Welcome to the introductory article of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Russo!” Yes, the name is a spoof of a British margarine advert, but I’m in very real danger of digressing already! Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at booking different scenarios. Some might be historical, some might look forward at how things could be booked and others might well be critiques at how angles/characters have been booked and how they perhaps should have been done. At this point it’s a massive step into the unknown, but one that I’m excited to pursue and see how it turns out.

Regarding Ringside Review. I’m not intending for “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Russo” to be a replacement column, more just a way to allow me to do something different and share thoughts I have with an audience. So in short, Ringside Review will not be dying!

Anyway, I think that’s enough of an introduction. Time to move on to a topic which doesn’t need one: the New World Order.

I recently wrote an article over at Calling Spots (shameless plug), where I discussed why I don’t really believe the stable should be revived in any way, shape or form. While I still subscribe to that viewpoint (although writing this has got me psyched up for a revival IF it was done right), I couldn’t get the question out of my head: If I was in WWE creative, and I had to revive the NWO, how would I do it? A lot of the following is has been pulled from nowhere, so it is going to have gaps, but I think that I’ve come up with a scenario that could potentially make an NWO revival work and succeed a decade after the group’s final appearance.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be plotting how the WWE could bring back the iconic stable in a whirlwind time-span of about eight weeks. The angle would begin three weeks before Survivor Series right through to the night after the TLC Pay-Per-View where we’d see the revival of the New World Order.

Three weeks before Survivor Series: Vince McMahon would come out promoting this year’s event. He would then go on saying that at this event eleven years ago, he completing his greatest ever achievement in ending the Invasion, crushing the threat of WCW once and for all. Of course, this being wrestling, he is going to be interrupted. The name I’m going to go for is going to be controversial, but I think he could be sensational as a monster heel. Enter Brodus Clay. Brodus comes down to his music, but there’s no girls, none of the usual shenanigans that go with his gimmick. He comes to the ring, jumps Vince then retreats to the back. No words, no explanation, nothing.

The following week on Raw, we see the aftermath of the attack. It’s revealed Vince is still in hospital, and it’s announced that Brodus Clay will explain his actions this week. Brodus comes out, complete with his dancing gimmick in toe. He reaches the ring, smiles a goofy babyface smile and throws his mic down on the floor. Enter the monster. He gives an evil at the girls who flee in terror, who realise this isn’t the same man they’ve been hanging out with for the previous eleven months . Brodus cuts a short promo: “I’m business for myself now. I’ve had enough of pleasing everyone else. I’m my own man, and I don’t need to explain myself to the likes of you”. Brodus storms back up the ramp, with the crowd booing him like crazy.

The week before Survivor Series: Vince McMahon returns from hospital on TV at the top of the show. Vince cuts a promo to the jist of: “Brodus Cray wants to be his own man? Fine by me. But no-one crosses Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Come Survivor Series, Brodus is going to realise that every action has a reaction, and by God is he going to feel the consequences of his actions. On Sunday, Brodus Clay is going to be in a no-DQ handicap match against the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and….Wade Barrett. Oh, and if you happen to lose, then YOOOOU’REEEE FIIIIIIIRED!”

Enter Survivor Series. After a few matches in, the camera cuts away to Barrett lying motionless. This takes him out of the match, leading to it being changed to a 1-1 match up instead. The match is even, Sheamus is still playing the Super Sheamus character, but Brodus is shown to dominate him in parts. This will keep Sheamus strong for the future while elevating Brodus to being able to withstand Sheamus and not be pinned. After about 15/20 minutes both men are down. It’s a stalemate. Dolph Ziggler comes down from the crowd, suitcase in hand. He pauses outside, puts the suitcase down and goes to crab a chair. By this time, Brodus would have gotten to his feet unsteadily; Sheamus would be starting to stir. Ziggler looks at the chair, at Brodus and at the briefcase. Ziggler hands the chair to Brodus. Brodus proceeds to beat the crap out of Sheamus with the chair. Brodus gets the 1-2-3. After the match is over, Ziggler leaves with his briefcase, seemingly satisfied with his night’s work. Brodus looks down at Sheamus and eventually leaves, as the show carries on (obviously Cena is going to be main eventing against someone).

I feel the need to address something here. This may seem like an absolute waste of Wade Barrett’s return, but it will come together. With Barrett set up to face a freshly turned Brodus Clay, we’re teasing a Barrett babyface turn. Over the coming weeks, Barrett is going to be trying to figure out who jumped him at Survivor Series. Eventually, after the NWO is up and running again, it will be revealed that the NWO were the orchestrators behind his assault. Barrett will be in the ring face to face with the trio. He’ll be told: “You’re either with us…or you’re against us.” Barrett would end up joining them, figuring that he’d much rather be on the side of the NWO than against them. Something akin to Steve Austin’s logic in teaming with Triple H. Prior to his injury, Barrett was being pushed towards the top of the card, so I don’t think his inclusion in the group would dilute it whatsoever. In my opinion, WCW caused irreparable damage to the group by having guys who no-one cared about join it. I would not be making the same mistakes.

So, this concludes part one. Hopefully you’re intrigued with how everything’s shaping up, and if you are then I’m doing my job as a writer. If you’re bored already, then I urge you stay patient. This is only the first three weeks of the angle, and things are really about to hot up over the next four weeks in the build up to TLC. I hope you’ll come back next week to see how the angle evolves and grows!

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