So last week I headed to Preston City Wrestling for the One But Not Forgotten one year anniversary show.  After getting lost, as typical women do we arrived at Preston’s Lava & Ignite club. I was surprised by the set up, very good indeed. The ring situated under a giant chandelier, I have to admit looked amazing! Having missed out on seated tickets and only being 5ft I chose my place to stand for the best view. Standing anywhere in the venue still left you no more than a few feet from the action. I didn’t know at the time but I’d stood where the wrestlers make their entrance, an added bonus to my first show. The ring announcer (a handsome chap) came out first followed by Des, the referee. Des seemed very popular with the fans. As it was the anniversary show, Steven Fludder (owner and organiser) came to the ring to say a few words. Doing his best Vince swagger he entered to ‘No Chance in Hell’ I nearly pissed myself laughing! By this point the venue was packed, tickets sold so well for this event Lava & Ignite amended their insurance policy so even more tickets could be sold on the door.

 There was action aplenty from the outset.  I have picked my favorite matches and highlights from the night.

The first match of the night was a six way match for the brand new PCW Cruiser Weight Championship. After fan favorite Dave Rayne failed to make the weight requirement all that was heard were chants of ‘we want Dave Rayne’, after some discussion and sulking on the part of Rayne, he was not allowed to fight.  Noam Dar took on and beat 5 other fellas to become the first ever PCW Cruiser Weight Champion.  It was a well deserved win.  Dar is an excellent wrestler and never disappoints in the ring.  This year at PCW he has already fought AJ Styles and is due to take on John Morrison in December.  I think big things are headed his way, and well deserved it will be!

CJ banks did not disappoint me. My favorite Indy wrestler on the British circuit. I love his bad ass attitude and swagger. He’s got the moves to back it up as well! He entered drinking a bottle of beer and generally playing the audience as he got booed to hell! His talents were somewhat wasted in this match up against Kay Lee Ray, PCW’s resident diva. As good as Kay Lee is, I would have liked to see CJ in a proper match up. Although CJ was victorious, he limped away from the ring after a massive hit to the goolies! I love the fact that PCW isn’t afraid to have these sorts of matches, although CJ didn’t hit Kay Lee, they still had a decent match. Something we don’t see in televised wrestling!

We all knew Davey Richards was in the house, he got a great reception upon entering the ring; even if t was go give Dave Rayne a bit of a pasting! During the interval you get a picture in the ring with Davey which I thought was great. A wide range of merch was also on sale. WWE, TNA and stuff from the Indy guys was all available to buy.

Then u saw it… The biggest belly button I have ever seen. As big as a saucer! Yes it was time for Dave Mastiff v El Ligero. Ligero is a magnificent fighter. At home on the top rope, agile, and very popular with the crowd. Mastiff, the self proclaimed ‘bastard’ is a beast if a man. I was surprised I enjoyed this, I expected mastiff to be stiff and slow, he wasn’t. He played the crowd amazingly and bust some great moves; I would hate to have been on the receiving end of some of those slams! Mastiff defeated Ligero.

As I’d interviewed The Hammer a few weeks earlier I was looking forward to his match. When he came out I was taken aback by just how big he is. He is a giant of a man, dwarfing the tiny Jonathan Gresham he was up against. A good match, was happy to see The Hammer win. For such a big guy he is extremely agile and fast. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

The main event saw a fatal 4 way for the PCW Championship. Current champion T Bone was to defend against Dave Mastiff, Lionheart, Davey Richards and.  A great match, with lots of great wrestling. Lionheart was the victor and new PCW Champ. It was great to see, a favorite of mine and certainly a fan favorite win on the night. The ‘Scottish’ celebration continued in ring for a good few minutes.

Until… Cue Kris Travis. As promised he was here to cash in his MITB brief case. I wondered if he was going to. Earlier in the show he had bust himself up pretty bad in a match up with Rampage Brown and dislocated his shoulder (for real), but after some medical attention he was back and ready to cash in. The crowd love him. He has that certain swagger everyone loves and is a great wrestler. Lionheart held the ropes for him and in the ring he went. The bell rang. It was like watching Sheamus and Bryan at Wrestlemania all over again. It was over that fast. Lionheart’s reign was short and sweet. Fair play to Travis, he must have been in massive amounts of pain, but celebrated his win with fans before leaving.

I had a great time at PCW and will most certainly try to get to as many shows as possible. A very cheap price considering the caliber of wrestling and quality of the set up. All this after just one year? Imagine where PCW could be in a few years time. It’s no wonder its one of Britain’s fastest growing promotions. Well done PCW and happy anniversary. I’m sure many more will follow.

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