Hello, and welcome to the latest “Insight into Impact” review, where I will be giving you the lowdown on events from TNA’s Impact Wrestling episode for the 30th August 2012, as well as giving you my views and opinions on the show too. These views are mine, not anyone else’s (seeing as I was asked to pay £100 for someone else’s view on TNA… 😉 )

So onto the show. We open with a look back at last week’s episode, before seeing the Aces & Eights attack at the end of the show again. Austin Aries appears with a cast on his arm. He says he’s not medically cleared to wrestle, but he doesn’t near any clearance to FIGHT. He also suggests the Aces messed up, as they didn’t break his punching arm. Aries challenges the Aces, but instead Hulk Hogan and Sting appear. Hogan thanks Sting for covering for him while he was injured, and says he has control back from the Icon. Hogan tells Aries they’ve got his back, and he can have whatever he wants tonight. As Aries says he wants any of the Aces, the rogue gang come on the big screen. They’re celebrating, before the main guy taunts Aries. He repeats how they do things on their own terms, and will be out later…

Backstage with ODB next, who is on the phone to Eric Young. She warns him if he doesn’t call in 10 minutes, they’re finished. Well, 10 mins later, no call, so she calls to give him more time. This goes on 2 more times until an hour later, ODB tells Eric he has 1 week…oh, and he better have fried chicken!!

Bound for Glory Series: James Storm (66pts) vs Rob Van Dam (55pts)

Storm with a headlock which RVD struggles to break out of, and has to hit a back suplex to do so. Storm rushes at RVD twice and gets blocked, 2nd time sees RVD send Storm to the outside, before RVD slingshots over the top. Back from a break, RVD hits a step-over enzuigiri, springboard kick and rolling thunder, which then sees Storm reply with a back-round kick and a thunderous DDT for 2. RVD catches Storm with a monkey flip, but the 2nd time he tries, Storm hits the Last Call to win the match.

Winner: James Storm (+7pts)

Christy Hemme interviews Storm after his match, and the Cowboy mentions he is doing what he said he would do, when he returned: win the BFG Series and get back his World Title.

Next up, Madison Rayne is in the ring. Taryn Terrell is there too. Anyways, Madison says she received a call from Brooke Hogan saying she has a match tonight, and thinks she is getting her rematch with Miss Tessmacher, because SOMEONE (Taryn) cost her. Madison calls for the Champion….and gets her wish. Well, kinda, as she did get 1 half of the Knockout Tag Titles, ODB. ODB reminds people the bitch is back!

Madison Rayne vs ODB

While Taryn calls for the bell, Madison pokes at ODB, ODB spits booze at Madison. While Madison stumbles, ODB hits 2 clotheslines, a splash in the corner, and then the B-A-M for the 3 count.

Winner: ODB

Eric Young comes out to the ring!! Wahey, EY is back! He’s got beer, chicken…but is in a suit?! ODB asks where the hell he’s been, and EY tells her he’s been in Hollywood with a successful show, but now he’s back, got beer and chicken and they should get out of there. While ODB appreciates this, she doesn’t know who he is, thanks to his fancy suit. EY says she is right, and he strips down to his trunks before they kiss and eat chicken. Lovely.

Short video look back at the Claire Lynch story, before we see AJ Styles backstage. AJ says there’s time to sort out Kazarian and Daniels, but for now, he’s gotta go through Samoa Joe to end a BFG Series semi final spot.

Lookback at the GutCheck judges discussing Kris Lewie. Al Snow says he was disappointed, Taz thinks the guy choked, but had an interesting backstory. Bruce Prichard says there are obvious negatives, but mentions how some guys haven’t been good, but had a backstory which connects with the fans (like Jesse Neal). All 3 say they’ll take time to decide.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with Sting. They’re discussing smelling blood, and wanting to deal with someone. No, not the Aces, but Kazarian and Daniels as they call the Champs in. Kazarian speaks to Hogan and “Heath”(nice!), saying they have ironclad contracts. Daniels reminds Hogan they’re the Champs, and how good friends all 4 people are. Well, Hogan disagrees saying they aren’t friends, and Daniels and Kazarian are what’s wrong in the business. Hogan says AJ isn’t done with them yet, and they’re lucky he’s in the BFG Series. Hogan tells them both to get out, and they’ll defend the titles when he next says so. Sting screams at Daniels causing him to spill his appletini as the Champs leave. Hogan and Sting then discuss stealing each others catchphrases…

Bound for Glory Series: Samoa Joe (61pts) vs AJ Styles (50pts)

Cautious opening from both guys, AJ tries to take charge but can’t lift Joe for a suplex. AJ then traps Joe’s leg on the ropes, kicks him, dropkicks Joe outside, but as AJ leaps over the top, Joe punts Styles in the gut. Back inside, Joe is in charge, and when AJ tries a headscissors attack off laying on the mat, Joe traps him for the STF and then turns it into the Rings of Saturn, forcing AJ to the ropes to break it. Joe misses a splash, allowing AJ to build momentum with a springboard forearm smash and the Pele Kick. When AJ tries to splash Joe in the corner, he runs into the STJoe slam. Joe tries for the Coquina Clutch, AJ rolls through and gets 2. AJ tries another roll through pin, Joe drops him into the Coquina, AJ counters into an armbreaker, but before he can lock it on, Joe rolls him up for the 3 count!

