Welcome to my latest “Insight into Impact”, where I will be giving you the lowdown on TNA’s Impact Wrestling episode from the date of 23rd August 2012, and adding my thoughts on the show too.

So, the show opens with the Aces and Eights riding motorbikes into the parking lot of the Impact Zone, and to me, there seems MORE than usual. From that, an opening video lookback at all that’s happened with this rebellious group.

After the video, Sting leads out TNA’s “pack”, consisting of: Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Devon, Garrett Bischoff, Gunner, Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson, AJ Styles, Daniels, Kazarian and Robbie T with Robbie E. Sting gets on the mic and calls the Aces out, saying he has left the gate wide open for them, before we see a lookback in stills at the attacks. Sting then says 1 guy was doubted, but the doubt has gone, and calls for James Storm. The cowboy joins the gang, and says the evidence was pointing at him, so he can understand the doubt, but now it’s time to turn this into an asswhooping show. Sting says the Aces pissed off a big bad bear when they went after Brooke Hogan. Well, two Aces appear through the crowd, and when they get in the ring, Storm and Angle jump them, beating them down. One guy is unmasked, and Sting allows him to speak…the guy laughs thanking Sting, as now this member is “patched in”, before telling Sting they’re all in for a “long painful night”…

After a break, Miss Tessmacher makes her way down. She thanks Brooke for “righting the wrong” from the PPV, and says tonight is personal for her. She always wonders if she can beat the one person who taught her everything and has been her mentor: Tara. You know, with all this Aces stuff going on, I forgot it was Open Fight Night. Oh, also, Taryn Terrell came out to referee it, I guess she’s the official Knockouts ref now.

Miss Tessmacher vs Tara

Both ladies with a takedown and armdrag, although Tessmacher messes her armdrag up. Back and forth encounter, until Tara pushes Tessmacher, who responds with a couple of shots, and hesitates punching Tara in the face. Shoulder to the gut and a slam from Tessmacher, she decides to go to the top, but takes too long, Tara slaps her, superplex off the top and pins Tessmacher to win.

Winner: Tara

After the match, Tara hugs “her boo”, and Tessmacher doesn’t look too pleased as she leaves..

TNA show a look back at the Aces damaging Pope’s shoulder, and then show a tweet from The Pope confirming he’s injured and out of the BFG Series.

Sting is backstage with Rob Van Dam, AJ Styles and Robbie E.T. He says they need to do damage control with the Aces, and discusses how these 3 were meant to face Pope at Hardcore Justice. Well, because it didn’t happen, he’s setting up a Triple Threat for them tonight…bit confused at that, because only RVD was scheduled in that 4-Way. Sting also bans Robbie T from ringside.

BFG Series: Robbie E (5pts) vs Rob Van Dam (55pts) vs AJ Styles (50pts)

Robbie E is ping-ponged between RVD and AJ, they knock him outside and try for pinfalls on each other, and whenever Robbie tries to get back in, he’s stopped. After a short break, Robbie E knocks RVD off the apron, and gets in to attack AJ. RVD then pulls Robbie E outside, as they fight, AJ flies over the top onto both guys. AJ knocks down Robbie E, only for RVD to hit him with a spring kick off the ropes, and rolling thunder. RVD knocks Robbie E outside again, and AJ goes for the moonsault-into-DDT combo, but it goes wrong and looks awkward. RVD then catches AJ with a kick, goes to the top, takes too long, AJ stops him, only to have RVD push him down, hit the 5 Star Frog Splash…and Robbie E slides in, pinning RVD to steal the win!!

Winner: Robbie E

Jeff Hardy is next out. He says tonight won’t be a BFG Series match, but recent history is the explanation for this match…as he’s calling out Big Robbie T!

Jeff Hardy vs Robbie T

Hardy ducks a clothesline, but the second one from Robbie T catches him, and even when Hardy tries to leap over Robbie T, he’s caught for a powerslam. Hardy gets an elbow up as “Big Rob” rushes at him, whisper in the wind hit for 2. Inverted atomic from Hardy, Robbie T kicks him away but then walks into a Twist of Fate, and Swanton Bomb from Hardy to win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Backstage to Kazarian and Daniels. Kaz says tonight the “redneck” will add another to his clan, while Daniels says AJ thinks he has the answers, but hasn’t heard all the questions yet….Roddy, is that you?!

From that, Sting speaks to the camera, asking the Aces to come out of hiding, and to come find him backstage.

We get a recap video of the horrendous AJ Styles/Clare Lynch stuff. From that, Jeremy Borash is in the ring to do the paternity test results. AJ Styles is back down, and says sorry to everyone who’s had to go through with this crap (see, even he agrees!), and if he is the Dad, he’ll be a man and do the right thing…because “I’m a man, I got a beard!”. Wait, wrong man. AJ’s a “man who will accept his responsibilities”. JB calls for Clare, but instead Kazarian and Daniels appear. Kaz blames AJ for violence and “bastard childs being in prison”, while Daniels informs AJ that Clare is in hospital with “placental disruption”, caused by stress due to AJ not being there for her. As Daniels shouts at AJ, a woman walks down the ramp. She introduces herself as Clare’s lawyer. Daniels isn’t happy about this, and gets told to “back off”. The woman reads out a statement that reads Clare was approached by Daniels and Kazarian to BLACKMAIL AJ, she spiked his drink to take the photos, and has NEVER been pregnant….Popeye and Olive Oyl had a girl didn’t they? Back on topic, the statement ends with an apology to AJ, and hope he’ll forgive her. The lawyer and JB leave, AJ hits a Pele Kick to Daniels, Kazarian gets outta there, and drags Daniels out the ring! NO MORE CLARE, NO MORE SILLY CRAP….NO MORE “DO THE RIGHT THING AJ!!! DO THE RIGHT THING!!!”


