Rumors have been swirling that as Triple H gains more power in WWE, he is looking to push the tag team division more and keep the divas away more. recently reported the following:

“The Wrestling Observer Reporter is reporting those close to Triple H feel as he gains more power in the company—expect more tag team wrestling and less female wrestling.

Reportedly, Triple H has never been high on women’s wrestling. He feels a solid tag team division is very valuable.

While there have been females added to WWE’s developmental as of late, many are expecting Triple H to focus on having a few solid workers in the Divas division and keeping the attention on them.

The days of signing female talents from modeling agenicies and magazines are said to be gone. This is something that took place under the reign of John Laurinaitis in charge of the talent and Triple H is determined to move as far away from that as possible.”

Seth’s Opinion

What is the term for beyond happy? Whatever term you want to use, that’s what I am! On my own blog, I have discussed the need for more real tag teams. I have also discussed how the women in wrestling needs a change. I could not agree more with HHH to have the divas division be small with some quality wrestlers. The rest of the women in WWE can be valets, managers or some other non-wrestling role. Although Triple H’s career has almost entirely seen him as a singles competitor, it is great to see that he sees the value in a tag team division. There used to be so many REAL quality tag teams in WWE and hopefully this is a sign that there will be one again in the future. Triple H has received a lot of criticism with some of his moves, such as signing Sin Cara. The push for a tag team division would see a lot of people feeling better about Triple H gaining more power in WWE. What do you think? Would you like to see a push in the tag team division? Would you like to see even less from the divas? Please share your thoughts!

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