Angle strikes with the trifecta of German Suplexes, and AJ replies with the Pele. Both try for finishers and fail, AJ breaks the Ankle Lock and catches Angle with the flying forearm smash and Styles Clash for a close 2 count. Angle with a huge belly to belly suplex off the top rope, only to miss a moonsault. AJ tries for the 450 Splash, Angle gets his knees up, and the Angle Slam to win.

Winner: Kurt Angle (7 BFG points)

As AJ Styles goes to leave, pornstar tries to lift his spirits, and he just ignores and walks off.

Aces with another video backstage. They say it’s a game and they love dealing out the Deadman’s Hand. They reel off their victims, and mention they’ll say who’s next tonight…

Mr Anderson talks with James Storm, and says it’s funny what Storm’s boys just said. Storm replies they aren’t his boys. Anderson tells Storm it always benefits him, and if he gets attacked, they’ll have another discussion, with a different outcome.

Austin Aries is on the phone. He’s asked by the dickhead interviewer about Bobby Roode. Aries says he isn’t a laywer and has nothing to do with the contract, but this should be settled like men so the match can happen at the PPV.

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher

Despite Tessmacher attacking before the bell, Gail is in control for most this match. Tessmacher strikes back with clotheslines and “Asstastic”, blocks an attack by Kim off the turnbuckle and hits Tess Shocker to win.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

Madison Rayne comes down after the match, has a stare down with Tessmacher, before kissing Earl Hebner and leaving.

Joseph Park discusses how he’s been asked about the contract issue between Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Rambles on about some court case, than says he warned Sting how issues between guys like Aries and Roode would cause problems in contract negotiations too.

A lookback video of Kenny King and Austin Aries beating Bobby Roode and Zema Ion from last week, before seeing a package on King, talking about his training and what he wants to achieve in TNA.

Contract signing time, and Sting is in the ring. He calls Aces out once more, before bringing down Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Sting asks what the problem is with the contract. Roode says the problem is, if he loses, he gets no more shots as long as Aries is Champion. Aries butts in and suggests Roode has a little cheese with his whine. Aries thinks Roode is complaining too much about this rematch clause, especially considering Roode thinks the last match was a fluke. Aries suggests to throw the contract out and make a verbal agreement. That clause stays in, but if Aries loses, he doesn’t have a rematch clause. Roode agrees and they shake on it…only before Roode throws water at Aries than runs.

A video of Kid Kash, Gunner, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez discussing Chavo’s debut. Basically it mentions Chavo and Hernandez will face Kash and Gunner at the PPV.

BFG Series: James Storm (66pts) vs Bully Ray (21pts)

Back and forth opening before another early break. Bully with a leglock, Storm turns it on Bully, before Bully makes it to the rope. Bully drops Storm and rains down blows on him, only to miss a headbutt. Storm with a backbody drop and enzuigiri, but he runs into a uranage. Storm blocks a superplex, pushes Bully down off the turnbuckle, only to miss a elbow drop. Bully hits a Bully Bomb, but misses the back splash off the top. Storm strikes with Closing Time, as he goes for Last Call, Bully pulls the ref in the way, Storm goes for a schoolboy pin, Bully kicks out, hits the Bully Cutter and wins!

Winner: Bully Ray (7pts)

Bully Ray keeps an eye out for an attack and tells Storm to send his boys down. The Aces appear on screen, congratule these two on a good match…then warn Bully Ray he’ll see more of them on Sunday. Back to the ring, Bully looks on confused as the show goes off….

Enjoyable show this week with less negatives than last week, and a pretty good match, slap bang in the middle of the show. I think storylines are moving along nicely, and building well for the PPV this weekend. Could tell last week the Aces didn’t appear because they want to do it on their terms, but a bit strange openly inviting them, knowing they are in the building, then not having Sting, Aries, Angle and co trying to find where they were. Could have had them searching, find the room, and find the crew gone. I’m still sure it’s not Storm, and wouldn’t be surprised if at some point, he finally gets attacked. With the Aries/Roode segment, I’m starting to lean towards a Roode win. Arguing with Sting again, and the new clause put in, I can see him cheating to win, Aries having to move back into the pack….and Roode vs Sting giving the Champ something to do before facing his BFG Series opponent (Storm). BFG Series matches were good this week, with Angle/Styles easily the best of the night. Glad it was given enough time, just a shame someone’s face appeared as often as it did. Not much in form of complaints, just pornstar’s appearance (shame she’s still about, hence the title of this article), and Garrett Bischoff in a match!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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