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Monday Night Raw saw the return of the behemoth Brock Lesnar.  Accompanied by the ever brilliant Paul Heyman.  Backstage Shawn Michaels was nervous about running into the ‘man beast’ and quite rightfully so.  On the previous weeks Raw Lesnar chillingly told Michaels he would see him before SummerSlam.  Poor Shawn always ends up smack bang in the middle!  Triple H had been delayed and Michaels was becoming more nervous about being vulnerable at the hands of Lesnar.  The signing was due to take place and still no sign of Triple H.  It didn’t take much goading from Heyman, (who always has a way at getting people to do what he wants) to bring Michaels down to the ring.  Cue Triple H to the rescue!   I have to say I was surprised when the contract signing went down seemingly without a hitch.  But I think we all knew it wouldn’t end there.  Later in the show Lesnar carried out a vicious assault on Michaels leaving him on the mat with a broken arm.  To me this is the ultimate crime!  Michaels is a living legend, a hall of famer, the showstopper, MR WRESTLEMANIA!  Does this indeed make Lesnar the ultimate bad guy?  We all know he is vicious, aggressive and downright angry at the world (perhaps his mother never held him enough as a baby?).  But attacking HBK?  Really?  Being Triple H’s best friend has certainly caused HBK a whole load of grief over the years.

It is said that the Triple H / Lesnar match was destined to be.  I think it could be a storyline that leads to great things!  Lesnar, dubbed ‘the next big thing’ by Heyman became the youngest ever WWE Champion after beating The Rock at SummerSlam in 2002.  An accolade Lesnar and Heyman were very vocal about being proud of.  Claiming nobody could beat him, Lesnar was getting too big for his boots.  Triple H had fought The Rock on the previous weeks Raw and claimed Lesnar owed him a debt of gratitude for giving Rocky a beating and giving him the advantage.  Then came the age old question – ‘are you man enough to play The Game?’  Undertaker also wanted himself a piece of ‘the next big thing’.  A No1 contenders match was to follow.  After attacking Taker with his WWE Championship and the Cerebral Assassin getting the pin, it was decided.  Lesnar would face Triple H.  In a twist of fate Stephanie appeared at the end of the show to nullify the match, wittering on about Lesnar being exclusive to Smackdown.

This was the closest Triple H got to fighting Lesnar.

After Lesnar returned earlier this year, the feud between him and Triple H was obviously going to rear its ugly head.  Some bizarre demands by Lesnar resulted in Triple H making the trip to Monday Night Raw (Starring Brock Lesnar) to put him in his place.  However, he got more than he bargained for.  An attack by Lesnar left Trips with a broken arm.  We all knew vengeance was coming.  A feud that has festered away for 10 years was about to blow up.  After Triple H called Lesnar out at Over The Limit and challenged him to a match at the 25th anniversary SummerSlam PPV I was already excited.  Would Lesnar accept the challenge?  Of course he would!  After some harsh words from Stephanie at Raw 1000, Heyman accepted the challenge on behalf of Lesnar.  Seeing Heyman get his ass kicked by Stephanie left me smiling from ear to ear.  A small taste of the era we all loved so much!

I have no idea what will happen at SummerSlam, I can’t wait for this match.  I would love to see some interference, perhaps from Taker?  Just like 10 years ago.  This will be only Lesnar’s 2nd match since his return.  After losing to Cena, surely WWE can’t have him lose?  That would make him the world’s most expensive jobber!  There were rumours after the match with Cena that Lesnar was not happy that Cena got the upper hand.  He was always going to lose but was apparently unhappy at the fact Cena walked out of the arena when the original plan was to have him stretchered out.  I didn’t like the match much; it was far to UFC esque for my liking.  Any man that can literally fall on his head and get up laughing is not to be crossed.   I’m hoping to see more wrestling this time around.  Triple H is a very worthy opponent and more than capable of beating Lesnar, but things in WWE are never that simple.  I think Brock will definitely have a place at Mania, and I think Taker is the man to show him who’s boss!  Taker didn’t end Triple H, I don’t think he is about to give Lesnar that privilege.

As it’s only a few days until SummerSlam 25 I just had to post this –

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