Hey ramblers, I just wanted to write a post regarding the future of Wrestling Rambles and stuff like that. The site has truly grown over the last six months and it’s becoming a more fun place to read everyday. As the owner I feel you should all be updated and hopefully after posting this more of you will comment. I know what it’s like to read on wrestling sites but I always had the urge to let other people know my opinion; that’s exactly why I created Wrestling Rambles.

I also wanted to thank everyone who takes time out of their day to write, read, provide graphic work and comment on the site. I honestly never expected WR to grow as big as it has. I don’t think I had planned or ever expected it to attract so many people to come and write, read and comment here. I’m not trying to sound cocky or anything but I’m proud how much it has grown since the very first post. We have people from all over the world reading here from England, Ireland, America, India, Canada and many other countries. We’re a community and want all wrestling fans to be a part of it.

I just want to share with you all how we picked the name ”Wrestling Rambles”. Originally the site was called ”ourwweviews.wordpress.com”, in fact, if you type in that URL it will direct you to here. I was chatting with Jordan one day when I decided to get a little more serious with the site. Jordan, Hasnan and Emma are a big reason why it is still here today may I add. They were the ones who helped get it off the ground. So we were chatting and we decided the name ”ourwweviews” sucked. So we exchanged name ideas if I recall correctly — for about 45 minutes. We were high on the name ”Rambles” so J suggested ”Ring Rambles”, ”Ringside Rambles”. But since we were a specific website on wrestling, I said ”Wrestling Rambles” sounds much better. So we went with that. $80 later and here we are! Now we attract writers from Bleacher Report to write here.

We have teamed up with one of our writers, Richard, who created and edits his wrestling fanzine. A tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into it and I urge you to order it. It costs just £2 plus P&P. I’m telling you, there is nothing like holding it in your hands. The second edition is coming out VERY SOON and you can pre-order it here – http://callingspots.com/. All the information you need regarding the fanzine is available on his website and if you have a question for him ask him via his email and twitter. All info is on his site so check it out.

You would have noticed over the past few weeks that we covered some news topics. We’re slowly expanding at a satisfying pace. Tony Kegger’s column on Wizard World ended up on practically every big wrestling site out there including ProWrestling.Net, Bleacher Report and our buddy’s over at WrestleChat.net. We will continue to update you all with news and eventually, we’ll have 6-8 columns/news up each and every day. But when the site gets to that level, we will more than likely be opening a discussion forum to ramble. I think that’s the idea but trust me, it is a good bit down the line. Perhaps 2-3 years to be at that level.

We started our very own Rambling Personalities podcast. We were delighted with our first guest, Adam Cole. Listen to it at this link – http://wrestlingrambles.com/2012/08/18/rambling-personalities-exclusive-interview-with-adam-cole/ . Our second guest will be none other than Gabe Sapolsky. Gabe created ROH, DGUSA & EVOLVE. He’s a very smart booker and we can’t wait to interview him. If it wasn’t for him, wrestlers like CM Punk, Austin Aries, Daniel Bryan may not be where they are today.

Now that you have an idea where WR is going, we hope you continue to read on here and maybe even join in on the discussions because that’s why it was created. I know it’s simpler to talk about wrestling on Twitter, Facebook and such but I think you would love to be a part of the community here. I wrote a guide on how to comment, I urge you to check it out. http://wrestlingrambles.com/how-to-comment/ . There is also a WordPress app you can get which is really neat. To comment you don’t even need to enter an email address or have an account. It explains all on the tutorial post I wrote.

So from all of the writers, graphic artists, commenters and readers, I thank you and really appreciate you coming here to read and discuss our rambles. In the words of Mick Foley…