Winner: Samoa Joe (+7pts)

Kurt Angle backstage, says his match tonight determines whether it will be himself or Jeff Hardy in the top 4. He says Hardy is one of the best he’s ever faced, but despite this, Angle’s been here before and knows what it takes to win. He reckons he won’t lose, and will go onto win both the BFG Series and the World Title.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with the 3 GutCheck judges. He introduces them, then welcomes down Kris Lewie, who has his family at ringside. Lewie is asked if he did his best, and he replies he did, and gets better every day. Seemed a bit robotic in his answers. Taz up first, says he respects anyone trying to make a career in wrestling, but thinks TNA is a bit above Lewie right now, and votes no. Bruce Prichard next, he mentions GutCheck is about digging deep to use this 1 shot to show everyone what they can do. Despite appreciating the backstory, he thinks it’s time Lewie woke from the dream, as he also votes no. With 2 no votes, it’s over. The judges leave, and as they do, Joey Ryan is ringside with a megaphone yelling how GutCheck is a farce. He calls Snow a “corporate stooge”, throws water at Snow and runs! Snow chases, Prichard wobbles after them both…

Joseph Park is in Hulk Hogan’s office, alongside Sting. Park says it’s an honour to meet Hogan, and goes on about doing research on the Aces, discussing the wrong things they’ve done to TNA. He asks to be allowed to investigate the Aces, and Hogan allows it. As Park goes to leave, Sting reminds him to keep this “Kay Fab”…

Bellator fighters shown front row before the next match. Don’t know who they were, don’t really care either…

Bound for Glory Series: Kurt Angle (48pts) vs Jeff Hardy (42pts)

Angle with control early on, before Hardy responds with a headscissor takedown, dropkick to the outside, and a flying clothesline. After a short break, Hardy knocks Angle down with a couple of clotheslines, inverter atomic drop, legdrop and basement dropkick. When Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, it’s blocked and Angle hits the trio of German Suplexes. Angle going for the Angle Slam, it’s dodged and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate for a close 2 count. Whisper in the wind from Hardy, Angle responds with a belly to belly suplex and Angle Slam for 2. Ankle Lock applied, Hardy rolls out, and hits the Twist of Fate again, goes to the top, hits the Swanton, only for Angle to kick out! Angle tries the Ankle Lock once more, Hardy rolls out, and hits the reverse mule kick. As Hardy goes to the top, Angle races up to catch him, Hardy pushes Angle down, 2nd Swanton Bomb hit, 1, 2, 3, it’s over!

Winner: Jeff Hardy (+7pts)

Kurt Angle looks gutted, realising he can’t make the top 4 of the BFG Series. As Angle leaves, Jeremy Borash comes down. He calls down Bully Ray, James Storm, Rob Van Dam and Samoa Joe. JB says one of these will be eliminated from the BFG Series next week, in which we’ll see Joe vs Hardy and Bully vs RVD in the last 2 BFG Series qualifying matches.

Austin Aries is back out. He hopes the Aces are done having a good time, as he wants them out to have their asses kicked. Instead, Hulk Hogan and Sting lead out the TNA guys. Hogan repeats they’re only out for support, and it’s time to “see their (Aces) faces”. The Aces appear through the crowd. Aries calls for the “ugly one”. Hogan says TNA’s finest is in the ring, so why don’t the Aces send their finest in. Two weedy guys step forward, pull the barrier apart to allow the big guy through. Big Ace and Aries trade blows, and just when Aries starts to gain control, the rest of the pack rush in, causing TNA guys to rush down. An all out brawl kicks off round the ring, but inside, Aries is about to unmask his opponent. Suddenly a guy appears, stops, puts his mask on, slids in and attacks Aries with a “slapjack” (it’s a leathery-steel weapon apparently). The Aces split, and Bully Ray lets the other TNA guys know what happen, as Aries is laid out once again at the end of the show….

Again, I felt this was a good show, with some good action in-ring. I expected some sort of movement in the unveiling of Aces and Eights, so was surprised we didn’t get any (not counting that fool who put his mask on at ringside, because I feel he’s a stooge). I’m starting to feel that No Surrender is when we’ll see someone proper unmasked, and thinking it will be the main guy we often see in those segments from backstage. He’s protected a lot, and I think he’s the main part of the puzzle, that once unmasked, will set the ball rolling. I don’t expect that guy to be Jeff Jarrett, most likely Jarrett’s right hand man. I’m glad Kris Lewie failed, and no, I’m not a sadistic guy. Similar to the two judges who voted, I didn’t feel he did a good job. His moves looked a bit weak, he hestitated, and when he spoke on the mic, he was slight robotic and lacking in his voice. On the otherside, Joey Ryan has to be under a contract, and I’m starting to think he’ll end up fighting Al Snow at a PPV. As for the matches, aside from the Knockouts one, the matches were given a good amount of time, plenty of action and good action at that. Styles/Joe match of the night for me, love seeing these two face off.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review, hope you enjoyed it!

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