Welcome to another edition of A RAW Opinion, this week, the WWE is hyping Triple H will be on the show to deliver an announcement having to do with his future in a WWE ring.

We open up with a video package hyping up last week when Cena interrupted Punk and then the Jerry Lawler attack by Punk.

We go live and Jerry Lawler leaves the announce table, he goes in the ring and calls for a microphone.  Lawler says after last week, he wants an apology from CM Punk for being kicked in the back of the head.  CM Punk comes out, Punk asks if he really wants an apology for doing his job.  Punk quotes what Lawler said at the end of the 1000th episode of Raw when he said Punk turned his back on the crowd.  He says he’s a man and will apologize, he apologizes that all it takes to get into the HOF is by beating nobodies in Memphis and getting in a slap war with a comedian.  Punk and Lawler go back and forth, Punk asks Lawler if he isn’t then best in the world then who is?  Punk then asks Lawler if he wants to fight him, and leaves the ring with Lawler looking on.

Jack Swagger is in the ring, his opponent is RyBerg.  Thanks for comin Swagger.  Boring.

Natalya is in the ring, her opponent is Layla.  Vickie Guerrero comes out before the match starts, she said to hurry up with the match because she has an announcement to make.  Layla gets the win, terrible camerawork, they paid very little attention to the match and showed Vickie waiting impatiently on the steps.  Vickie sent Layla away and announced that last week AJ put Ziggler and Jericho in a match with the stipulations on the line, she said it is an abuse of power and is completely unfair.  She said nobody has the guts to stand up to AJ except for her.  Vickie wants the Board of Directors to put Raw back in the hands of an adult, and not some deranged child, AJ came out and slapped Vickie hard across the face and the two had a cat fight in the ring until Vickie ran away.

Daniel Bryan is shown going to anger management group therapy, the doctor says that they’re waiting for one more person, a little kid walks in with a goat mask, Daniels gets pissed off and screams at him, the doctor says its his son and hes a goat for his school play.

Jerry Lawler goes in the ring and runs down a list of names he beat in Memphis.  Lawler accepts CM Punks challenge for tonight.

John Cena comes out next, his opponent is The Miz.  Cena gets the win in a pretty good match with the Attitude Adjustment.

AJ is giving fans the option of what kind of match Lawler and Punk have tonight.  Cage match, tables match or No DQ match.

More Daniel Bryan anger management class videos.  Kane comes in as the patient they were waiting for, Daniel is pissed, funny stuff.

Heath Slater comes out next, his opponent is Santino.  Stupid match, boring chants throughout.  Santino went for a Cobra, Aksana came out, Slater spun Santino around and got hit with the Cobra for the win.

Brodus Clay is out next for a tag team match, his tag partner is Sin Cara, their opponents are Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes.  Brodus Clay and Sin Cara win, I didn’t pay attention to this match, I don’t care for Clay or Sin Cara.

Moe anger management videos, the doctor wants Kane to take off his black mask, he does and his red mask is underneath it.  He says he’s the devils favorite demon, Kane is asked what makes him angry.  Kane goes on and on about his life, HILARIOUS STUFF!

I’m getting pretty tired of all of these Triple H video packages, we all know he isn’t retiring.

R Truth is out next, his opponent is Daniel Bryan.  R Truth got the win by count out after Daniel snapped and started yelling “No” at the fans.

Up next, Triple H updates his future.  Triple H comes out, he says lets just cut to the chase, everyone wants to know if he’s going to retire, he said there’s one thing he’s learned in WWE, never say never.  He said when he started his career there was two things he wanted to accomplish, he says that everyone comes to a crossroad in their career and you have to ask yourself if It’s time, time if the one thing you can’t fight because it will win.  He says he never wanted to be the guy that hung on too long.  He says for the first time in his career he finds himself at that crossroad, and Brock made him ask himself if he’s done, Triple H says he doesn’t know.  He’s beat up, he’s more tired then he’s ever been  in his life, he’s broken, again.  Triple H says he wants to be the cerebral assassin, he wants to be the game, he wants to be Triple H, he wants to rise up and kick Brock Lesnars ass because that’s what he does.  Thats what he wants to do, but he can’t because he doesn’t know if he can.  Brock has forced him to look inside himself and ask if he’s done.  He goes on to say he doesn’t know if he’s done or not, but he wants to thank the entire audience for making him feel special.

Up next, Randy Orton and Sheamus VS Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.  Ziggler came out to Jerichos music at first.  Sheamus and Orton got the win.  Ziggler was about to hit Sheamus with the briefcase and Orton took him out from behind, Ziggler turned around and got hit with the Brogue Kick.

Zack Ryder is on Raw!!!  Kane is at commentary, Zacks opponent is David Otunga.  Cole is trying to talk to Kane throughout, Zack Ryder wins!  Kane gets in the ring afterward and grabs Ryder by the throat, Kane lets him go and delivers a choke slam on Otunga.

CM Punk VS Jerry Lawler, the match they will be in is a steel cage match.

AJ comes out next and says that regardless of the outcome of tonights match, CM Punk will defend the WWE Title against someone of her choice, she chooses Cena.

Up next is the steel cage match between Lawler and CM Punk.  CM Punk is giving Lawler the first shot, Lawler sends him to the floor with it.  Punk bled quite a bit during this match, Punk made Lawler tap with the Anaconda Vise.  Punk went under the ring and pulled out a chain afterward, he chained the cage shut with him and Lawler inside.  Punk has a microphone with him, he want Lawler to tell him he’s the best in the world.  Lawler says “hell no” and Punk beats on him and he takes a microphone again and puts it in Lawlers face, Lawler doesn’t answer and Punk beats on him some more, Cena runs to the ring and tries to rip the door off.  Cena wants the cage lifted as Punk continues the beating.  The cage lifts up and Punk leaves before Cena can get to him.  The show ends with officials tending to Lawler.

Overall I thought this weeks show was pretty good, not as good as last week I think, but it was good.  I’ll give it a 3/5 this week.  Glad that Zack Ryder was not only on Raw, but won, but Kane in anger management was hilarious and one of the best things of the night.