WWE SummerSlam 2012 is this Sunday and all the matches have been set in place, aside from the World Heavyweight Championship match. Usually I would purchase the event, but I have decided to keep my money this time around simply because I can think of more reasons why I shouldn’t buy it. WWE hype SummerSlam as the “biggest event of the summer”, and it just doesn’t seem “big” at all. I love wrestling and I’m a big follower of WWE, but nothing in my mind is persuading me to purchase this Pay-Per-View.

Every single person who buys a WWE Pay-Per-View buys it for solely one reason and one reason only; to watch wrestling. I love watching wrestling, but when it comes to WWE, I watch wrestling because of the stories that evolve on Raw and Smackdown. It hypes me up to see the two wrestlers that were feuding with each other to finally get in the ring and settle their differences with one another.

The only match I’m looking forward to in terms of wrestling is Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Kane is facing Daniel Bryan and I can’t remember if WWE even mentioned this last Monday on Raw. On a three hour show with a lot of filler matches, Kane didn’t even appear. The least WWE should have done was cut a backstage promo or vignette to at least grasp some interest for this match. Why should we care for this if WWE doesn’t? That’s just the way I see it.

As of now, there is no match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Alberto Del Rio will probably be granted back his match on Smackdown, but aside from that, his feud with Sheamus is bland, and to be quite honest with you, I have little to no interest in it. When Alberto Del Rio first came to WWE, he was pushed way too quickly, which hurts his whole character. Sheamus is interesting, but his opponent I think otherwise. I know we’ll have to tune into Smackdown to see how the story evolves, but as I said above, the whole world title scene is just bland.

CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship facing Big Show and John Cena in a triple-threat match. This feud seems to be out of focus and I’m not eager to watch this at all, let alone pay for it. The triple threat match would seem like a good main event match on Raw or Smackdown, but for the silver anniversary of SummerSlam, it just doesn’t seem like a big deal. The title doesn’t seem to be prestigious to me.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. The story is okay, but it’s missing something. It will take more than Brock Lesnar appearing for me to buy the Pay-Per-View. I love Brock and followed his MMA career, but I will not buy the event just because he’s a part of it. The match isn’t going to be that great, none of the matches on the card are in my opinion with the exception of Ziggler and Jericho.

That’s another thing. It will be SummerSlam’s 25th year. Should this not be more of a big deal? I would be a lot more interested in the event if WWE promoted it like they did with Raw 1000. WWE showed us why 1000 episodes was a big deal. They needed to do the same with SummerSlam and showcase why SummerSlam, in the eyes of WWE, is the biggest blockbuster of the Summer. Look at all the great moments that happened in the previous 24 SummerSlams. Moments like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth’s wedding, Hulk Hogan returning to face Shawn Michaels, and British Bulldog beating Bret Hart for the ICtitle. WWE should be promoting that something epic will happen at SummerSlam, history will be made… something like that. Something to encourage me to buy the event.

Thanks for reading Ramblers let me know your thoughts.