WWE has launched a new television show called Saturday Morning Slam, which is geared towards a younger audience and features an interesting rule.

According to Wrestling News World:

“WWE Saturday Morning Slam premiered Saturday morning on the CW Network. Matches taped for the show feature a no-contact rule to the head/neck region, making bouts appropriate for children. WWE highlighted the rule in information sent out to cable and satellite provides:

‘Tag-team champion Kofi Kingston is in action in the premiere of this pro-wrestling series intended for children. WWE stars are profiled and community initiatives are highlighted, while featured matches bar any moves or holds aimed at the neck.’ “

Seth’s Opinion

Obviously since the show is geared towards the younger audience, I have a feeling that most people in the IWC will have little interest in the show. With that said, it is interesting to discuss the no contact rule to the head/neck region. Is Vince McMahon a wrestler promoter or the owner of a sports entertainment company. Although the PG era issues bother me at times, WWE is still a wrestling show. Saturday Morning Slam is becoming less of a wrestling show and more of an entertainment show.

What do you think? Is Saturday Morning Slam good for WWE? How do you feel about the no contact rule to the head/neck region?


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