What time is it? Vad…nah, it’s GutCheck time. The guy is introduced as Kris Lewie (as I said last week though, he’s Nashville indy star, Lani Kealoha). Basically his video says sees him talk about his family, how he’s hungry for this chance, and he’s more motivated than any other GutCheck competitior…and half the TNA locker room too!

Aces and Eights gangmembers walking backstage, and Sting appears. Asks them if they have more games to play, then plays “52 Card Pick-Up” with them…before throwing a baseball bat over their shoulders to Hulk Hogan! Hogan with 1 swing knocks all 3 guys down, and threatens if they look at Brooke again, he’ll cut their heart out, and feed it to his dog. Hogan snarls, Sting calms him down saying “Hulk is back…and IT’S SHOWTIME!”.

Video of Alex Silva at OVW, talking about how he got a 2nd chance thanks to Ric Flair stopping his promo, and how GutCheck has given him an opportunity to be a TNA star.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Kris Lewie, runs through the usual GutCheck spiel, then brings out Lewie’s opponent…Gunner!

Kris Lewie vs Gunner

Gunner slaps Lewie’s chest, Lewie responds with 2 armdrags and a shoulder block, but can’t pin Gunner. Gunner turns the tables with a thumb to the eye, a clothesline and strikes with his elbow too. As Gunner rushes at Lewie, Lewie dodges and Gunner hits the turnbuckle. Lewie with punches, flying clothesline, a butt bump and samoan drop, only to miss a flying headbutt, Gunner lifts him and hits the fireman’s carry facebuster to end this match.

Winner: Gunner

ODB on the phone to Eric Young, and complains again that she sent him off for fried chicken and beer….and he’s disappeared. Tells EY she knows he is a big fishing star now, but he needs to…and I quote: “put his fishing rod in her lakes. BAM!”. ODB ends the call and chases off after some guy off camera.

Mr Anderson is now in the Impact Zone. Says tonight is his last BFG Series match, and he’s saved the biggest, baddest, toughest, meanest guy for last: Bully Ray.

BFG Series: Mr Anderson (40pts) vs Bully Ray (48pts)

Slow start to the match with Bully Ray outsmarting anything Anderson tries. After a break, Bully is still in control, until missing a splash off the middle rope. They trade blows, Anderson with a comeback of clothesline, elbow and swinging neckbreaker, as he tries for thr Green Bay Plunge, Bully drops on Anderson’s neck. Bully goes to the middle rope again, Anderson stops him and hits the Plunge this time. When Anderson goes to the top, Bully blocks any attack and hits a superplex. We cut to backstage, and see Robbie T, Gunner and Kurt Angle beat down a couple of Aces and Eights! Back to the action in the ring, Anderson ducks a big boot, but gets caught for a Bully Bomb. Bully tries for a second, it’s countered into a DDT, then Anderson hits the Kenton Bomb for a very close 2 count. Bully tries for a Bully Cutter, Anderson spins it into the Mic Check for 7pts!

Winner: Mr Anderson

(Side note: Those 7pts aren’t enough to put Mr Anderson into the top 4, so his series is over. Current top 4 are: James Storm (66pts), Samoa Joe (61pts), Rob Van Dam (55pts), AJ Styles (50pts). Just outside those 4 are: Kurt Angle and Bully Ray, tied on 48pts).

Aces and Eights in their “hideout”, saying TNA have played their game tonight, and made TNA wait. But in 3 minutes 30 seconds, they’ll unleash hell and deal the Deadman’s hand.

Those 3 minutes 3 seconds (aka adverts) end, and Sting leads the TNA crew out again (minus Styles and Storm). Sting says how they are passed 3mins 30secs, so it’s time to fight. The Aces appear from all angles, and we have an all out brawl!! It’s kicking off in the ring, around it, and now backstage as Hulk Hogan, AJ and Storm are fighting Aces too. Back to ringside, we see the brawl move out to the parking lot, apart from Aries, RVD and Hardy who are in the ring. Aries dives through the ropes onto 4 Aces, and another brawl is happening! Backstage again to see Hogan, Storm and Styles in control, then quickly back to the ring. Not sure where Hardy and RVD are, but a HUGE Ace clobbers Aries, and it’s suddenly 5-on-1. The Aces bring in a part of the barrier, and a chair, set the barrier up on the top turnbuckle, put Aries arm on it…and smash the chair on his arm, “breaking” it. Bully Ray finally rushes in and chases them off with his chain. Next thing we see, the Aces ride off into the night, as the TNA logo appears…

WOW. What a chaotic end to the night. I really didn’t see this end coming, especially with the Aces “breaking” Aries arm. Adds an interesting twist, to both the storyline and what happens next for Aries. Obviously makes me wonder whether the Aces will be that brutal again in any of their next attacks, as they step up their assaults. It also makes me wonder how they’ll play this off with Aries, I’m guessing he’ll be wrestling with a cast on his arm, so he doesn’t give his title up, or possibly even sit out No Surrender. Interesting to spot Bully Ray wasn’t in the brawl till the end, think now the finger will be pointed at him, just like it was at Storm. SO glad Clare Lynch stuff is over, and she is now gone. I don’t agree with the hassle and abuse she got sent to her personal website, but I’m just thankful she is off TNA TV for good. I gotta say it was a good way to wrap it up, and made sense to say AJ was “drugged” for the photos, and it was all blackmail. Now to finish this storyline and move AJ on to something else. GutCheck, I wasn’t keen on Kris Lewie. I honestly felt he was trying too hard to be impressive, and don’t think he was that good. I’m thinking he may be the second guy to be told “No”. Despite the odd mistake in one or two of the matches, I felt they were entertaining matches, with Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson being my favourite of the night.

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