One of the biggest pieces of Wrestling news this past week was the firing of AW from WWE. He was let go from the company a couple weeks after a controversial Kobe Bryant rape joke he made during a tag match featuring the Prime Time Players and The Colons. AW wasn’t too shy to voice his opinion about it on Twitter. He mentioned a lot of things about WWE, including mentioning Linda McMahon’s campaign, how it’s hard to break the mold nowadays, about the talent being yes men so they could get a paycheck, etc. This week, it’s going to be an AW edition of “Remember When”.

Do you remember when AW was a Wrestler?

When he debuted in FCW back in February 2009 he wrestled under his real name, Brian Jossie. Later on he would be repacked under a presidential gimmick and become the FCW General Manager. His name would also be changed to Abraham Washington. In June 2009, Washington would make his WWE TV debut in WWE ECW with the Abraham Washington show. It was talk show segment featuring himself and later on he would get a sidekick in the form of WWE Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas. One of the most entertaining things about the show was, of course, Atlas’ laugh. It sure made me chuckle every time I heard it.

After ECW folded in February 2010, Washington went back to being an exclusive member of the FCW roster, where he eventually went back to being an active in-ring competitor. As a Wrestler he had pretty good success but nothing too extraordinary. Washington would return to WWE TV in March 2012 as AW. Throughout the weeks, he would talk to and scout talent trying to put some clients in his stable. A couple months later, he officially signed The Colons (Primo & Epico) and Rosa Mendes to his stable. The business relationship didn’t last very long as in June at the No Way Out PPV, AW turned on his clients in favor of the Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil).

The PTP/AW combo seemed to be being pushed with a Tag Title run but thanks to WWE releasing AW, that doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m sure they’ll continue the push with PTP just without AW. Why should Young and Titus get punished for something they had no part of? I guess we’re going to have to wait and see how this turns out.

Here’s AW in action

Here’s the Abraham Washington Show with the sensational Tony Atlas

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