Welcome to the latest “Insight into Impact” review, reviewing TNA’s weekly show, for the episode on 16th August 2012.

The show opens with the TNA World Champion Austin Aries. He says how Bobby Roode has thrown the word “fluke” about for weeks, and he was starting to think his win was a fluke. But winning again proves it was no fluke, and if you still doubt him, remove the “e” from “fluke”, and “Go FLUK yourself”. Mentions he is the face of TNA, and he doesn’t care who wins the BFG Series. Jeff Hardy comes out, first to congratulate Aries, but to warn him too, that Hardy will win the BFG series. Hardy says the Aces cost him at Hardcore Justice, and calls them out, but Bully Ray is here instead. He discusses how the Aces appeared whenever James Storm was in trouble, but he luckily won the match, and will win the series. Aries interrupts saying it doesn’t matter who wins, they’ll have a hard task beating him. Aces and Eights appear on screen, saying Bully got lucky…but tonight they’ll commit to make their presence felt in a BIG way….

We get a lookback at the BFG Series matches from Hardcore Justice. Backstage, Magnus is interviewed about facing Samoa Joe. He says he’s been prepared to face Joe since before he joined TNA, but now he knows Joe the wrestler and Joe the man…and if you can get into his head, you can defeat Joe.

BFG Series: Magnus (28pts) vs Samoa Joe (54pts)

Joe fails for an early submission, before big strikes from each guy. Magnus hits a fallaway slam into a suplex, and Joe responds with a corner splash and boot. Joe fails to hit the Muscle Buster, while Magnus misses an elbow drop. As Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch, Magnus kicks off the ropes, and tries for a pin, only for Joe to counter, and win by a pin of his own.

Winner: Samoa Joe (7 BFG Points)

Samoa Joe taps Magnus on the back and leaves…but Magnus gets a chair, catches up with Joe and swings, hitting Joe in the arm. Joe looks pissed, as Magnus backs off.

Backstage with Madison Rayne who says the greatest injustice in wrestling is solved, as she is finally Champion again. Her fun is stopped by a worker who says Brooke Hogan wants to see her in the ring. Madison thinks it’s party time.

After a break, Madison Rayne is now in the ring. She says it’s important, as the Queen has regained her throne, and she wouldn’t be here without Earl Hebner, before calling him down. Well, while they hug, Brooke Hogan comes out. Brooke says she can’t believe the shady stuff from Hebner, and bans him from working Knockout matches! Brooke also says Miss Tessmacher gets her rematch tonight, with a “special guest referee”. Madison replies that Brooke is just riding on the coattails of her name, and if she wants to make changes, should get in the ring and tell Madison to her face….well, Brooke rushes in, Madison exits the ring! It’s a trap though, because the Aces are in now, cornering Brooke…only to be saved by Austin Aries, Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy and James Storm.

Back from another break, Sting says the Aces have now crossed the line. The Aces run like a pack, well TNA have a pack too. Sting suggests next week, Open Fight Night, they open the show with a fight…

Daniels and Kazarian are discussing a comic book, before they say how AJ Styles is still denying the baby is his, and make fun of Clare Lynch’s looks. AJ appears, suggests he was drugged, and has an idea. If Daniels beats AJ tonight, AJ admits he’s the Daddy, but if AJ wins, he gets a paternity test. Daniels thinks AJ will go “Maury on him”, but Kazarian says he won’t, as Daniels will win tonight.

BFG Series: AJ Styles (36pts) vs Daniels (33pts)

Kazarian gets booted from ringside. AJ has control of the match, until we come back from a break and Daniels has him in a headlock. AJ hits a dropkick, before trying an indian deathlock and single leg crab. Daniels turns it back his way after biting AJ’s hand, and shuts down every attack AJ tries. Daniels though gets too cocky, and allows AJ to powerbomb him out of the corner. AJ rushes at Daniels who drops the top rope, only for AJ to pull Daniels outside too. Daniels whips AJ at the ring, he leaps in, hits the ropes and dives over onto Daniels. As the ref gets AJ back inside, Kazarian rushes down and dives by the apron, telling Daniels what to do. AJ tries to suplex Daniels in, Daniels drops on him and Kazarian holds AJ’s legs allowing Daniels the win! Kazarian celebrates, the ref spots him, cancels the call, only for AJ to hit the Pele on Daniels and win!

