After months of hard work, we are proud to bring you Calling Spots Issue 2. As you are probably aware, here at Wrestling Rambles we are striving to be a whole new breed of wrestling journalists who want to bring you the total package. Unfortunately, Lex Luger was not available so instead we opted to bring you fresh online content each day, podcast interviews with wrestling personalities, social media interaction and now our very own magazine. Yes….Wrestling Rambles have made a printed, hold in your hands, actual, physical magazine….just like mam used to buy us when we were just little.


It’s called Calling Spots. It costs just £2 (plus P&P) from and is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO ANYTHING YOU WILL HAVE SEEN BEFORE.


CallingSpots Wrestling Fanzine
Calling Spots Issue 2

So, what is featured in Issue 2?

  • Gabe Sapolsky interview – An exclusive sit-down interview with the  vice president of Dragon Gate USA, owner of EVOLVE, and former booker for Ring of Honor and Full Impact Pro
  • Shit wrestling is shit – A look into at the gulf between the best and the worst shows
  • More of Mark Henry sweating in COMIC BOOK format
  • IPW:UK Revolution – A weird article that is 1/3 show review, 1/3 DVD review and 1/3 about me and my mate pissing about in London
  • More wrestling dream matches and top notch illustrations
  • Evolution of the cage match – A self explanatory article
  • Wrestling romance/erotica – YES you read that right. Think 50 shades of grey but with loads more baby oil!!
  • An interview with Mad Man Manson – my favourite interview of all time, Manson REALLY got into the obscure theme of our fanzine and produced an absolute magic interview
  • Top 10 most ANTICIPATED Wrestlemania matches part 2
  • A HOT ‘Page 3’ model who is posing as “The Best in the World”
  • Collaborations with some other cool wrestling projects from around the world
  • Plenty more wrestling banter, cartoons, articles, paintings and some poetry

Calling Spots Wrestling Magazine

We also have an EXCLUSIVE offer for ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! Well…two if you count tonight….so TWO NIGHTS ONLY!!! We have just finished an offer for all pre-orders to be entered into our competition. We have a couple of t-shirts, as well as a pile of wrestling DVDs to give away thanks to our pals at TwoCountTees and IVPVideos. Winners will be picked at random from all pre-orders placed before the date Issue 2 is released. Well Issue 2 is now available and this competition is over. Or is it? Every WRESTLING RAMBLES reader who orders either issue 1 or 2 before Saturday 1st will get a sneaky late entry into our competition. How will we know you are a WR reader? Easy….just tweet @CallingSpots after you order with the hashtag #iHeartWrestlingRambles. Get yours from TODAY!


CallingSpots Wrestling Fanzine
Calling Spots Issue 1

I hope you check it out. The Fanzine is done out of love for wrestling and you will genuinely not find anything like it anywhere else. Still need convincing? Here are a few words people have said about it:


Cheers guys – Rich, Editor.