Last Monday on Raw, Jerry Lawler main evented Raw in a Cage match with WWE Champion CM Punk. Since Lawler seemed to be one of the main focal points on Raw this week, I’m going with a Jerry Lawler edition of “Remember When”.

Do you remember when Jerry Lawler invaded ECW?

It was June 1997, ECW had an event called “Wrestlepalooza”. One of the matches at that show was Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven. After a lengthy battle and numerous interferences, Dreamer got the win. After the match, the lights in the ECW arena went out and when they came back on, Jerry Lawler, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, and Bill Alfonso appeared in the ring and started wreaking havoc on anyone in the ring. Lawler and Alfonso were talking trash while RVD and Sabu were taking out everybody from Dreamer, The Gangstas, and even the Sandman. It wasn’t until the arrival of Taz that stopped the carnage and it even lead to a match between Taz and Sabu.

The Lawler invasion didn’t stop there. A couple months later at ECW Hardcore Heaven 1997, Dreamer went one-on-one with Lawler. Despite interferences by Rick Rude, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and Tammy Sytch Dreamer got the win and redemption of the King.

The last time Jerry Lawler was at a ECW event was at ECW One Night Stand 2006 taking on Taz. It wasn’t much of a match, it was just Joey Styles interfering, Lawler teasing a pildriver on Styles, and Taz locking in a Tazmission (Kata Ha Jime) for the win.

I personally loved the Lawler involvement of ECW in 1997. Esp. when he called it “Extremely Crappy Wrestling”. What do you all think?

Here’s Jerry Lawler and his gang invading ECW

Jerry Lawler vs. Tommy Dreamer

Here’s Taz vs Jerry Lawler from ECW One Night Stand 2006

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