Winner: AJ Styles (7 BFG Points)

AJ then hits the Styles Clash on Daniels.

Sting is on the phone to Hulk Hogan. Hulk says he just saw what happened, and when the Aces are called out next week, he’ll be there too. Sting asks again if they should go old school, and Hogan agrees. Sting says “it’s showtime!”.

James Storm is in his dressing room when Jeff Hardy appears. Hardy says he doesn’t care what people say, but the Aces did cost him, and did help Storm twice. Storm says he’s sick of this, and didn’t think Hardy would accuse him, before saying he’ll be ringside during Hardy vs Bully Ray to make sure the Aces don’t turn up.

Video of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries feuding, as well as photos from their Hardcore Justice match.

Well, Bobby Roode now joins us. Says he had a chance to prove A-Double’s win was a fluke, and despite winning, Hebner restarted the match and he’s now empty handed. Mentions he has no rematch, and there’s one person to blame for this: Austin Aries. And Sting. And referees. And us fans too! (I guess we all join together like a MegaZord in Power Rangers, hence 1 person to blame!). Roode says the fans disrespect him, he then stutters on his next move, before leaving.

We get a look at the next TNA GutCheck contestant, who talks about his life. No mention of his name, but I believe it’s an indy star by the name of Lani Kealoha.

Miss Tessmacher and Madison Rayne come to the ring. Brooke Hogan appears on the ramp, and says she is bringing in a phenomenal referee, and introduces Taryn Tarrell…before falling off the ramp. Oh, and a pin dropped during Taryn’s announcement.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne (C) vs Miss Tessmacher

Rayne keeps testing Taryn’s patience, first choking her challenger, and then grabbing Tessmacher’s hair, before trying to cheat during pinfalls. Taryn won’t stand for any of this and lets Madison know. Tessmacher strikes back with clotheslines and a dropkick, only to miss a crossbody, which Rayne goes for a pin, puts her feet on the ropes and Taryn stops the count again. Taryn and Rayne argue, Tessmacher turns Rayne, hits the Tess Shocker and wins her title back!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Miss Tessmacher

Aces and Eights are back on screen, saying it’s the invitation they’ve been waiting for, but Sting should be careful what he wishes for. Another Ace says they have unfinished business tonight, before they all laugh.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy (35pts) vs Bully Ray (48pts)

James Storm sticks to his word and appears during the opening of this match. Bully clubs and beats down Hardy, but lets his guard down when he goes outside to argue with Storm, allowing Hardy the chance to hit a dropkick, and flying clothesline. After a break, Bully has taken over, but misses a splash, allowing Hardy to hit a few signature moves, including the Swanton Bomb, which Bully kicks out of! Bully rolls outside, Hardy leaps over the top, and Bully pulls Storm in to take the blow! Back inside, Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind, and with both guys down, the Aces appear! Austin Aries leads out a TNA gang, who chase the aces out. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate Stunner and then a schoolboy pin for the points!

Winner: Jeff Hardy (7 BFG Points)

Bully Ray lays Hardy out with a clothesline. James Storm rolls in and argues with Bully, Bully pushes him, and as Storm goes for the Last Call, Bully ducks, and Storm hits Hardy! Bully rolls out yelling at Storm, the Aces appear once again. They applaud Storm….then ATTACK HIM! They beat down Storm as the show goes off….

Once again loving the way some storylines are moving along, and even feels like we might be getting towards the conclusion of one storyline that we all want ending (if some sites are to be believed, it could end next week!). Bound for Glory Series is looking good, unsure on who will win the whole thing, but also looks like we could have a few feuds building off this when it’s ended, especially Samoa Joe vs Magnus which I think could be real good. The twist with James Storm now getting attack was expected, although I did think they might do it during one of his matches, to cost him points. Throws it back to “Guess Who” to figure it out…I’m still behind it being Jarrett. I’m a bit unsure on the quick change of Knockouts Champion, seems a bit weird giving it to Madison, only to take it away 4 days later. Also good to see Taryn Tarrell join. Sure, she’s not a big name like Mickie James or Gail Kim coming in (as shown by the crowd reaction), but I think she could do a decent job. Oh, and Brooke Hogan, see you on Botchamania!!

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