[The following is from Timmy (welcome back) and George. I put the column together and highlighted Tim’s thoughts in blue while George is black. I will be on in about 2 hours time and will reply to all the comments on Ray’s way along with a reply to this one, enjoy.]

Miz vs Rey.
Rey isn’t a pure hearted wrestler, to me he is the most disgusting wrestler there is, and I will get into that on a later date. As for me hating the Miz…. I got my history with that.



I’ve always hated Twatface Miz, ever since he was the “Chick Magnet” fucktarded idiot hosting a diva search on Smackdown. My fan love for these two are non existent at best. As for the mistake of calling me a Cena fan, I will let that one slide… for now.

Final match Verdict : Winner – The popcorn sales guy, because fans should be doing something more productive in this match, like getting a snack.

I couldn’t disagree with you more about Rey or Miz. If you could back up what you’ve said about Rey’s “ego”, maybe I could see what you’re saying, but I don’t agree. As for Miz’s “lack of mic ability overshadowing his lack of in-ring ability”, are you watching the same Miz as the rest of us? Miz is one of the best mic workers in the company and as for his in-ring work, he’s no worse than others like Cena or Sheamus. Just seems like you’ve got a huge problem with Miz for some reason. Maybe it’s cos he beat Cena in the main-event of WM27, I don’t know.

Jericho VS Ziggles.
While I have missed last weeks Raw, it isn’t always safe to say that anything is over. Vickie is going to do what it takes to make sure Ziggler wins, and while it doesn’t have to be Jack Swagger coming in, I still see a dirty win for Ziggler.

Final Verdict – Winner – Ziggler via outside help

Don’t know if you’ve been watching lately, but the Swagger/Ziggler “alliance” has been over for months, so he’ll have nothing to do with this match.

Del Taco VS Sheamus
Couldn’t agree more, character is a dead horse being kicked. Sheamus gives Del Rio the kick to the face, and the match is done.

Final Verdict – Winner – Sheamus.

All I’ll say is listen to the crowd when del Rio is on live TV. They couldn’t give a shit about anything he does. RR is more over than del Rio is. That says it all. I don’t think anybody wants to see del Rio in the title mix, especially when there are better options there.

Kane vs Bryan
When I say downward Spiral, I don’t mean it in a bad way… Look at him, He lost a chance at becoming WWE champion when he was inches away. He was left at the alter… and to top it off, his ex is now the general manager of Raw. At the same time, tired of fans chanting YES!. He is slowly losing his mind. Kane will be the gateway finish to him. While Bryan will lose the match, he won’t lose the war.

Final Verdict – Winner – Kane, with a chair assault for Bryan after the match.

I don’t see how Bryan is on a downward spiral. He’s still one of the focal points of either show. Bizarre statement.

Lesnar vs HHH
Don’t get me wrong, I understand his Retirement from Fighting… but UFC was/is trying to branch out in other forms. He could have easily stay with UFC, to help build its name. He was on that training show (Which I didn’t hear good things about him) and could have been a trainer to push fighters to be as tough as him. The simple truth is, instead of taking the backstage, not so glamorous style of helping someone, he shows to be a passionless sellout only there for one reason… money… and that is why he is here in the WWE, to make money. Do I think he will just lay down 1 2 3? No, I do see a fight between him and HHH, but what does HHH gain from losing… the thing is, if lesnar loses, he can still spin this around like with Cena, and say while he lost, he still left the face of the company a bloody mess… I see a repeat of Extreme rules coming up. Lesnar loses but looking dominate.

Final Verdict : HHH wins, but is carried off. 

What’s the point of bringing Lesnar in to have him job to everyone? Make him a monster, so that when he finally does lose, it means SO much more. As for him wimping out of UFC when it got hard, he could have died from the illness he had, so he hardly jumped away for nothing.

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